Gears and Cams. Optimal Problem Formulation Lecture 6 (3)

gears and cams
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  Due 03/18/14, Tuesday (submit in Titanium, submit a hard copy in class) Late submissions will not be accepted Presentations: 03/18/14 and 03/20/14, Tuesday and Thursday Goal: Disassemble, analyze and evaluate an existing real-world mechanism. Formulate the problem as optimization problem and identify future work. Each student is to  prepare 3-5 slides generated in the format provided.   The analysis should include one of the following mechanisms: Slider Crank, Inverted Slider Crank, Four Bar Linkage, Planar Robots, Simple Gears and Gear Trains, Cam and Follower Systems Individual Projects: Device Analysis. Optimal Design Problem Formulation  Gears and Gear TrainsOptimization Problem Formulation  Spur Gears: Parallel Axes  
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