Gemma Gary - The Charmers Psalter

17 different celestial spirits
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  PACIFIC RIM BIBLE MINISTRIES POLICY Thank you for entering our site. The notes an any other !ateria that !ay #e on it aresu$$ ie to you in gra%e& there is no %harge for the!. You !ay o'n oa the notes fro!the site to your o'n %o!$uter& you !ay !ake %o$ies of the! for your $ersona use( anyou !ay istri#ute the! to other $eo$ e( as ong as it is one 'ithout %harge an theentire stuy is ke$t inta%t. They are not for sa e at any $ri%e. An( as ong as you o so'ith the 'e# site aress on the!) '''.$a%ifi%ri!#i# This is a so a noti%e of intent to %o$yright. *RACE *I+IN* POLICY There is no %harge for the Pa%ifi% Ri! Bi# e Ministries on ine stuies( or for any other o%trina !ateria that Pastor Phi i$s tea%hes. *ra%e is not for sa e at any $ri%e, Bi# e-o%trine( 'hether in its ta$e( $rinte( or on ine for! 'i #e su$$ ie to the Be ieer/Priest 'ho is $ositie to the 0or of *o as ong as the Lor su$$ ies. Be ieers are freeto gie in gra%e to'ar the Ta$es an Pu# i%ations !inistry of Pastor Phi i$s as the Lor eas the! an !ay sen their gra%e gifts to)BEREAN BIBLE C12RC13456 EAST STREETRE--IN*( CA 789932SA SAL+ATION If you are not a #e ieer in :esus Christ( or aren;t sure an 'ou  ike to #e%o!e one( thenyou nee to #e iee that :esus Christ 'as an is the Son of *o( that he 'as *o 'ho #e%a!e a !an( that he ie a sin ess an $erfe%t ife( kee$ing the La' of *o $erfe%t ineery 'ay( that he ke$t faith $erfe%t y( an that he 'as %ru%ifie on that %rue %ross for your sins( !ine an the entire 'or / he ie for our sins, 1is eath on the %ross $ai the $ena ty fu y( one ti!e for a sins that 'e hae eer %o!!itte an that 'e 'i eer %o!!it. 1e ie& he 'ent o'n into the #o'e s of the earth( een into 1e ( an 'asraise fro! the ea on the thir ay in a resurre%te( eterna #oy. 1e as%ene #a%k into heaen( 'as seate at the right han of *o( an is no' Lor oer heaen an earth.1e is %o!ing again to <uge the 'or ( to raise the ea( 'here he 'i gie an eterna (resurre%te( g orifie #oy to eeryone that has #e iee on hi! as their Lor an Saior(an to esta# ish his kingo! one earth.You %an #e%o!e a Christian right no' as you rea this( #y $ersona y $ a%ing your faithan trust in :esus Christ as your Lor an Saior& #e ieing that he is *o;s on y #egottenSon( that he ie on the %ross for you an that he 'as raise fro! the ea an is no'seate in heaen at the right han of *o the Father.  “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and youwill be saved..” A%ts 38)=3a An 'hen you o trust Christ( an Christ a one( as your Lor an Saior( then go to *o the Father in heaen in $rayer an te hi! so. Te hi!that you hae #e iee on his Son( thank hi! for his Son( an thank hi! for forgiing  your sins an saing you, “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confessand are saved.” Ro!ans 39)7(39 “For, “veryone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.!”  Ro!ans 39)3= “Therefore, bein justified by faith >e% are righteous?  ,we have #eace with God throu h our Lord Jesus $hrist.” Ro!ans 6)3 CELESTIAL BEIN*S Intro) These an%ient #eings( o er than ti!e itse f( ate #a%k to a ti!e 'hen ti!e i not eene@ist. There is no 'ay to eter!ine ho' o  they are( for they e@iste een #efore the%reation of the !ateria unierse( #efore the e@isten%e of s$a%e( ti!e an !atter. To %a the! ange s oes not o the! <usti%e( for the ter! ange s u!$s the! a u$ into one%ategory an oes not take into %onsieration their arious $ositions in the %e estia unierse( nor their s$e%ifi% attri#utes. There are arious s$e%ies of %e estia #eings( ea%htota y ifferent than the other( ea%h haing his o'n $ a%e( $ur$ose an $osition in the%e estia ru e of Yah'eh. A though these %e estia #eings hae ifferent na!es an areifferent %reate #eings( 'e 'i ( fro! ti!e to ti!e in the stuy( refer to the! as ange sfor the sake of !aking the stuy easier to fo o'.0e 'i ook at( not a ( #ut !any of these uniue #eings in heaen. 0e 'i see their uniue %hara%teristi%s( $o'ers an fun%tions. 0e 'i #e a# e to see 'hat the ifferen%e is #et'een eity an iinity( #et'een *o an gos( that they are #eings of great $o'er( #ut not a $o'er( that they hae tre!enous an e@tensie kno' ege( #ut not a kno' ege( that they hae e@iste fro! a ti!e so an%ient that no one %an eter!ine( #utthey hae not e@iste foreer. An 'e 'i #e a# e to see 'hy a %ertain nu!#er an grou$of these #eings re#e e against Yah'eh;s e%ision %on%erning !an an the earth.This stuy 'i shake !ost #e ieer;s $re%on%eie ieas that they !ight hae a#outheaen an ange s. 1o y'oo an %hi hoo ore( I;! afrai( has $ut in the !ins of !ost $eo$ e that ange s are these itt e infant ike #eings 'ith 'ings f uttering arounheaen a ay $ aying their har$s. This is a#out as far a'ay as you %an get fro! the truth.0hat 'e 'i fin that ange s are $o'erfu #eings( !ighty #eings( een #eings( in our o'n !ins that 'ou  #e to us a itt e 'eir( an #eings that hae #een regare #ythe!se es an an%ient $eo$ e as gos, So et;s stuy this su#<e%t an see if 'e %an finout 'hat;s rea y going on in this area.  Ine@ of Ter!sA. The Asse!# y of the 1o y Ones $g. 5B. The Sons of the E i! $g. D C. The Coun%i of the 1o y Ones. $g. 8 -. Cheru#i! GH    $. 7E. The Sera$hi! JKG    $.3=F. The Prin%es $. 38*. Men Looking Ange s >Ish? $.341. Thrones >Throni? $.3I. The Four Liing Creatures $. 37:. Tota Ange i% Beings in Asse!# y $. 59. Ma ak Q $. 53L. Ange os UVWX $. 55M. E ohi! JQ $. 5= N. A#iyr/ JGJ $. 58O. Shinan Z[\ $. 58P. Stars HH $. 54]. The 0at%hers ZJGJ^ Iyr $. 57R. The Ba%kgroun of the Ange i% Conf i%t( or The ing of the Min an the ]ueen of the 1earts $. ==A. The Asse!# y of the 1o y Ones “The heavens #raise your wonders, %ahweh, your faithfulness too in the assembly of theholy ones.”  Psa ! 7)63.  “The heavens #raise your wonders, %ahweh”& The 'or for heavens (  shamayim ( is in the !as%u ine $ ura an is( in this $assage( areferen%e to the %e estia #eings 'ho i not <oin Lu%ifer in his re#e ion against Yah'eh.It is these ange s 'ho are sti $raising *o an e% aring a his !are ous 'oners.The 'or for  #raise  is the hi$hi ste! of  yadah ( an it !eant to $raise usua y #y song.So 'hat 'e hae here are the %e estia #eings( 'ho are sti oya to Yah'eh( $raising hi!in song oer the !any 'oners that he has one.The 'or for wonders  is  #ele  an it has the iea of so!ething iffi%u t to #e unerstoo(so!ething e@traorinary( so!ething goo an 'onerfu . These celestial beings haveseen his acts among men and themselves; they have seen what he has done on earthand in heaven, things that marvel and astonish even them! An( as the resu t of a   this( they $raise %ahweh  'ith song.5. “%our faithfulness too, in the assembly of the holy ones”& Another thing that the %e estia #eings in heaen are $raising %ahweh  a#out is his  faithfulness . The 'or is emunah  an it !eant that one 'as re ia# e( that you %ou  %ounton hi!. If he sai that he 'as going to o so!ething( you %ou  %ount on hi! to o it.To $ossess the ua ity of  faithfulness ( or re ia#i ity( one !ust( first of a ( hae theattri#ute of integrity ( 'hi%h( 'hen !anifeste in 'hat he says( his integrity %auses hi! too 'hat he sai he 'ou  o. Se%on y( one !ust hae the will  to o so( 'here he is%hooses to an is tota y %o!!itte to kee$ing his 'or. An thir( one !ust $ossess the power  to %arry out 'hat he sai he 'i o. It oes not !atter ho' !u%h one !ay 'ant tokee$ his 'or if he oes not hae the a#i ity to %arry it out. So( to $ossess the ua ity of faithfu ness( one !ust hae a three things integrity, will and ability .The %e estia #eings $raise %ahweh  for his  faithfulness . For the! to o that hisfaithfu ness !ust at east !eet an e@%ee 'hat their stanars are in the !atter( for theyare e@tre!e y ofty( ho y an $o'erfu #eings the!se es. 0hen it says that they $raisehi! for his wonders ( this refers to his e@traorinary a%ts& a%ts that he $erfor!s that are far  #eyon 'hat they o. For the %e estia #eings in the heaens to $raise Yah'eh for his faithfu ness an 'oners!eans that what Yahweh  does far exceeds anything they can do . To arrive at thislevel of faithfulness you are getting into the realm of absolute perfection telling usthat Yahweh  is absolutely, perfectly faithful. An to $ossess that ua ity( as 'e hae seen( !eans that %ahweh  has a#so ute y $erfe%tintegrity& he is a#so ute y righteous an $ure. Se%on y( it !eans that his o ition is 399_%o!!itte to'ar %arrying out 'hat he has sai that he 'ou  o. An three( it !eansthat %ahweh  has the a#so ute $o'er to o it( that %ahweh  is o!ni$otent.These %e estia #eings hae arrie at this $ a%e fro! haing 'at%he %ahweh  in a%tionoer the %ourse of their e@isten%e. For !i ions( #i ions of years they hae seen nothing #ut one e!onstration after another of his faithfu ness an 'oners. For us to say!i ions( #i ions of years is ina%%urate for they 'ere there #efore the %reation of the!ateria unierse( 'hen s$a%e( time  an !atter %a!e into e@isten%e #y the 'or an $o'er of %ahweh . Lofty( ho y( $o'erfu an !a<esti% these #eings are( an for the! to $raise %ahweh  says it a .The 'or for assembly  is 'ahal  ( 'hi%h is trans ate as an asse!# y( a %ono%ation( or %ongregation. A 'ahal   'as a ega y %onstitute gathering of $eo$ e( >usua y the !en?(for the $ur$ose of war ( >!i itary?( the affairs of government ( >$o iti%s?( or t o hear theWord of God ( >re igious?. Being %a e to asse!# e 'as neer a reuest( #ut a 'ays hathe 'eight of a ega su!!ons& so!ething that Israe fai e to o #a%k then( anso!ething the Chur%h is fai ing to o toay. The $eo$ e of *o on earth are su!!one toasse!# e together( >the e((leseia ?( to hear the tea%hing of the 0or of *o.
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