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Gender Stereotype

Gender Stereotype: Tug of War at The Workplace.
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  1 NUR AISYAH BT. BUKHARI PPISMP BI 2611 GENDER STEREOTYPE: TUG OF WAR AT THE WORKPLACE. GENDER STEREOTYPE: TUG OF WAR AT THE WORKPLACE  All this while, men and women both are involved in a situation known as the tug of war. Tug of war is a situation in which two evenly matched people or factions are striving to keep or obtain the same thing. But then, in this specific context, what kind of tug war am I referring to? This is what I mean. Both sexes are fighting against each other for promotions and salary rise. They had faced many challenges on the way through. My question, what is the factor that caused this issue? The answer is very simple. This was caused by gender stereotyping. Based on my reading, gender stereotyping is basically putting down someone, not believing that they are able to do something because they are either a male or female. Generally, females face these difficulties while for male are much easier. No doubt that men also encounter this problem but in minority. We often heard that it potentially undermining women's capacity to lead, and posing serious challenges to women. “Persistent   stereotypes about the way women manage family responsibilities are a major reason that only 3 to 5 percent of the top jobs at big companies are held by women.”   Wall Street Journal article (“Flexible Policies,” 1992),   In my opinion, I am very sure that not all of us know how the female employees have been discriminated. Wage discrimination, sexual harassment and career advancement. These are the examples of discriminating action that they are going through. Glass ceiling would be the best term to describe the career advancement barrier. In another words, we can simply understand that women are not allowed to advance their position in career. The Department of Labor, (1991) describes it as an artificial barriers based on attitudinal or organizational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing upward in their organization into management-level positions. It was reported by The  2 NUR AISYAH BT. BUKHARI PPISMP BI 2611 GENDER STEREOTYPE: TUG OF WAR AT THE WORKPLACE.  American Civil Liberties Union that a woman still earns 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. When most people think of leaders, they envision a male in the position especially for non-traditional careers for women. Are women not qualified to be a leader? In my opinion, it is a total misunderstanding. In Malaysia, for example, the governor of Bank Negara is Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, and she is a women. She had proven to us that she can manage our country’s money flow and be a great leader by leading Bank Negara  of Malaysia. There is no such concept that women are no good in leadership. In another case, female executives are held to higher standards than men, but they receive less compensation. Is this what equality means to them? Definitely my answer is a NO for this question. Because of these stereotypes, surveys have shown that businesses are not fully using the talents and abilities of the women in their organizations. When companies fail to acknowledge and address the impact of gender stereotypic bias, they lose out on top female talent. ”   (Ilene H. Lang, president of Catalyst; a non-profit organization working to advance opportunities for women and business.) Many women insist that the glass ceiling is a real barrier to accessing male-dominated positions in business, many challengers say that it exists mostly because women choose to focus more of their time on family and, in the end, cannot dedicate as much time to their career. These are the realities women have to face day by day. To me, it is nonsense. As I said before, our governor of Bank Negara is a female and she is also being a mother to two sons. Though, she still can perform in her career.  3 NUR AISYAH BT. BUKHARI PPISMP BI 2611 GENDER STEREOTYPE: TUG OF WAR AT THE WORKPLACE. Based on my research, it is a reversed situation for men. Men who work in pink collar  jobs (work said to be stereotypical women’s job)  increased the status of that particular field which led them to promotions and salary increases. This situation is called the glass escalator, defined as an unofficial fast track promotion of certain types of staff, usually men, within an organization. According to the study conducted by Williams, the more female-dominated the specialty, the greater the preference for men. They would receive positive outcome entering the feminized fields such as nursing, primary teaching, library science and social work. But, why women do not deserve this kind of specialties even though they are the one who dominates the jobs? This question is very hard to be answered if gender stereotyping still occurs. Men who worked in a woman’s job, experienced pressure from managemen t to move up and out of their current positions to a more suitable, prestigious job. Look, men are offered to advance their career. What happen to women? They need to struggle for it. It is very unfair. In my reading, I found that there was a case study of a male kindergarten teacher who won a Teacher of the Year award; was told he needed to move towards administration or teach in a university setting despite his aptitude and interest in staying in the classroom. Men are given preferential treatment in hiring and promotion decisions, higher-level acceptance in the field, and they are well integrated in the workplace culture. It is a much different scenario for women. Even if they have the qualifications, they hardly get promoted. It was shown when men broke into a female dominated-field, it made headlines. Now there are makeup artists, nail polishers, florists and even belly dancers in Korea.    At the Korean branch of global cosmetics brand Bobby Brown, 12 of the 200 makeup artists are men. Lancôme has two, Shu Uemura six and Giorgio Armani three. But some of them faced strong opposition from parents when declaring their chosen profession. Makeup artist Park Ki-suk said, My parents told me to get out if I wanted to become a makeup artist.   I practiced and practiced every day to become a good makeup artist. In my opinion, not all men do not deserve the promotions and wage rise. Some of them like those who I had mentioned in the above are qualified and proven that they deserve  4 NUR AISYAH BT. BUKHARI PPISMP BI 2611 GENDER STEREOTYPE: TUG OF WAR AT THE WORKPLACE. the promotions and demands in market. Some of them are better than female makeup artist. That fact we can never deny. Thus, surely they deserve to be highlighted even though they are in the “pink collar” job.  But overall, those are the situation that occurs. EFFECTS OF GENDER STEREOTYPE “  A woman still earns only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man  ”   reported by The American Civil Liberties Union. This report shows one of the impacts of gender stereotyping in workplace. Unequal pay! The female employees did the same works as the males, but why when it comes to payday, theirs’ are less compared to the male employees? This will definitely make them feel very frustrated. In my opinion, logically if the workers are very frustrated with the pay, surely they will never perform in their jobs. Thus, the company will suffering from unstable performance. In directly, the economic growth of the country will be also affected. We can never deny that nowadays, the numbers of female are more than the male. So, how can a country be very strong in the context of economy if the females are not given the opportunities to perform in their workplace? To me, it is very important to include them into the play role of country’s economy.  In the other context, if the females look at the positive side, this will encourage them to be better. Women’s rise to the top is also affected by gender stereotyping. According to Catalyst, women hold only 15.7% of C-level positions at Fortune 500 companies and make up 11% of Fortune 1000 Company board seats. This is the proof that women can achieve a very high achievement if they take it as a positive influence.
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