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General banking Activities_Trust Bank

General banking Activities_Trust Bank
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    1.0 Introduction This internship is a part of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program that provides an on-the-job experience to students. I was placed at Trust Ban !imited #hanmondiBranch as an internee officer for three months. This internship program was m$ ver$ first on-the- job exposure and provided me with learning experience and nowledge in several areas. #uringthe first few wees of m$ internship period I was able to get accustomed to the woringenvironment of Trust Ban !imited. As the internship continued I not onl$ learned about theactivities and operations of correspondent Ban but I also gathered some nowledge about the basic business activities of baning in first one-month of m$ internship period.%enerall$ b$ the word &Ban' we can easil$ understand that the financial institution deals withmone$. But there are different t$pes of bans such as entral Bans ommercial Bans *avings Bans Investment Bans Industrial Bans o-operative Bans etc. But when we usethe term &Ban' without an$ prefix or +ualification it refers to the ,ommercial bans.ommercial bans are the primar$ contributors to the econom$ of a countr$. *o we can sa$ommercial bans are a profit-maing institution that holds the deposits of individuals  business in checing  savings accounts and then uses these funds to mae loans. Both general public and the government are dependent on the services of bans as the financial intermediar$.As bans are profit-earning concern the$ collect deposit at the lowest possible cost and provideloans and advances at higher cost. The differences between two are the profit for the ban.A compan$ can increase efficienc$ through a number of steps. These include exploitingeconomies of scale and learning effects adopting flexible manufacturing technologies reducingcustomer defection rates getting /# function to design products that are eas$ to manufacture upgrading the sills of emplo$ees through training introducing self-managing teams lining pa$to performance building a compan$wide commitment to efficienc$ through strong leadership and designing structures that facilitate cooperation among different functions in pursuit of efficienc$ goals.0fficac$ of customer service is related with progression of operation. 1e can identif$ theefficac$ of customer service b$ stud$ing the progress of &Trust Ban !td.' from starting to at present. The progress of &Trust Ban !td.' is ver$ rapid with the concern of its profit maing andgrowth of its operation within the countr$ towards the countr$s econom$.Trust Ban !imited pursues decentrali2ed management policies and gives ade+uate wor freedom to the emplo$ees. This results in less pressure for the worers and acts as a motivationaltool for them which gives them increased encouragement and inspiration to move up the ladder of success. 3verall I have experienced a ver$ friendl$ and supporting environment at Trust Ban !imited which gave me the pleasure and satisfaction to be a part of them for a while. 1hileworing in different departments of this branch I have found each and ever$ emplo$ee toofriendl$ to us to cooperate. The$ have discussed in details about their respective tass. I havealso participated with their wors. 1    1.1 Objectives of the Report ã To present an overview of &Trust Ban !td. ' ã To get an overall idea of baning from baners point of view. ã To appl$ theoretical nowledge in the practical field. ã To mae a bridge between the theories and practical procedures of da$ to da$ Baning operation. ã To assess the decision undertaen b$ the top-level management to eep the rein with the competitiveness of the maret. ã To relate the theories of baning with the practical baning activities. ã To review the techni+ues used b$ the ban to mae it lucrative ã #etermining the drawbacs of the existing s$stem. ã To stud$ existing baner-customer relationship particularl$ the efficac$ of customer services of the ban. ã /ecommending some guidelines to improve the effectiveness 1.2 Scope of the Report This internship report covers all the trade related products handled b$ the &The Trust Ban !td.'such as 4oreign 0xchange ash #ept. #ispatch Account 3pening /emittance Accounts Administration and !oans  Advances etc.This report has been prepared through extensive discussion with ban emplo$ees and with thecustomers. 1hile preparing this report I had a great opportunit$ to have an in depth nowledgeof all the baning activities practiced b$ the &The Trust Ban !td.' It also helped me to ac+uirea first-hand perspective of a leading private Ban in Bangladesh 1.3 Methodology of the report 2    Interview was the basic techni+ue complied to collect primar$ data from an$ people within theorgani2ation. Information about the varieties of activities within the orrespondent Baning#epartment was collected through interviews. #ata regarding the t$pes of product offered to theclients and the descriptions for each of those products were gathered through interviews.Besides on-the-job experience has also helped me learn +uite a few things about theorrespondent Baning #epartment and the organi2ation as well.3n the other hand secondar$ sources were used to collect data regarding the compan$s performance over the past five $ears 5ublications #atabase Annual report of Trust Ban !td #ifferent papers of Trust Ban !td #ifferent textboos Term papers of TB! Training manuals #ata have also been collected b$ going through different circulars issued b$ the head office andBangladesh ban during the tenor of the internship. 1.4 i!it tions of the study The present stud$ was not out of limitations. But it was a great opportunit$ for me to now the baning activities of Bangladesh speciall$ &Trust Ban !td.' *ome constraints are appended bellow6  ã The main constraint of the stud$ is inade+uate access to information which has hampered the scope of anal$sis re+uired for the stud$. As it is a new ban it could notstart all its operation it was unable to provide some formatted documents data for thestud$. ã #ue to time limitations man$ of the aspects could not be discussed in the present report. ã 0ver$ organi2ation has their own secrec$ that is not revealed to others. 1hile collecting data i.e. interviewing the emplo$ees the$ did not disclose much informationfor the sae of the confidentialit$ of the organi2ation. ã Another problem is that creates a lot of confusions regarding verification of data. In somecases more than one person were interviewed to clarif$ each concept as man$ of the baners failed to provide clear-cut idea about the job the$ perform. ã The clients were too bus$ to provide me much time for interview. 3    ã I have had no opportunit$ to compare the general baning s$stem of the TBB! with thatof other contemporar$ and common si2e bans. It was mainl$ because of the shortage of time and internship nature. 2.0 Origin of # n$  Barter *$stem7 8one$7 Ban.At past people maing transactions b$ barter s$stem. In this s$stem the$ transactions products.If someone has enough rice but his9her re+uired fish  goes to fisherman for collecting fish. 3nthe other hand fisherman have re+uired rice  the$ transfer products one to another. B$ usingthis s$stem the$ were continuing their lives. :owever at a time barter s$stem failed due todivisibilit$. #ue to failure this s$stem people develop mone$. This is now the common mediumfor transactions. 4or securing mone$ people establish ban. B$ which the$ are maintaining their transactions. 2.1 Me ning of # n$  The term Ban derives from the Italian word banco which means ;des9bench; used to mae transactions above a des covered b$ a green tablecloth. 2.2 %efinition of # n$   A ban is a financial institution licensed b$ a government. Its primar$ activit$ is to lendmone$. 8an$ other financial activities were allowed over time. 4or example bans areimportant pla$ers in financial marets and offer financial services such as investmentfunds.  A Ban is a financial intermediaries institution between lenders  borrowers which act aslie as pipeline.  A Ban is a business organi2ation that receipts  pa$ment funds to their customers. 4

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