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  ANDY CARRINGTON Flat 1, 57 KirkgateShipleyWest YorkshireBD18 3LUT. 777! #85$. thepoeti%allyi&%orre%t'hot(ail.%o.)k W. ***.a&+y%arri&gto&.%o.)k  Personal Profile  +eter(i&e+ a&+ +e%isi-e i&+i-i+)al, *ho is al*ays seeki&g to lear& a&+ gro*. $(otio&ally (at)re a&+ %o&i+e&t, / a( %apa0le o *orki&g o& (y o*& or as a& i&tegral part o a& orga&isatio& i& a%hie-i&g tasks a&+ o0e%ti-es. Sel2+ri-e&, a&+ %o((itte+ to high  proessio&al sta&+ar+s. Use+ to eer%isi&g sel2+is%ipli&e to e&s)re tight +ea+li&es are al*ays a%hie-e+. Key Skills ã $perie&%e i& o)r&alis(, retail a&+ a+(i&istratio& ã 0ility to %o(()&i%ate orally, i& *riti&g, or -ia ele%tro&i% (ea&s ã 4o&i+e&t )ser o all i%rosot 6i%e appli%atio&s, +o0e a&+ /&ter&et ã $%elle&t typi&g skills a&+ k&o*le+ge o the 0asi% a%ro(e+ia ppli%atio&s ã 6rga&isatio&al Skills ã 4reati-e Thi&ker ã Basi% Foo+ ygie&e 4ertii%ate Employment History Bar PersonS!per isor oyle 4o)rt, Bail+o& aso&i% allSep ! 9 :rese&t ã ea+ Bar(a& i& a Sil-er Ser-i%e $&-iro&(e&t ã Sto%k 6r+eri&g;Taki&g ã 4ash a&+li&g ã Sta Trai&i&g   #reelan$e %riter&o!rnalist S)ite11.%o(Fe0 <! 9 :rese&t ã rti%le *riti&g or a& o&li&e (aga=i&e ã Liaisi&g *ith people at all le-els :age 1.  ã Worki&g to +ea+li&es or the p)0li%atio&s to o& ti(e Sep '() * Sep '(+ Whilst seeki&g e(ploy(e&t ater (y +iag&osis o 4roh&s Disease, / also +e-ise+ (y o*& *e0site as a s(all 0)si&ess, *hi%h pro(ote+ (y reela&%i&g to other %o(pa&ies a&+ sol+ (y  0ooks to the p)0li%. ã a&age+ a&+ %reate+ perso&al *e0site, ***.a&+y%arri&gto&.%o.)k  A,ministrationC!stomer Ser i$e Assistant $-a&s alsha* :e)geot;>e&a)lt?)l <8 9 Sep <8 ã >espo&si0le or ge&eral %)sto(er @)eries ã Ae&eral a+(i&istratio& +)ties #oot-all &o!rnalist 0eryst*yth To*& Foot0all 4l)08 9 8 ã Writi&g or the %l)0s *e0site ã Worki&g to tight +ea+li&es Bar Person Ye 6l+e igh*ay(a&# 9 7 ã 4)sto(er Ser-i%e ã 4ash a&+li&g ã Sto%k >otatio& a&+ 4o&trol Trainee Assistant .ana/erCellar .ana/erBar S!per isor Bar 4e&ssa 9 5 ã >espo&si0le or the +ay to +ay r)&&i&g o the 4ellar;Bar  ã Sto%k >otatio& a&+ 4o&trol ã 4ash a&+li&g ã 4)sto(er Ser-i%es Bar Person Ye 6l+e igh*ay(a& 9  ã 4)sto(er Ser-i%e ã 4ash a&+li&g A,ministrati e Assistant The Depart(e&t o Work a&+ :e&sio&s1!!8, , 3 ã Ae&eral +(i&istratio& D)ties :age .  E,!$ation T0e 1ni ersity of %ales2 A-eryst3yt0 Si&gle o&o)rs $&glish a&+ 4reati-e Writi&g 9 .1 %akefiel, Colle/e %%ess to igher $+)%atio& C)(a&ities 9 :assS)0e%tsE $&glish, $&glish Literat)re, :sy%hology a&+ So%iology 4ee,s Colle/e of .!si$ D? Te%h&ology 4ertii%ate T0ornes Park Colle/e2 %akefiel,  atio&al Diplo(a i& Araphi% Desig& 9 erit/4T i& Key Skills 9 Le-el S :hotography 9 :ass Carleton Hi/0 S$0ool 8 A4S$s o0tai&e+, i&%l)+i&g aths a&+ $&glish A,,itional ã $&oy (eeti&g &e* people ã Dri-ers li%e&%e *ith &o e&+orse(e&ts hel+ si&%e  Referen$es -aila0le )po& re@)est. :age 3.
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