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  MEDT-350 Clinical Foundations General Laboratory Safety  Types of Safety Controls  There are different types of safety controls. They may not necessarily be those found in a bottle. They can also be rules, guidelines, or devices (such as a barrel for phlebotomy). Engineering controls are manufactured devices for everyday use such as a face shield, fume hood, splash guard mask etc. in the hood they use directional air flow and a barrier. The air flow has negative pressure to ensure that the air is not being exposed to you. It is sucked into the hood and filtered out.  Types of Safety Controls  Work practice controls are behaviors that minimize risks of exposure to hazards by altering the manner by which a task is performed. This changes the process of what you are doing to ensure that you are doing it in a safe manner.  Work practice controls  Traffic control includes clean and dirty areas, and restricting access.  Dirty areas are analytical area where there are specimens out. These areas should be handled with only PPE. Refrigerators and cabinets that are for specimens or reagents only are also considered dirty areas. They may need to locked depending on what is kept in those areas. The clean areas include offices, and patient drawing stations. The person doing the drawing must remove PPE before doing draw.  Restricting access is required depending on what is inside the lab and may require a key or code to access it. Entrances are marked with hazard signs that are appropriate for the area.  Personal grooming is forbidden in the laboratory including applying cosmetics. This is because it exposes the risk of pathogens to the individual. The only exception is hand-cream.  Eating/drinking is strictly prohibited in laboratory areas.
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