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Philippine Land Transportation Office (LTO) guide to plate numbers
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  Geographical designation [edit]      A - Region I (Ilocos Region) and CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region)       B - Region II (Cagayan Valley Region)       C - Region III (Central Luzon Region), Superseded by R in 2003      D - Regions IV-A (CALABARZON) and IV-B (MIMAROPA), Superseded by V in 2000    E - Region V (Bicol Region)       F - Region VI (Western Visayas Region      G - Region VII (Central Visayas Region), Superseded by Y in 2004      H - Region VIII (Eastern Visayas Region)      J - Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula) and  ARMM     K - Regions X and XIII (Northern Mindanao and Caraga)       L - Region XI (Davao Region)       M - Region XII (SOCCSKSARGEN)     N - National Capital Region, 1981  – 1982, 2009  – 2010 (with increments of I , O , and   Q )    P - National Capital Region, 1982  – 1991, 2010  – 2011 (with increments of I , O , and Q )    R - Region III (Central Luzon Region), overflow Series for Private since 2003      S - Government-owned (Red Plate) Vehicles    T - National Capital Region, 1991  – 1995, 2011  – 2012 (with increments of I , O , and Q )    U - National Capital Region, 1995  – 1997, 2012-2013 (with increments of I , O , and Q )    V - Regions IV-A (CALABARZON) and IV-B (MIMAROPA), overflow Series for Private since 2000    W - National Capital Region, 1997  – 2001, 2013  – 2014 (with increments of I , O , and Q )    X - National Capital Region, 2001  – 2005, 2014 (with increment of I before the release of 2014 series; see above)    Y - Region VII (Central Visayas Region), overflow series for Private since 2004    Z - National Capital Region, 2005  – 2009  Plate Numbers in National Capital Region [edit]   Private (plate series with approximate year issued): 1981 NA, NB, NC, ND, NE, NF, NG, NH, NJ, NK, NL, NM, NN, NP, NR, NS 1982 NT, PA 1983 PB, PC, PD 1984 PE, PF 1985 PG 1986 PH 1987 PJ 1988 PK, PL 1989 PM, PN, PP 1990 PR, PS, PT 1991 TA, TB, TC 1992 TD, TE, TF  1993 TG, TH, TJ, TK, TL 1994 TM, TN, TP, TR, TT 1995 UA(A-B), TS, UA(C-onwards), UB, UC, UD, UE 1996 UF, UG, UH, UJ, UK, UL, UM, UN 1997 UP, UR, US, UT, UU, WA, WB 1998 WC, WD, WE, WF 1999 WG, WH, WJ, WK, WL 2000 WM, WN, WP, WR 2001 WS, WT, XA, XB 2002 XC, XD, XE, XF, XG 2003 XH, XJ, XK, XL, XM 2004 XN, XP, XR, XS 2005 XT, ZA, ZB, ZC  2006 ZD, ZE, ZF, ZG 2007 ZH, ZJ, ZK, ZL 2008 ZM, ZN, ZP, ZR, ZS 2009 ZT, N-(I), N-(O), N-(Q), NI 2010 NO, NQ, P-(I), P-(O), P-(Q), PI 2011 PO, PQ, T-(I), T-(O), T-(Q), TI 2012 TO, TQ, UI, U-(I), UO 2013 UQ, U-(O), U-(Q), W-(I), W-(O), W-(Q) 2014 WI, WO, WQ; AAA, AAC, AAI, AAJ, AAK (new plate series) I , O  and Q  are previously not used to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 & 0 . But with the exhaustion of the Z series in 2009, they are already used by reverting to the old N series. A new serial scheme is implemented using these characters, instead of the third letter coming into series (e.g. after ZAA-999 has been reached, ZAB-101) the middle letter is the one being replaced (e.g. after NAI-999 series has been exhausted, NBI-101 will follow). After all the possible combinations with I, O and Q as third letter for the same starting letter have been used, I, O and Q are used as middle letters and the third letter is being replaced (e.g. After NZQ-999 has been used, NIA-101 will follow), if the reverted letter is exhausted (e.g. After PQZ-999 has been used, TAI-101 will follow) e.g. NUI-205, NOR-686, NIA-101, NQZ-544, PXI-296, PQQ-332, POC-902, PQL-497, TZO-390, TIQ-486, TOL-979, TQH-924, UIP-207, UMI-615, UOG-874, UOS-648, UQF-281,


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