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Jasmin Sahota 11 53 91 00 EMM442 ASSESSMENT DESIGNED UNIT By Jasmin Sahota Student Number: 11 53 91 00 Subject Coordinator: Kay Owens Extension Granted By Kay Owens Jasmin Sahota 11 53 91 00 Jasmin Sahota 11 53 91 00 ROLL Lunch
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  Jasmin Sahota11 53 91 00 EMM442 ASSESSMENT DESIGNEDUNIT By Jasmin Sahota Student Number: 11 53 91 00Subject Coordinator: Kay Owens !tension ranted By Kay Owens  Jasmin Sahota11 53 91 00  Jasmin Sahota11 53 91 00 Week 1ROLLCallPeriod 1Period 2Lunch1Lunch2Period 3Period 4RecessPeriod 5Monday #$%&ear 10 5'()athema*cs&ear 9 5'3)athema*cs&ear 1( enera+)athema*cs&ear ,)athema*cs Tuesday #$%&ear 10 5'()athema*cs&ear 11)athema*cs&ear ,)athema*cs&ear 9 5'3)athema*cs Wednesday #$%&ear ,)athema*cs&ear 9 5'3)athema*cs&ear 11 enera+)athema*cs&ear 1( enera+)athema*cs Thursday #$%&ear 11 enera+)athema*cs&ear ,)athema*cs&ear 1( enera+)athema*cs&ear 10 5'()athema*cs Friday #$%&ear 1( enera+)athema*cs&ear 11 enera+)athema*cs&ear 9 5'3)athema*cs&ear 10 5'()athema*cs  Figure1htps://eres.com/pin/231583605816803189/  Jasmin Sahota11 53 91 00 Context Description School Profle -he ./1( Schoo+ is +ocated in the reiona+ area o a sma++ town o .000 2eo2+e' -he schoo+ has access to arious techno+oies inc+udin 4nterac*e hite Boards 64B78 4/2ads8 +a2to2s and su22ort rom $boriina+ duca*on Consu+ta*e rou2 6$C 7 worers' 4t consists o thirty/two sta members and three/hundred/and ;<y/eiht students' =i<een 2ercent o the schoo+ 2o2u+a*on come rom an $boriina+ -orres Strait 4s+ander bacround8 with a mu+*/cu+tura+ 2o2u+a*on rom 4ta+ian8 4ndian and $hanistan bacround' Students come rom a rane o socio/economic statuses and abi+ity +ee+s' Classroo! -his unit o +earnin has been a++ocated to a Stae 5 c+assroom o twenty students' -he demora2hic mae/u2 consists o nine ma+es and e+een ema+es inc+udin two students rom an $boriina+ and -orres Strait 4s+ander 6$-S47 bacround8 one student rom non/s2eain n+ish bacround 6NSB7 and a student 6$>7 with $s2erer?s Syndrome 6$S7' $> has a S)$%- oa+ or this term8 to be ino+ed in socia+ ac*i*es as in the 2ast he has become re+uctant to 2ar*ci2ate' >e has made 2roress@ howeer8 it can be cha++enin or him' $> is unded with a Su22ort Aearnin Ocer 6SAO7 in the c+assroom' )ost students are worin at Stae 5'( and beyond8 howeer the NSB student 6%S7 some*mes 2resents dicu+*es in +iteracy ac*i*es8 es2ecia++y in worded 2rob+ems' &ear 10 recent+y aended )e+bourne or their retreat e!cursion' Students had the o22ortunity to isit the)e+bourne =edera*on SDuare'  Oranisa*on' -he c+assroom is set u2 accordin to the mainstream o a++ mathema*cs c+assroom' $> and the SAOS sit toetherusua++y at the ront to 2reent distrac*ons or him and other students' -his a+so a++ows him to ocus on this wor without ee+inan!ious in socia+ rou2 wor' -here is an 4B and hiteboard across the ront o the c+assroom' Students do not hae setsea*ns'
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