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  1 Geotechnical Testing Methods I Ajanta Sachan Assistant ProfessorCivil EngineeringIIT Gandhinagar Geotechnical Engg Structures… Buried right Under your Feet…!! Hiding World of Geotechnical Engg…!! FoundationsTunnelingShoringSoil Exploration  2  You pay for soil investigation whether you carry out or not. Infactyou eventually pay more without a soil investigation.Leaning Tower of Pisa  … Our Blunders become Monuments !  3 Unfortunately, soils are made by nature and not by man, and the products of nature are always complex…  As soon as we pass from steel and concrete to earth, the omnipotence of theory ceases to exist.  Natural soil is never uniform… Soil Investigation is unique for each soil site! Terzaghisays: (Father of Soil Mechanics) Karl Terzaghi (1883-1963) Typical Geotechnical Project construction site Geo-Laboratory ~ for testingDesign Office~ for design & analysissoil properties  4 Purpose of Geotechnical Testing? ground  Can the soils Supportthe structure?   What is the impact of Excavation or Filling?   Are the earth and rock Slopes stable?   What type of Foundationis best suited for the structure?  How will the site respond to an Earthquake?  Is the site Contaminated?  Determine potential problems and  Avoid surprises!! S : Solid Soil particle W: Liquid Water (electrolytes)  A: Air Air v s V eV   Void ratio, Three Phases in Soils
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