Getting LinkedIn to Your Next Job

These are slides that I am using to conduct workshops for folks who wish to learn more about how to use LinkedIn to find their next job or to advance their careers.
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  • 1. January 2013 TO YOUR NEXT JOB GETTING May 2016
  • 2. It’s Time To … • Your absolute best chance of landing a job is with an inside connection • You need to think beyond the online job search engines/job boards. • Build your network NOW to develop new relationships that you can leverage for employment opportunities
  • 3. Concerns & Warnings • The whole world can see my personal information - YES • Being inundated w/t invitations to connect - NO • Takes too much time – That’s up to you • Job seeking scams - Possible
  • 4. Why Is Your Online Reputation Important? • Employers are advertising, posting jobs on sites and searching for candidates that fit their job requirements • Recruiters are regularly scanning these sites to find potential, passive, candidates • What will a potential employer learn about you when/if they visit your social sites? This could be very GOOD or very BAD!
  • 5. LinkedIn • 400 million users • The most popular business networking site • Social context is business • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies • Represents 170 industries and 200 countries
  • 6. LinkedIn Home Page
  • 7. The Power of Your Network 100 unique connections 100 unique connections each 100 unique connections each Your LinkedIn network is 1,100,000 connections!
  • 8. What Do You Need To Do?
  • 9. Develop a smart profile that: • Attracts connections • Gives people enough information about you to determine if you might be a good connection or a good employee • Markets yourself and provides details about your value
  • 10. Profile Page – You Have Two!
  • 11. Optimize Your Profile Via Advanced Search
  • 12. Highlighted Keywords
  • 13. Recommendations
  • 14. Skills & Endorsements
  • 15. Who’s Viewed Your Profile?
  • 16. Making Connections • Start working on your first goal to “Grow Your Network” • Think about who you want to connect with and why • Learn to ENGAGE and that means … the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel
  • 17. Start With Who You Know • Friends • Family • Former Classmates • Current and former colleagues and business associates • Import from email lists
  • 18. 2nd or 3rd Degree Contacts ALWAYS!!! Or Request An Introduction Through A 1st Degree Connection
  • 19. Become Visible • Activity = Visibility • Provide value by sharing updates related to your expertise • Like and comment on other’s shares • Forward other’s shares to your network
  • 20. Create & Share An Update
  • 21. Join Appropriate Groups • Alumni of former employers and educational institutions • Other local business professionals • Relate to the expertise you offer • Assist you in your job search • Groups are network degree agnostic – you will be able to converse with those outside of your network. Huge!
  • 22. Enter A Group Discussion • Observe the conversations & then engage • Establish your credibility and knowledge • Pose and answer questions and comment on discussion items • You are allowed up to 50 groups. It is better to have less than 10 that you can be active in. Cream floats to the top!
  • 23. Your Goal – Find A Job!
  • 24. Job Search Example Save up to 3 searches & be notified of new jobs!
  • 25. Job Search - Drill Down
  • 26. Companies • # of employees in your network • 1st degree connections • Overview of company • Information on competitors • Jobs they have posted in LinkedIn • Recent news postings
  • 27. LinkedIn Job Search IOS & Android
  • 28. Before You Go On That Interview! • Who do you know at that company? • Research the company • Research the people and specifically the people you will be meeting Given the choice between two equally qualified applicants, if one has done their research & the other has not, who gets the job?
  • 29. It Is A Process • Networking online and building relationships takes time so be patient! • You need to put in the effort to get to know people • Don’t neglect your other job searching tools • Once you find your dream position, DO NOT STOP BUILDING YOUR NETWORK!
  • 30. Questions?
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