Global Astrology: Lifting the Veil

The following project takes place over a 48 hour period. It is intensive documenting inside the workings of the Eclipse bridge from the lunar of the 8th to solar of the 23rd of October 2014. It is continuation of aeonic engineering instruction and occult based platform enhancement. Therefore, it is extremely relevant and essential to all territory covered so far.
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   lobal Astrology: Lifting The Veil Maximizing Your Potentiality and Advancing Your Truth !ross #ollinated through Phoenix Luxor Vox$ The %oularis &rbit Vortex$and the '(stasis Metaeonic )ntelligence*   The following report takes place heading into the partial Solar Eclipse of October 23 rd , and engages heavily the bridge of the total Blood Moon Lnar Eclipse and the Ti!es spanned between its occrrence on the th  of October p to the celestial event on the 23 rd , and the inner workings of the singlar !acrocos! Entity spported throgh these key align!ents, along with conse#ences and control factors of passage into the anthropo!orphic field$Let it be nderstood that %The &ield% as refereed here is si!ltaneosly' astral, cos!ic, organic ( pheno!enal, with deep spirital and so e)istential or philosophical i!plications, being that other worlds are par for the corse and a given on the natre of the !aterial$ *lbeit philosophical, with +ntitive piloting over heady +ntellectalis! of speclations and conectre' personal e)perience and proactive application are given the edge$ +f anything is !eant to be conferred in this, let it be the energy itself spporting the personal e)perience of the one receiving in reading$ *bndance is a key word fro! here on ot, in particlar, the abndance of options and paths to take and the !ethods to achieve one%s ai!s, rather than stating throgh philosophies and lineages what one%s loftiest ai!s oght to take rise as, inclding even e)hasting the Sorce inorder to define its -atre to one seeking retrn to$$ . as, it defies all captring of #alities positive or negative bt to the hb of perception to the personal e)perience of he or she retrning$ The /riority leans toward The &ield as well as The Bridge 0fro! one eclipse to the ne)t1' it can be e)plored in ter!s of the nified Bridge of plral &ields andor the nified &ield of plral Bridges$ The Easter Egg priority will be fond per!eating both the last report before this one %E#ino) throgh 3ay of the 3ead%   in continity with the %Lifting The 4eil% +nitiative$ That is, a central the!e not addressed ntil now 5 however obvios 5 which is of *cing the 6hapel /erilos,  a$k$a$ E)tending the Tantrik practitioners siddhi and phowa capabilities to e)tre!es in the regions of /lto7ades and also Satrn6rons$ The cr) of generational /lto in 6apricorn playing ot alongside Satrn in Scorpio has provided an ideal 6onstrct 5 especially with the crrent Mercry in 8etrograde0s1 of 29:; charged in each water sign and then sent throgh the air signs each rond, this chaotic nest   along with -eptne ( 6hiron in retrograde in -eptne has !tally set p a breeding grond for raw !aterial of the Sha!an%s liking to abond the <rand &ire Trine e)pansive at the core of cool inner space ocean$  &irst, let%s review the two phases listed at the very beginning 0 th  23 rd 1$$$ *!ong the changes, in this case, we want to note what is relatively constant' that of the isses broght forth pon 6hiron in /isces and a general Libra sway$ Between what has changed and what has stayed relatively intact is -eptne 0also in /isces1 receiving natral assistance and effortless aid by way of Scorpio, who crrently is harbinger of all things Lord of =ar!a&ather Ti!e oriented and prodcing like a work horse with a blissfl intensity that sggests a highly charged passion that is working ot beatiflly for those who have wanted to or are able to drown the!selves in their work or other 6raft$ Significant boost on the rise> this doesn%t sggest the escapist who 5 rather thandeal with crrent isses 5 wants to get away fro! it all on a vacation$ ?e are seeing a retreat into what !atters and a prepared place to offer the best settingfor self discovery in the work and love of work that pts one in toch, not plls the! ot$ So, it effects those who wold st reect reality to sbstitte it for their own to stop doing so, and redirect the!selves to take into accont that the !ore flfilled are crrently redefining for the!selves what the h!anitarianeven !eans or i!plies' which incldes finding space and ti!e for oneself$ Many of the intangibles have thoght of as hobby happy.go.lcky #iet !e.ti!e to %recharge batteries% is the trly intensified and flfilling effort of life at its best and highest octaves$ -ot the Ti!e Ot, any!ore$ Tag.+n$$$  Of significant note is the transference of Mercry in Scorpio spporting theretrograde -eptne right before also taking its own retro.stats and switching ot with 4ens as the natral spporting role$ +n a big way and the !ost prononced way possible, this has %<oddess of 6haos% 0*bndance in The 8aw1 written all over it$ +t is a very deeply seated living real.ti!e strea! centering arond a ovial take on how !ch yo can take on before yo break$ +f yo are the sort who thrives by the concepts and trths that %everything changes% constantly, then yo are having the ti!e of yor life and receiving vast props$ +f yo are the fi)ed variety who wants desperately to hit the brakes on the entire !achine, to the effective point that yo even !ay have to halt the progress of others @so!e yo !ay even likeA in order to catch a breath, + need not state the obvios of yor condition as + !st already be in the grokking state to even getthis far in the report$ 7ang tight$ +t%s all to be addressed in this working, as well as having already been broght p early on in %E#ino) to Sa!hain%   , e)pressed as %stbbing yor toes%$ E)pect follow throgh in the discorse being engaged -ow  $$$  Expanding from the drop off point at Equinox, it's important that here one is given the opportunity to explore deeper into the seriously remodeled adaptation on the new activations that were carried over from Vortex principles and mapped into the traditional Kabbalist's [or slightly revised Thelemite's T! !#! $ also, it should be stated that these pro%ections should not be viewed as a permanent altering fixated to that &ystem which would compromise its own integrity, rather it should be viewed as as responsive and a change in behavioral patterns of a singular intelligence branching out from the &oularis rbit Vortex, it is the transformation in action being recorded on the T! !#!, instead of a simple renovation thereof, as though it were merely furniture in a room! That will be helpful to the understanding of how evurah(&everity was made old instead of it's usual )ars$oriented *ed! +t still is  simple enough  yet, for the responsive activation extending by the Vortex throughout, we at least can see the effect from the stance of the bserver within as a very simply hue change, which does have further symbolic tie$ins! +t is a fantastic entrance point and + felt came with the most either curiosity or apprehension! -uestions left unanswered that we can expand into on entrance of this .ro%ect!
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