Global Culture Shock

Global Culture Shock
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    Global Culture Shock   Randy McMillan   SYG2000      The Shrinking World   We now live our daily lives in a world that was built on the artifacts left over from the Industrial Revolution. We walk around with the world literally at our finger tips. A few taps on a smart phone screen can give us access to a world of knowledge, for example The Library of Congress has a quick search on their web site that allows people from anywhere in the world access this tremendous resource. Alternately people can easily travel to the library by car, train or airplane. This easy access to everyone and everything has given us prosperity and engaging experiences that we could have never enjoyed in the past. We live in a world where people that have never and may never meet in person can have meaningful and lasting relationships completely online. We can watch revolutions, oil spills or sporting events on the other side of the world in real time. People 6000 miles away can protest an issue or support social movement a world away.  Consequences of Technology   It is impossible to measure the advances in technology in recent years. It seems there are new break throughs in every field of technology every day. The acceleration of power and knowledge comes with consequences. Many of them we are only beginning to experience. We live in a world of information overload. Im sure many people experience the intrusive nature of communication technology. How many times a day are we overloaded by that friend that wont stop texting us a hundred times a day. Or that person that trolls our comment on a blog. A few years ago I read about somebody that died from playing a video game for several days in a row. Unfortunately these things are probably more common than what is reported on the news.   Global Village   In recent years we have had a need to invent new terms to describe the world we live in. One such term is The Global Village. While our individual worlds expand exponentially our collective world shrinks at the same rate. We can experience long distant communication in HD. We play video games that are fully immersive 3D realities online with players a continent away.  Internet Language   The speed at which we all communicate these days is mind bending. We have developed new forms of language automatically to meet this need. It can be said that a primary form of daily communication is in the form of texting. The short hand in texting has morphed into its own language. Terms like LOL have entered into our spoken language and some people use terms instead to speed up spoken language. While I recognize the need for this prudent use of language I also see the dangers. These dangers are outlined in a book called 1984. The people in this dystopian world use a form of english called newspeak. Newspeak is stripped of all emotion and elegance. Global Consciousness   Whether we want to or not the human race is being swept off its feet and is being carried into a new world that is completely foreign to our natural selves. It brings us together while erecting a huge walls between us. While the quantity of interactions we experience increases we have also sacrificed quality over quantity. There are days when it is nice to unplug and have a real conversation over coffee or tea. What is the point of having all this knowledge if we lose vital parts of our humanity? I think that our social needs can never be met in a virtual world. I think a lot of todays problems are symptoms of this Global Culture Shock  .
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