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Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Materials, Waste and Global Warming According to the US EPA, approximately 42 percent of greenhouse gas emissions originating in the United States are associated with the management of materials. Production/manufacturing contributes the most (33 percent), followed by transportation of goods (7 percent) and end-of-life management (two percent). These estimates don’t include the emissions associated with producing products and materials that we import fro
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  Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Materials, Waste and Global Warming According to the U E!A, appro imately #$ percent of greenhouse gas emissions srcinating inthe United tates are associated %ith the management of materials& !roduction'manufacturingcontributes the most ()) percent*, follo%ed by transportation of goods (+ percent* and endoflifemanagement (t%o percent*& -hese estimates don ’ t include the emissions associated %ith producing products and materials that %e import from other countries& o clearly, ho% much %e produce and consume, %hat materials and products %e use, ho% and %here they ’ re made, ho%they ’ re transported, and ho% %e manage our discards, all impact climate change&-he Environmental Quality .ommission has adopted Materials Management in Oregon/ $0102ision and 3rame%or4 for Action& -he $010 2ision addresses reductions in environmental impacts –  including but not limited to greenhouse gases –  across the full life cycle of materials, fromresource e traction and manufacturing through consumption and use to recycling and disposal&Materials Management in Oregon/ $010 2ision and 3rame%or4 for Action&Waste prevention and recycling help reduce greenhouse gas emissions& 5n a typical year, recyclingin Oregon reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an amount e6uivalent to the tailpipe emissionsfrom 100,000 –  +00,000 cars& Most of these emissions reductions occur “ upstream ”  %henmanufacturers use recycled %astes instead of virgin materials to ma4e ne% products& 7ecyclingalso helps to reduce “ do%nstream ”  greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, although this benefit is smaller than the “ upstream ”  reductions&Even more effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions is %aste prevention, the “ reduce,reuse ”  part of “ reduce, reuse, recycle& ”  DEQ ’ s Waste !revention trategy includes several pro8ects that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions&DEQ9s Waste prevention strategy Web page&.onsumptionbased Greenhouse Gas Emissions 5nventory for OregonOregon residents and businesses contribute to emissions of greenhouse gases in many %ays& 3or many years, Oregon has conducted an “ inventory ”  of emissions& :i4e other states, Oregon hasfocused its inventory primarily on emissions that srcinate instate& ;ut that focus only tells part of the story of ho% Oregon contributes to climate change& When it comes to materials, it focuses onemissions from instate manufacturing but leaves out many of the emissions associated %ithmaterials that are imported for use in Oregon&A ne% inventory study commissioned by DEQ supplements the traditional inventory approach& 5testimates the emissions –  both instate and else%here  associated %ith consumption by Oregonresidents, businesses and governments& More than half of these consumptionbased emissionsoccur in other states or nations& ome%here bet%een )1 and #< percent of Oregon ’ sconsumptionbased greenhouse emissions are a result of consumption of materials&DEQ9s .onsumptionbased Emissions 5nventory Web page&Oregon Global Warming .ommission/ 7oadmap to $0$05n $0=0, the Oregon Global Warming .ommission began a process to identify actions Oregon andothers could ta4e to achieve the state ’ s greenhouse gas reduction goals for $0$0& -he product of this effort is the .ommission ’ s “ 7oadmap to $0$0 ” & DEQ helped to staff a 7oadmapcommittee %hich developed a series of recommendations involving materials and %aste& -heserecommendations %ere revised and adopted by the .ommission and are included in its 7oadmap  to $0$0&Oregon Global Warming .ommission Web page&Governor9s Advisory Group on Global Warming:i4e the Global Warming .ommission, Governor >ulongos4i ’ s Advisory Group on GlobalWarming ($00#* %as charged %ith recommending actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions&-his Advisory Group %as supported by seven technical subcommittees that identified andevaluated alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions& DEQ ’ s olid Waste !rogram staffedthe -echnical ubcommittee on Materials and Waste&-he -echnical ubcommittee on Materials and Waste produced t%o documents& -he first is a “  briefing paper  ”  that e plains the relationship bet%een materials, %aste, and greenhouse gasesand discusses some of the related accounting issues& -he second provides a preliminary evaluationof specific policy and program alternatives to reduce greenhouse gases through %aste prevention,recycling, composting, reduced garbage burning, and landfill gas controls&Do%nload introductory briefing paper here ( “  ?o @ Materials ” * !D3Do%nload preliminary evaluation of alternatives here ( “ materials options 00= ” * !D3-he Oregon trategy for Greenhouse Gas 7eductions provides more information, including theAdvisory Group ’ s recommendations&Oregon trategy for Greenhouse Gas 7eductionsWant more informationBE!A .limate .hange  Waste2isit the U Environmental !rotection Agency ’ s %eb site on climate change&West .oast .limate and Materials Management 3orumA partnership of Western cities and states that are developing and sharing %ays to integratelifecycle materials management policies and practices into climate actions&.limate .hange in OregonMeeting the challenge of climate change&Ans%ering the Oregon .hallenge/ .limate .hangeDEQ9s climate change main Web page&


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