Glossary of Regional Development Terms

Terminology of regional development
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  GLOSSARY OF REGIONALDEVELOPMENT TERMS  ISBN: 960-87566-4-2 © Copyright 2004 MO¢ ·.Â. All rights reservedPublishing Production POINT Co.6, Sivitanidou str., 176 76 Kallithea - AthensTel.: 210 95.95.683 - 210 210 95.89.775, Fax.: 210 95.89.536  3 MOU S.A.THE CHALLENCE OF EFFICIENCY  Greece has been a EU-member since 1981In the 90’s it embarked upon a vast development programme with significant funding by the EuropeanUnion’s structural fundsThere have been 3 major development programmes, better known as Community Support Frameworks: ñ 1st CSF 1989 - 1993 ñ 2nd CSF 1994 - 1999 ñ 3rd CSF 2000 - 2006For the period 2000 - 2006, EU structural assistance to Greece amounts to a total of 25 billion euros.The CFS Management Organisation Unit (MOUS.A.) was established in1996 in order to strengthen theadministrative and management capacity of CSFimplementing authorities It is a non-profit-making institution within the broader public sectorIt reports to the Minister of Economy and Finance but it is external to the Ministry’s civil service structureIt is staffed from both the private and public sector by highly qualified experts It is governed by a nine-member Administrative Board,serving on a three-year term and representing varioussocial and economic bodies. Specialist and highly qualified personnelFair and transparent system of recruitment, involving several different selection stages and processesOngoing in-service development and trainingHigh-quality performance THE ENVIRONMENT    WORKFORCE    ADMINISTRATION   IDENTITY    MISSION Its mission is to assist public administration authorities inthe effective management of EU-funded programmes, bymeeting specific needs in:Highly specialised human resources andknow-how   6   9   1   2   3   OBJECTIVE The MOU’S objective is to assist implementing authoritiesto effectively tackle CSF project implementation problemshaving to do with:the successful maturation of projects the quality of projects and project-related studiesthe evaluation and follow-up of projectstime and budget planningfulfilling the obligations arising from national and Community regulatory frameworksThe MOU establishes expert teams to provide advisory,managerial and technical support to various bodiesimplementing EU- funded programmes (finalbeneficiaries). The MOU expert Teams are:Task Force for remote and island areasExpert Team for European Social Fund projectsExpert Team for minority group’s projectsTechnical Support Unit for solid waste and waste water management projectsManagement Information System Expert Team   SUPPORT OF FINALBENEFICIARIES   4   5 The MOU is financed from national resources andprogrammes co-funded by the European Union.   RESOURCES Design and development of tools, methodologies and know-how relating to the management of CSF projectsTransfer of know-how through training of staff in CSF implementing authoritiesOn-going support of final beneficiaries with management weaknessesEvaluation and recommendation of suitable personnel for CSF Managing AuthoritiesEvaluation of management capacity and organisation of Managing AuthoritiesProcurement of state-of-the-art office equipment and modern infrastructure facilities for CSF ManagingAuthoritiesOrganisation, installation and operation of information technology systems   SERVICES PROVIDED 1.Central Service based in Athens2.Expert teams for the support of final beneficiaries   STRUCTURE   7   8   10  4 THIS GLOSSARY WAS PRODUCED AS PART OF THE OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME “TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE 2000-2006”  AND CO-FUNDED BY THE EUROPEAN UNION


Jul 23, 2017
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