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  MALAYSIAN RESOURCES CORPORATION BERHAD Level 30, Menara Allianz Sentral, No.203, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur. :INTERIM CLAIM NO:32:DATE OF CLAIM:31 March, 2018LIQUIDATED ASCERTAINED DAMAGES:PERIOD ENDING:31 March, 20181) TNB Substation:CONTRACT SUM:RM117,755,018.952) Remaining Works:REVICED SUM:-CAR Policy No. ::WC Policy No. :1.AWARDED CONTRACT SUMRM117,755,018.95 2.APPROVED NET ADD/DDT OF VARIATION ORDER SUMRM-  3.REVISED CONTRACT SUMRM117,755,018.95  VALUE OF SUB CONTRACT COST 4.TOTAL VALUE OF M&E WORK DONERM34,531,105.60 5.MATERIAL ON SITERM 6.TOTAL SUB CONTRACT WORKDONE COSTRM34,531,105.60 7.NETT WORKDONE VALUE RM34,531,105.60 LESS 8.NETT CUMMULATIVE AMOUNT PREVIOUSLY CERTIFIEDRM(32,702,993.23)(From Certificate No.1 to 31) 9.TOTAL AMOUNT IN THIS CLAIMRM1,828,112.37 (excluding GST 6%)LIMIT OF RETENTION SUM Contractor's Interim Claim No. 32 (M&E) PROPOSED WESTIN DESARU RESORT AT DESARU, JOHOR DARUL TAKZIM FOR DESARU CORNICHE HOTEL SDN BHD DATE Of COMMENCEMENT 25-Jun-2015 DATE OF COMPLETION 24-Mar-2017    Contractor's Interim Claim No. 32 (M&E)SUMMARYBILLFROM PAGECONTRACTPREVIOUSCURRENTCUMMULATIVENO.DESCRIPTIONNO.AMOUNT%AMOUNT%AMOUNT%AMOUNT 11PC & PROVISIONAL SUMB/1182,711,218.95 1.92%1,589,081.27 0.00%- 1.92%1,589,081.27  12M&E WORKSB/1235,043,800.00 88.79%31,113,911.96 5.22%1,828,112.37 94.00%32,942,024.33  0.940024322 TOTAL CLAIM AMOUNT117,755,018.95 32,702,993.23 1,828,112.37 34,531,105.60  PROJECT : THE PROPOSED WESTIN DESARU RESORT AT DESARU, JOHOR DARUL TAKZIM FOR DESARU CORNICHE HOTEL SDN BHDB/ST/1  WESTIN DESARU RESORT Contractor's Interim Claim No. 32 (M&E) Description of Works %Amount%Amount%Amount 1.  ACMV SERVICESRM12,615,000.00  90.39%11,402,604.15 3.49%439,988.81 93.88%11,842,592.97  2. ELECTRICAL SERVICESRM11,217,000.00  86.87%9,743,684.08 5.58%626,092.30 92.45%10,369,776.38  3. HYDRAULICS SERVICES (PLUMBING, SANITARY & GASRM5,431,800.00  90.48%4,914,754.51 6.76%367,091.64 97.24%5,281,846.14  4. FIRE PROTECTION SERVICESRM5,300,000.00  88.83%4,707,836.37 6.99%370,233.71 95.81%5,078,070.08  5. SWIMMING POOL & WATER FEATURES SERVICESRM480,000.00  71.88%345,032.85 5.15%24,705.91 77.03%369,738.77  TOTAL AMOUNT FOR M&E WORKS : RM35,043,800.00  88.79% 31,113,911.96  5.22%1,828,112.37 94.00%32,942,024.33  Main Summary of M&E Works ItemAmount WORKDONE PreviousCurrentCumulative  Contractor's Interim Claim No. 32 (M&E) Amount in BQNSC Contract AmountPreviousCurrentCumulativeRM/SENRM/SENRM/SEN PRIME COST SUM JProvide the P.C Sum Ringgit Malaysia: Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Only for Lift Services3,500,000.00 2,478,465.00 1,536,648.30 - 1,536,648.30  KADD for ProfitSum49,569.30 30,732.97 - 30,732.97  LADD for attendance%35,000.00 21,700.00 - 21,700.00  TOTAL83,763,400.00 1,589,081.27 - 1,589,081.27  PROJECT : THE PROPOSED WESTIN DESARU RESORT AT DESARU, JOHOR DARUL TAKZIM FOR DESARU CORNICHE HOTEL SDN BHDWORKDONE AMOUNTITEM NODESCRIPTIONUNITRM/SENRM/SEN
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