Good Cause Denial FAQ -Revised 11-3-2014

City of Minneapolis
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  Good Cause Restriction of Additional Rental Licenses  –  FAQ Revised: 11/03/2014 What is this new policy? Regulatory Services has a new policy where it will restrict owners who meet a certain criteria from obtaining additional rental licenses based on their inability to satisfactorily maintain their property, resulting in a drain in city resources as well as a nuisance to the community. What criteria will the city use to apply the policy? Regulatory Services has developed scoring criteria that takes into account the past 2 years of rental license history. Properties scoring 7 points or higher will be subject to this new policy. The scoring system used is as follows: Violations Definitions Score Allocation per Offense Conduct on Premise (COP) A provision in the Rental Licensing Ordinance that allows the city to address qualifying incidents of disorderly conduct of tenants and their guests that adversely impacted neighbors. 2 points for first offense, 3 points for 2 or more offenses Illegal Occupancy (ILOC) When a property is not adequately licensed for occupancy due to various reasons such as not having a current rental license, too many unrelated occupants living in a given building, illegal dwelling units, or illegal bedrooms within the building. 2 points   Letter of Intent to Condemn for Lack of Maintenance (LINT1) A building has been deemed unsafe to live in by qualifying factors such as vacancy and boarding, lack of utilities, property dilapidation, specific hazards and other conditions. This is an indication that a property is about to become condemned. 3 points   Letter of Non-Compliance (LNON) When a rental property is in violation of at least one of the twenty-three minimum standards and conditions to hold a rental dwelling license. 3 points Police Calls (nuisance and violent calls) Police calls are direct incidents where the police was required to use resources and services at a given property. The police calls measured in this policy include nuisance and violence related calls, not those related to medical assistance, domestic violence and other such protected calls. Properties in this measure receive points based on a formula that accounts for police calls as well as units. 1 unit = 05 calls per point 2 units = 10 calls per point 3-4 units = 15 calls per point 5-10 units = 20 calls per point 11-20 units = 30 calls per point 21-30 units = 40 calls per point 31-40 units = 50 calls per point 41-50 units = 60 calls per point 51-60 units = 70 calls per point 61-70 units = 80 calls per point 71-80 units = 90 calls per point 81-90 units = 100 calls per point 91+ units = 110 calls per point Rental License Operating Conditions (RLOC) Rental License Operating Conditions notes that the owner of a rental property has had a conditions meeting with the City to agree upon certain conditions or restrictions for a given rental property. This is an alternative to revoking a rental license which would occur for violating the rental licensing standards. 2 points Unpermitted Work (UPW) When a property completes work without a required permit from the City of Minneapolis. 2 points  Will this affect my existing license? No. This policy does not affect your existing licenses. It only applies to new rental licenses. How often will properties be evaluated? Staff will evaluate all properties on a quarterly basis. How will I know if I meet the criteria for this new policy? Of the over 23,000 licensed properties, only 102 properties meet this criteria as of Q2 2014. All rental owners were notified of this new policy by mail and those 102 properties were subsequently notified that the new policy applied specifically to them. What do I do if I receive a letter saying I meet this criteria? Please come in to talk to us and see how we can help address the property issues that are creating a problem. Once we are satisfied you are managing your property appropriately, we will lift this restriction and you can again add properties to your rental portfolio if you wish. Feel free to contact our Deputy Director of Housing Inspections Services at 


Jul 23, 2017
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