Good Gov at BUMN With Mr Sofyan Djalil

sisi lain tentang pengelolaan bumn dari kacamata mantan menteri bumn
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  Empowering   SOEs   o yan   a ,    ã  Keeping   the   Balance   among   other   Big   Players   in   Indonesia ã  SMEs   in   Indonesa   Economy ã  Illustrations   (Plantation,   Oil ‐ Gas ‐ Mining,   Banking,   Telecommunications   Sectors)   ã  Further   Growth   and   Better   Balance   are   Necessary ã  Evolution   of    Competitiveness   Rank   of    Indonesia ã  The   Most   Problematic   Factors   and   What   SOEs   Can   Do...   What   the   Government   (Ministry   of    SOEs)   Can   Do ã  General   Challenges   of    SOEs ã  ac   as   s   own   a enge ã  Transformational   Challenge   for   SOE   Leaders ã  ppen ces 2  K in th Balanc am n th r Bi Pla r      Beside   the   history,   State ‐ owned   Enterprises in   Indonesia play   a   very   critical   role   in   keeping   on   balancing   the   interests   of    foreign,   private,   and   large   scale   private   and   public   sectors Source:   The   Economist,   March   2014   chunk   of    economic   pie   to   grow   as   well 3  SMEs in IndonesiaEconomy SMEs in IndonesiaEconomy  ã Net   assets:   more   than   IDR10   billion   (USD1   million),   orã Annual   sales:   more   than   IDR50   billion   (USD   ã Number   of    entity:   ±4,372   unit   or 0,01%ã Share   to   :  ‐  total   employment   : 2,96% ‐ m onã Net   assets:   more   than   IDR500   million   USD50.000   u   to   IDR10   billion   USD1   , ‐  non   oil   export:   79.83% ‐  total   Investment :   47,11%ã Number   of    entity:   ± 39,657   unit   or 0,08%ã Share   to   :million),   orã Annual   sales:   more   than   IDR2,5   billion   (USD250.000)   up   to   IDR50   billion   (USD5   million)ã Net   assets:   more   than   IDR50   million   (USD5.000)  ‐  total   employment: 3,48% ‐  GDP: 13,43% ‐  non   oil   export   :   13,10% ‐  total   Investment :   23,81%ã Number   of    entity:   ± 520.221   unit   or 1,01%up   to   IDR500   m on   USD50.000 ,   orã Annual   sales:   more   than   IDR300   million   (USD30.000)   up   to   IDR2,5   billion   (USD250.000)ã Share   to   :  ‐  total   employment   :   4,26% ‐  GDP:   10,08% ‐  non   oil   export   :   4,85% ‐  total   Investment :   20,69% ãMax net worth (excl. land & building) : IDR 50 million (USD 5,000)ãMax. annual sales : IDR 300 million (USD 30,000) ã Number   of    entity   :   ± 50,697,659   unit   or98,90%ã Share   to : ‐  total   employment   :   89,30% ‐  GDP :   32,05% ‐  non   oil   export   :   2,22%Data   source:   Statistics   Indonesia,   2009   (data   as   of    2008)MSME   definition   refers   to   MSME   Act   No.   20/2008 ‐  total   Investment :   8,39%4Source:   Ministry   of    SME   (2013)
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