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  AMBASSADOR COLLEGE NOW ON THE AIR-OVER ALL EUROPE On the nineteenth anniversary of the WORLD TOMORROW program, the broadcast goes out to ALL EUROPE, on the by Herbert W. Armstrong most powerful radio station on earth. HINK of it This most important work on earth now TAKES ITS Do you realize the significance of this tremendous event, on our nineteenth anniversary Do you know the MEAN- ING of nineteen years It marks a com- plete cycle of time-as God set time in nature. God placed the earth, moon, and sun, in a certain conjunction of ma- :ion to mark trme--to set off DAYS, and MONTHS and YEARS. A Complete Time-Cycle Only once in nineteen years do the days, months and years come together in exact conjunction. A day is one revolu- tion of the earth on its axis. A month, as God ordained time, is one revolution of the moon around the earth. Men have tried to alter that. A year is one revolu- tion of the earth around the sun. These movements of the earth, moon, and sun come into exact conjunction once in ninetcen years. Nineteen years ago, the first week in January, (1934), this program went on the air3 started as small as a radio pro- gram could start, on a little 100-watt station in a small local community, Eu- gene, Oregon. The first week in Janu- qry, 1953-after one of God's complete cycles of nature-it starts as an INTER- NATIONAL and WORLD-WIDE pzograrn, T REATEST LEAP AHEAD now going out on the tremendous com- bined total of 3,140,000 watts of power pcr wcek Multiplied 31 400 Times Yes, think of it In one cycle of time, the proclaiming of the srcinal true Message of Jesus Christ to the world has increased from 100 watts to 3,140,000 watts of power per week Its actual broadcasting power has MULTIPLIED 31,400 times over in one 19-year cycle Not twice, not ten times the power, not 100 times-[lo, iior merely a thousclnd times more powerful, -but more than powerful than during that first year Today the cumulative weekly listen- ing audience is rated at more than Jt is doubtful whether any of the great major net-works deliver that much power on any Coast to Coast half hour weekly program. The power we now use is the equivalent of a half hour weekly program going out over 30 su- per-power 50,000-watt stations in the major cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Port- land-the largest stations in 30 such cities, PLUS 300 5,000-watt stations THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND TIMES more THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE such as KGW, Portland, KMAC, San Antonio, or WAIT, Chicago, -in 300 xich ciries; PLU~ 40 1,000-watt stations in 140 other cities and towns scattered all over the nation. I do nor know whether NBC or CBS has that many stations of that much power. That would be a tremendous net-work, or 470 sta- tions in 470 cities in every part of the United States and Canada. THAT is THE EXACT EQUIVALENT OF THE SIZE AND POWER OF THE WORLD TOMOR- ROW PROGRAM TODAY. The only differ- ence is, we are purchasing the use of facilities that furnish that much power at not more than ONE-TENTH the cost we would have to pay on such a net- work. We simply could not afford such a net-work. God has opened the way for us to send His Message with comparable pow- er, to the almost unbeiievable mass cu- mulative audience of THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE per week, at an unbelievable low cost. Of course it does cost a great deal, but not more than one-tenth of what we would pay if we purchased our radio power thru tlir us~ial hannels. This program is the Message JESIJS brought to earth. It is a Message which make.r people THINK It is rapidly grow- ing into THE MOST POWERFUL AND WIDELY LISTENED-TO PROGRAM ON  Page 2 The GOOD NEWS February, 1353 EARTH, OR IN THF FNTIRF HISTORY OF THE WORLD Yet, this mighty work is still ONLY BEGINNING. The last warning Mes- sagc-thc Gospel Jesus LIUU~~IL-IIILIS~ go with a tremendous LOUD VOICE (Mat. 24:14) in ALL THE WORLD as a wit- ness to ALL NATIONS-and then shall the END of this age come Must Be Financed Here This broadcast tn the British Isles and all Europe DOUBLES our listening audi- ence. We are reaching about FIFTEEN MILLION people over there. Yet cur- rency restrictions, ecoiinniic arid other conditions make it IMPOSSIBLE for those people over there to contribute money to pay the European broadcasting expenses. Even if the people of France or England wanted to help pay for it, the French francs or British pounds could not be transferred into the hard cash it takes to pay Radio Luxembourg. The station does have an arrangement in New York whereby within about 30 days they can transfer United States dollars into the kind of money they can use. And for this reason, we have to pay 30 days in advance. It takes about 30 days to get the money transferred into useable cash funds in Luxembourg. This means that our United States co-workers will have to dig a little deep- er, and sacrifice a little mole-because we of America will have to pay all the costs of the broadcasting to other parts of the world. TY IT IS This is the greatest, and be- coming the most powerful work on earth. It is rapidly INFLUENClNG AND CHANGING MORE HUMAN LIVES than any activity in the world It is changing thousands of precious lives, that shall be converted into THE GLORI- OUS KINGDOM OF GOD Every co-work- er shares an IMPORTANT PART in that all-important eternal result. Yes, WHAT A GLORIOUS PRIVILEGE it is But WHAT A GLORIOUS OPPORTUNI- Seven Ministers Ordained by Herbert W. Armstrong God revealed to me, seven years ago, the need to establish a college-a new kind nf collppre-in which the future ministers needed for this gigantic world- wide crusade would be properly educat- ed and trained. Ambassador College openeJ iis Cluuib LU studt-iirs October 8, 1047. It, too, started the smallest college in America-just 4 pioneer students, tho it had a faculty of eight professors and teachers. But, as all things of God do, it is GROWING, at the same ratio as the Gospel work It is no longer the small- est college in America On December 20, 1052, by authori- ty of Jesus Christ, with fasting and prayer and laying on of hands of God’s ministers, in congregation assembled in Pasadena, California, upon recommenda- tion of the Board of Trustees of The Radio Church of God, five of our young ministers were fully ordained. They are Richard David Armstrong, Raymond Clifford Cole, Herman Louie Hoeh, Dr. C. Paul Meredith, and Roder- ick Carl Meredith-all graduates of Am- bassador College, except Dr. C. Paul Meredith who already held the doctor’s dcgrcc from Iowa State College, but who had completed the entire four years of Theological study at Ambassador Col- lege. Upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees, two more of our young min- isters, Marion Joel McNair and Ray- mond Franklin McNair, will he fiilly ordained following their graduation from the college January 30, 1953. This ordination authorizes these min- isters to pcrform all the duties and cx- ercise all the powers of the clergy, and clothes them with all the AIJTHOKITY conferred by Jesus Christ upon His called and chosen ministers. And so it is that God has sent to us RADIO LOG “The WORLD TOMORROW” Herbert W. Armstrong analyzes to- day’s news, with the prophecies of The WORLD TOMORROW TO ALL OF EUROPE: --Thursdays Luxembourg time. TO THE NATION tk CANADA: XERF--1570 on your dial (extreme top of dial) every Sunday night, 7:15 P.M. Central Standard time. XEG-1050 on your dial, every night, 8:Oo P.M. Central Standard time. XELO--800 on your dial, every night, 9:00 P.M. Central Standard time. 8:OO Mountain Stand- ard time.) RADIO LUXEMBOURG-4: 15 P.M. HEARD ON PACIFIC COAST: XERB-50,000 watts-1090 on dial -? :OO P.M. every night. XEDM-1580 on dial-7:30 P.M. Sunday. 6:30 week nights. KALI-Los Angeles-143O on dia1- 7:30 A.M. every morning. KXL-Portland-10,000 watts. 750 on dial-2 : 30 P.M., Sundays. KPDQ ortland 00 on dial 8:30 every morning. KVI-SeattIe-Tacoma-5?0, first on dial-lO:30 P.M. Sundays. KVSM-San Francisco-1050 on dial -3 :00 P.M. Sundays. OTHER STATIONS WAIT-Chicago--820 on dial-[ :OO KMAC-San Antonio-630 on dial P.M. Sundays. -7 :Of) P.M. Sundays. here, caused to be thoroughly trained by education, by experience, and thorough- ly fitted by convcrsion, consecration, and Holy Spirit-leading, SEVEN fine young ministers whom HE has called and cho- sen. They have studied hard and dili- gently for years. ’lhey are all experi- enced and competent. They have been tried and tested, and found faithful and loyal. Thus, on this first 19-year cycle an- niversary, the work of GOD leaps sudden- ly and dynamically from a local and na- tional work to an INTERNATIONAL and WORLD-WIDE CRUSADE. On this very anniversary God has added SEVEN called, consecrated, Spirit-filled, properly edu- cated and trained and experienced min- isters It is imperative to send Dick Arm- strong back to Europe as soon as possi- ble, to open offices in London and Paris, and to preach over Radio Luxembourg IN THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. Herman Hoeh may have to return to Europc for while next summer. For the present both Raymond Cole and Rod Meredith are filling local pastorates. Dr. Meredith is Director of the forthcoming Cor- respondence Course of Bible Study, now in process of beginning and preparation. All these men will continue their ad- vanced graduate studies at Ambassador toward the higher theological degrees, as time and their duties permit. But they are now fully ordained, full-time, and qualified Ministers of Jesus Christ, clothed with full powers and authority. Yes, in spite of opposition, persecu- tion, trial and test, GOD‘S WORK IS GROWING IN A MANNER ALMOST UN- BELIEVABLE  HOW Human Annihilation May Be Prevented .I There remain now only TWO possible ways for men to prevent the annihilation of human life from otf this planet by the terrifying energies of destrzlction being produced by science and technology. One of these two ways men are INCAPABLE of and the other lhey ure UNWILLING to do How, then, may life be saved on this planet? (Editor’s note: This is a reprint of the second broadcast to the British Isles and all Europe over the world’s most powerful station, Radio Luxembourg. It has set millions over there to thinking. It ought to make US think ) by Herbert W. Armstrong UST where is this world headed. NOW? World famous scientists who J know what terrifying powers of de- struction are being developed warn us that they, themselves, are frankly FRIGHTENED . . . that unless world peace can be achieved very soon, it will become possible to blast hzlmrtn life from off this planet These scientific gentlemen solemnly warn us that noth- ing but A SUPER WORLD-GOVERNMENT can now save mankind Let’s face the situarion realistically. Take a quick over-all view frum WiiilJ War I up to the present. Woodrow Wil- son led the Allies into the conviction they were fighting the war To END ALL WARS We had The Hague Conference. We tried the League of Nations. Then the Pact of Paris, outlawing war; -bur those dipiomats overlooked the fact that an outlaw is a menace to society. and when WAR was made an outlaw, war once again menaced all civilization: -we were plunged into World War II Once again many believed they were fighting the WAR TO END ALL WARS. And then, although we could look back on the failures of The Hague Conference, The League of Nations, The Pact of Paris, and the meetings at Berchtesgaden, Munich, Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam. this peace-hungry world pinned its faith once again in another political co-oper. ative effort-The UNITED NATIONS. was an accredited correspondent at the San Francisco Conference. There I heard one after another of the prime ministers, foreign secretaries and chief diplomats of the nations of the world Jeclare sol- emnly that the UNITED NATIONS there being formed z~w.i the world‘.i lust uncl ONLY hope fo~ uorld pcccce. But a little later we began to hear statesmen, generals, admirals and news correspondents speak cautiously [he phrase: “IF there is another world war.” attended the opening meeting of the Security Council in New York. and there I beheld high tension and belligerency among nations supposed to be joining in a common organization for PEACE. Soon world statesmen, military leaders and journalists ceased using the cautious “IF” there is another war, and began speaking about “WHEN,” and “HOW.” Since that time I have interviewed, or sent our own foreign correspondents to interview, top statesmen in London, Washington, Paris and Berlin and Rome, and to interview people-just the PLAIN PEOPLE of all walks of life, in England, Fraucc, Germduy, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, and throughout the United States. NOWHERE do we find assurances of world PEACE, but only forebodings of friction, and of WAR After MONTHS of conferences in KOREA looking toward a cease-fire and an armistice, we look back only on session after session of WRAN- GLING, and there is no cease-fire and no armistice. What do we behold in UNIT- ED NATIONS meetings? Not harmony and peace, but bitter WRANGLING, QUARRELING in the council chambers. TODAY we live in a tense, jittery. cha- otic world DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF. Now this new ONE WORLD, divided AGAINST itself, is engaged in an atomic and HYDROGEN-bomb race for SURVIVAL -a race in which this world CANNOT ENDURE ANOTHER 25 YEARS unless something now wholly UNFORESEEN occurs to STOP it, and bring this world, -PEACE My friends, that something UNFORE- SEEN will occur -but HOW? I have overwhelming GOOD NEWS for you- and it is absolutely SURE and CERTAIN Yet we must be PRACTICAL. We must view the condition AS IT 1s-realis- tically We must FACE the terrifying facts that actually GRIP this world in their clutch What, then, lies ahead? How will events shape up FROM HERE? How can the world ESCAPE the certain destruction toward which it is now plunging? To bring you the rational and sane answer, we must examine conditions as they ARE in the world not only, but we wars, which NONE OF THE WORLD’S And we must come to KNOW the PUR- POSE being worked out here below But, let’s be realistic -THE WORLD LONG AGO REJECTED THAT WAY, and we might as well realize it isn’t going to turn now, even in the present world plight, to the Creator GOD, repent of its own evil ways, and begin putting its TRUST IN THE ALMIGHTY. Not THIS evil world of supposed rationalism, sci- ence, of vanity and greed, groping in a veritable BABYLON of differing re- ligious creeds It is always DARKEST just before the DAWN; and horrible as the present world chaos is, we shall see still DARK- ER times-but THAT IS BECAUSE WE Yes, the longed-for dawn of WORLD PEACE, and of happiness and plenty for IT’S COMING I promise you, IT’S COMING But don’t suppose I am going to tell you it will come as a result of this world and its leaders suddenly turn- ing to Go&suddenly surrendering to GOD, and crying out to HIM for deliver- ance, suddenly putting its faith in HIM No, my friends, -not this evil world Then can MEN solve the problem of world peace WITHOUT God? Can our world leaders show US the way? They tried The League of Nations. The Hague Conference, the Pact of Paris. the United Natiuns. Du chcy now have a NEW idea that is BETTER? Do you suppose for one moment it is POSSIHLE for the new President Eisenhower, or Prime Minister Churchill, or the French or Germaii or Italian or Spanish leaders co get rogethcr with Marshal Stalin in a love-feast of must UNDERSTAND the real CAUSE Of all TOP STATESMEN TODAY COMPREHENDS ARE NOW VERY CLOSE TO THE DAWN ALL.  Page 4 The GO011 NEWS February, 1953 mutual TRUST and CO-0PI:RATION rhar will produce world PEACH? No, let’s not be soft headed enough to believe in that, either. LET’S BE REALISTIC s examine the facts AS THEY ARE. This world is VERY SICK It is a divided world, in a three-cornered strug- gle to determine whether COMMCJNISM, FASCISM, or DEMOCRACY shall dominate the world. It is a WORLD AT WAR-in what we call COLD WAR, flavorcd with three smaller HOT wars in Korea, Indo- China and Malaya, which are not so small after all. It is a world filled with HUNGER and WANT in many places; a world filled with perplexity, empty lives, fears and worries, sickness, pain and There can be no CURE for a sickness or disease until we find the CAUSE and remove that My friends, there is a CAUSE for the world’s ills There is a CAUSE for the wars this world has suf- fered since the dawn of history. Yet our political leaders, our statesmen, our men at the HEAD of world atfairs, 1x) NOT ing to tell you why To come to CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of the root CAUSE of world ills, we need to stand off, AWAY from this entire world, as it were, in our minds-and view this world as a whole fiom its br- ginning up to now. This will clear our perspective, and bring the true picture into focus. . . . Because, as Winston Churchill said in the hrst speech ever made by a foreign diplomat to the American Congress, “There is a PUR- POSE being worked out here below ” And a HIGHER POWER, above, iJ doing the worhing out Let’s quit deceiving ourselves Let’s face this srcinal PUK- POSE-let’s facc history as it has worked out-let’s FACE conditions as they are today, realistically MEN HAVE FAILED TO DO THAT Our world leaders have never done it That’s why they are un- able to LEAD this world out of its misery. its wars, and unhappiness The Eternal God created man and placed him on this earth FOR A PIJR- POSE. But man has lost the knowledge of the very PURPOSE;: of his existence When Thc Eternal MOST HIGH RUL- ER of the universe first placed inan on this planet earth, a11 was perfect har- mony .and beauty. There was PEACE. There was PLENTY. There was BEAUTY. There was every need and facility for In order to make POSSIHI F for man a peaceful, happy, prosperous and joyful existence, the Eternal God designed that all things operate according to fixed, in- exorable LAWS. We have the laws of gravity, and inertia. We have the laws of physics and of chemistry. There are SUFFERING. It’s a SICK WORLD. UNDERSTAND THAT CArJse-and I’m go- HAPPINESS. physical law> char cause our human bodies and minds to FUNCTION, and if these laws are not violated, they KEEP US WELL AND HEALTHY. And then, of necessity, there is the great, fundamental, invisible SPIRITUAL LAW which regu- lates man’s relationship with his CRE- ATOR, and man’s relationship with fellow MAN. Now the purpose of this inexorable SPJRITUAL law, like all of God’s laws. is to make possible man’s HAPPINESS -to bring Inan PEACE and JOY,-~O make life really worth living But of course, when this spiritual law is broken, then varying kinds of unhappiness, fear and worry, strife and war, come in vary- ing degrees AS THE PENALTY. That great over-all SPIRITUAL Law is jtist simply LOVE It is LOVE in continil- a1 action. It is love manifest and ex- pressed It is love, first to God the CRE- ATOR, in reverence, adoration, gratitude arid OBEDIENCE-( because He is the SUPREME CREATOR-RULER who alone KNOWS what is right for us and has power to give it) ; and it is love. second- ly, to FELLOW MAN, in peace, co-opera- tion, service. It is a way that travels the very OPPOSITE DIRECTION from greed. vanity, hate, strife, or war. This great SPIRITUAL LAW is a ATTlTUDE OF MIND AND HEART. It is the correct way to think, and to LIVE. It is not merely moral principle-it is divinely-set-in-motion SPIRITUAL LAW, and it operates automatically and inex- orably It is the way Jesus epitomized when He said, “It is more blessed to GIVE chan to receive.” It puts the emphasis upon GIVING more than getting. There are only TWO fundamental WAYS OF LIFE. ONLY TWO. The other way is the way of self-sufficiency, re- jection of God, human vanity, selfishness and greed. It is the way of thinking only for SELF-the way of trying to reach out and TAKE happiness, even tho it must be taken FROM one’s neighbor. Simply, it is the way of GETTING4f TAKING. God’s spiritual law is the way of GIVING Now the Creator made man a FREE MORAL AGENT-and /or c( pu~po~e - HE WOULD FOLLOW And ever since Adam in the Garden of Eden, Ipan, somehow, has believed that God is wrong, and that man is sufficient to him- self, and he has followed the ways of vanity and of GREED. “Why, PRIDE,” man reasons, “-chc desire to GET, to accumulate, to HAVE. is the impelling motive that stimulates EFFORT, produces incentive for en- deavor, spurs man on toward PROGRESS. COMPETITION, men believe, is the very 1 1 FE of mde, commerce and business, PRINCIPLE-a WAY OF LIFE-it is an FREE ‘IU DECIDE WHICH WAY OF LIFE It spurs men on. leads to greater produc- tion, makes for PROGRESS ” THAT, my friends, is the philosophy of this world. AND THAT VERY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE PUT TO 6,000 YEARS OF PRAC- TISE, IS THE ONE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL WARS That philosophy mcans that man has REBELLED against the rule of GOD God rules by His LAW OF LOVE. But God, for a PIJRPOSE, made man a free moral OF GOD, and to try to govern HIMSELF and his fellows. That LLW man’s great MISTAKE Take a quick glance, now, how that way developed. For almost the first 2,000 years of human history we have a record of only TIIREE MEN who weir willing ro OBEY God, and live under God’s RULE -Abel, Enoch. and Noah. After the Flood, senr as a judgment, one would think the survivors should have learned their lesson. Yet in only two generations a inan of ability and ingenuity rose up to defy God’s government and to OR- GANIZE society according to the selfish, competitive principle This man was Nimrod, the grandson of Ham. He con- ccivcd the idea of REGIMENTAUON- huddling families together in CITIES, so he could regulate their lives, rule them, organize them into specialized production and distribution systems, and make multiple PROFITS off the sweat and toil of OTHERS. Nimrod built Baby- lon, Nineveh, and orher cities. Read ir in Genesis 10: 11-12. At first the world was organized only into CITY-states. You read of them in ancicnr history. Each city had its own king. But soon one king cast lustful eyes over a neighboring city or two, or- ganized his men into an ARMED FIGHT- ING FORCE, invaded his neighboring cities and took them under HIS rule. And so NATIONS were born. As NA- TIONS organized armies of aggression, EMPIRES came into being. ALL SOCIETY came to be organized on this selfish, GETTING basis. God was ignored. Man exalted himself-and oth- er MEN. THIS, my friends, is what we call CIVILIZATION so here we have HUMAN government, based on HUMAN nature, instead of GOD’S government founded on GOD’S ETERNAL LAWS. There have been vari- ous FORMS of human government. But remember this: EVERY SINGLE GOV- E‘kNMENT IN THlS WORLD, OF WHAT- EVER FORM. is merely a different method uf adiniiiixrring this same HUMAN sys- tem contrary to the GOVERNMENT OF GOD And it is this SYslEM-the otgan- ized expression of HUMAN NATURE- which is the root CAUSE of all the world’s ills, and of all WARS This system ( Ple‘ise continue on page 13 ) agent. MAN CHOSE TO REJECT THE RULE
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