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Christ Did Put Authority and RULE in His Church! Lip-Stick is oii1y a tiritior question that spot-lights the BIG POINT -uzithority a d KULE it2 the Church. It i s N O U ~ ilital that uie uizdersttirid which questiom are for personal decisio tz, ai2d which use uot; aud the relatiotz t o presertbzg lJNlTY. by Herbert W'. Armstrong . It . /'dl.l' IS. ,tlld h f i l l for brethren tci dwell together in u n i t y ( Ps,ilm 1 il. Mofh t t transl;irioii--m~ iiiother's f;ivorite cl1;tpter. ) I17/~j sh
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  Christ Did Put Authority and RULE in His Church Lip-Stick is oii1y a tiritior question that spot-lights the BIG POINT -uzithority ad KULE it2 the Church. It is NOU~ ilital that uie uizder- sttirid which questiom are for personal decisio z, ai2d which use uot; aud the relatiotz to presertbzg lJNlTY. gether .. I1011 /'dl.l' It IS. ,tlld hfill for brethren tci dwell to- in unity ( Ps,ilm 1 il. Mof- htt transl;irioii--m~ iiiother's f;ivorite cl1;tpter. ) I17/~j shotild it be 10 J.(/I.c o find iinity .imong church members? WHY Hundreds of Sect:, Hiit \vli:it's the connection Just \vhar does the preservation of unity have to do with the m;ike-up question A ded I.ook L [IIC LIILIKL~IC~ i rliis world. Iiepe.itedIy tcirn .isunder in dispute, cli vided into hundreds of denominations Haven't you ever \vondcrcd wbj they 'ire so divided-horc. all this sectarian division citiiie ;tboiit Few redize the true renson. The answer is simple: None but God's true Chirrch follows G~I)'s WAY of prcscnzing that blessed h:irincmy. Thc wor Id's ch iirches hnve followed the ways that have .reemcrl I.;~/J/ to the nattiral mind. And these s;iiiie w:iys will seem I-ight to J oN. today, unless you heed \vllat (;(Id reveals by Herbert W'. Armstrong Yes, even one of LIS today, failing to tinderstand what God reveals, might ex- press it about as follows: Here's the way 1 see it: No iiiiin or board of ministers has any right to tell me, as an individual member, what I miist or intist not do. We edi stand ;hne before God. 1 think the way to prescrve unity is simply tc follow the bnsic coinmand to love your neighbor ,IS yoiirself. If we have LOVE, each may do what is right in his own eyes, and d1 rhc other inembers will have toler- ;ii~ce. chink the only firin fouiidation for fellowship is LOVE toward those who believe and act differently-even cliffcrcncly than the iiiinisters believe. 1 don't want, this attitude continues, any ministers telling ME that what I believe or think is wrong. I have just ;IS iuuch right to my views ;is they have to theirs. They have no right to rob me of free moral agency. When my wife c;in come to church with lip-stick on, and I can work on the holy-days as I please, ;id keep Penremsr on Sunday if that semis right to me, or observe Passover (in the 13th instead of the 14rh, and en- co~inter not critical disapproval, bur LOVE-when the Church recognizes m] right to my honest views-when the ministers show LOVE toward us as free individuals with minds of our own nnd rights of oiir own, then xve will really IiNJOY coining to church, and then we shall have peace ;ind UNITY, for real /oi,cJ will dways let c;ich of 11s do as we please, and always will rise above differences.' This naturnl, carnal attitude might ,isk further: lsn't this doctrine of Church govern- iiieiit dangerous? Isn't my religion a prii,'ite matter, just between me and Gd? SIiotilcI IIOL each individiinl de- cide for r',i??zself such issues as the right or wrong of make-up, or how to figure thc corrcct day for Pentecost. or whechci divorce and remarriage is a sin, accord- ing to the n.ay he, individually, sees it? If I have to let the Church, thru its ministers, rule me, doesn't that rob me of free moral agency? What's WRONG With This? These opinions express the miturd  Januar , 1957 ;ittitll<lc. .imt re:lsoning of the human mind. lhese opinions ;inti 'questions de- I ITL' First of ;ill. rIio yoir might not h.ive rliought of it in this light, this is the identicnl concept held by those who ;irgtie tliiit it mikes no difference z~~hich ilC/j \ve observe 21s the Sabbath. Froiii your own rciisoning, qxirt froin the Biblical revelation, yoti wotild never be ;ibk to see \vhether it makes any differ- ence which DAY is observed-or whet ier iiny is observed. Oh. but tiiiit's different, some will s~y. The Bible commands 11s to keep the seventh day, b:it I can't see where it condemns lipstick. But thousands say: I can't see where the Bible commands me to keep the Sab- bath. Millions think the Bible s.iys the JW is done ;iw;iy. What's \VRON(; wirh this concept olit- lined above kt's suniniiirize the whole reasoning. It simmers down to the idea that edi individual must be free to de- cide for himsrlf \vliar is riglit, or what is wrong, for him. It all revolves nroLlnd ;I false ide;i of what c.onstitutes fr that e'icli member of God's Church, in oi-der not to be robbed of free nioral ;igeii<.y, must be free to decidc for him- i~/f wI1:it ConStitLltes SlN--and every otlicr membei- is supposecl to Ixive toier- 'iiice for Iiis helirf :rnd way of conduct. This mitude resents h:i\,ing Cod's Inini- siers show the people their sins. a11d \vants them to preach tlir soft :ind smootli tiiings. //TI w~r, ased 011 the BIBLE. \';'hat Free Moral Agent), Means Hiit /[,hiit IS frc~c iiorc~l ~i~qc~~i~~~~, ny- \\ .1y: Free morcil agency niex1s God has decreed that the individtial is free to decide for Iiinisclf ~c~l~c/, wr. e will obey <;Od Chi) AI.ONII decides w~L// to obey Surely we all know^ tli;it sill is the tr,insgression of c;oi)'s IAW That Lnw ib J SPIIII,I IAI. l>:i\v-;i gre;it funda- ment;il Ia~v f /Jriiil-ip/c,r for riglit living. It iiiust be obeyed not of the letter ~ONI-Y] but of tlie Spirit. To bre;tk the SPIRIT of the 12aw ho perhiips not transgressing the strict letter, is still tr.insgressing the I;IW-IT IS SIN 'rhc literal Irrrcr. of the 1.a~ oes not cover, in direct specific terms. the right or wrong of every possible :ict. Jesus Christ came to MAGNIFY the Law, ac- cording to its SPIRIT- -the privcipler in- volved. The lcttcr says merely Thou shalt not coinmir adultery. Some man har- boring a lust for sensuous female figures might argue, in the mumer of sonic who desire lip-stick today: I think it's all right for me to harhor lustful thought.s after these women, as long as I don't coininit any direct UCI of adultery. The Law doesn't say it's wrong to just LOOK upon her to lust after her, as long as I keep my distance. But Jesus MAGNIFIED this law. Ac- cording to its SPIKir-the PRINCIPLE of the Law, He said that such a inan has committed adultery with such a woman already in his heart. Now in the same manner, the letter of the Law does not say directly and specifically that cigarette smoking, using make-up, gambling, or many other such things are sinful acts. But the SP:RIT OF THE LAW-the principles it sets forth, and Bible examples, when properly ap- plied, do reveal the right or wrong of every such question. But all individuals do not properly understand or apply the Scriptural prin- ciples and exaiiiplcs in rhe same way. The individual is NOT left free to decide for himself WHAT is sin-but free moral agency nllows him to decide WHETHER to sin It is GOD'S prerogative to tell miii WHAT sin is. And when we coiiie to these vague, disputable questions of IX- FINING God's in respect to sin, it is GOD'S prerogative, not that of the in- dividual, to set the definition. And CHRIST HIMSELF as set up the niachin- ery in HIS GOVERNMENT n HIS CHLJKCH y which HE HIMSEI.F enders all such decisions for us A fundamental mz.~ im7 of the Church is to feed the Hock -to imtrnct and perfect the nieni- bers. This I will explain fully, :i little later in this article. What AIW~IYS aused DIVIS:OI'\I This very WAY-the ide;t quoted in the beginning of this article-the way that seemed right to inen-the way of every one doing what seemed right in his own eyes, and trying to have love and tolerance for others in the same <iI\vLiy3 CAI'SED division, and brought disaster. Look at a.hat has happened Listen to the lesson of EXPERIENCE The Church actually began in the days of Moses ( Acts 7 : 38 ) . God placed His GOVERNMENT in that Church of the Old Testament, even as He did in the New. It was the goi,errznLe?Lt of GOD, not of man. Rut God administered it thru human instruments of HIS hoosing. What happened? The people then, like some today. refused to recognize that it was GOD'S overnment. They re- garded it as the dictatorship of MEN- their hunian leaders. First, God chose Moses and ruled thru him. But you'll read of this Moses whoin they refused, saying, 'Who made thee a RULER and a judge?' The same did GOD end to be RULER. ( Acts 7: 35 ) . In the time of rhe Judges, it is wrir- ren of the congregation of Israel: Every man did that which was right in hii omz eJ'cJ..'' (Judges 17: 6 ) . But GOD had commanded, jiisr ;is He who is the SAME today commands today: Ye shall NOT do after a11 the things rh;ir ye do here this day, ei eq ~iian wb~~tsoecer s righi in his OWIZ elel. (Deut. 12:8). Yes, rliose who do not want GOD'S GOVERNMENT chi His ministers of HIS choosing, but want to do whatever is right in their own eyes today, actually \vmt to DISOBEY the direct command of GOD Let them read these Scriptures, and then try to iiizsii'ey GOD n the final judg- ment Well later. God chose Samuel. GOL) ruled Israel thru Samuel. But the people only looked upon it as the hiitnan rule of Samuel, and they rejected him. And the Etern;il s,iid to Smiuel . . . they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected ME, thnt I should not reign over them. ( I Sxn. 8:7 . Final y all Israel W;IS p:in- ished in capiivity and slavery And this sysrcni of disobeying the IIIRECT COMMANI): Ye shall NOT do . . . every ni;in \\,lintsoever is right in his own eyes, has split and re-split the churches of this world .tirzce Christ. 1 i\micn in tlx CJhristian Church During the tirst 300 years after Christ. entirely apart from the true ChiircIi, more than fifty different professing Christian sects appenred. Tho Christ.  :IS we shall sec :I little I:lter, placeci His (;OVERNMENT ;ind centr:il ;iuthority in His Chllrch, there was no such nuthority in these sects ’rhry /~.i~d his idea of “having I.OVI:“ for those with whom tiley disngreed. But the I)IVINF Loi,e 01 God-the same Spirit rhnt guides all brethren in GOD’S WAY, into AI-I. l’RLllH -was not the kind of love they had. Their iitiman “love” only i/ii,ji/cd them j,, LWOV It proved no foundation for unity. It broiiglit repeated I)I\’ISION. Then Consrantine, Romnn Emperor. tIie prophetic “Beast” of that day, mde Christianity ( falsely so-called ) :in of- fici.11 religion of his governinent. He :\bolished the sectarinnistn-forced a united Catholic Church under his dicta- torship, put iron I<I~I.I~ nto the Church. From this the papacy developed. Other sects Xvere exterminated by soldiers and governiiient police. Millions of martyr- doms followed. The true Chiirch of COII was forced to “Hee to the wilderness” to csist. The Church evolved the “primacy of Peter ” doctrine. ’Ihe p riri ciplc’ of ;iii t lior- irative government in the Church was Lod’s-but /LJCIJ .i1.iteric of using it \\’as S;itan‘s. It was not GOD’S gmernnienr, but th;it of iiien swiyed by Saran. This “primacy of Peter” doctrine on which the p;ip;icy is built represents Christ :is h;iving said to Peter, in effect: “Peter, I hnve to leave the c;irth. 1 won’t be the HexI of tlie Church nny longer. I‘ni making YOGI, Peter, the Head of the Church, in my stead. I‘m iirning all the authority over to yoii, those wliom men shall elect ;IS yoiir siicccssors. I’m bowing out. 1’011 arc takiiig over-tak- ing my place, ruling in my stead.” The Roman C:itholic (birch does not call Christ the present living Head of their Church. That title they give to their pope. So theirs is NOT the government of GOD, tlirii CHRIST as living HEAD f the Chiircli, ruling /hrN ministers of HIS choosing. On the contrary, it is ;I coun rcrfeit HI IM A N soverniiient swziyed by S;ltan. Until the time of htiier, this counter- fc-ir goveriinient, however, ilicl prei ozt r/ii /i/ori The Roman Church continued inany centuries undivided. But the spstem of ‘ippIJ n : tlw pri+l(-;pl<’ f Church government was all wrong. It r ii I ed by t he w 11 of ma 11, S;i an - nsl-7 red. Ir preserved unity by physical FORCE. It was the instrument of Satan. Tliere- fore its fruits were EvII. Why Protertants Divided The Protestant movement failed to wrrcct what was wrong. L1)~cati~ he Catholic government was a counterfeit mi.r-rule, they abolished the rule, instead of yielding themselves to the divine gov- ernment of GOD. They reasoned that every man ought to do what was right in hi.^ oii’n qt’.r. And what resulted? John and Charles Wesley came along and disagreed with Luther on certain points of doctrine. There was no CENTRAL AUTHORITY in the Protestnnt Church as GOD’S nstrii- ment to define the true l3lB1.E doctrines. The Wesleys were strong leaders. Hun- dreds, then thoiis;inds, followed them like sheep, and ;I new denomination ;ippeared. Different ideas arose as to whether there shoLild be some kind of limited church government. Some wanted a lin- ired government by the elders and min- isters-the presbytery. Others wanted I)~MOLl<ACY-~o~~ernmcnt y the whole congregation. So, in addition to the 1.u theran Church following the li Lillian 12uther, nd the Methodists following the Wesleys, the world soon liad tlie Pres- byterian and Congregational churches. Tliey went the way that seeinecl right in their own eyes. But, devout though they were, they had no firm basis for UNITY. Thcy split iind ie-split, and today we have hmzc/red.r of Protestant denomi- nations The ideas held by a sinall fcw in the Church today, enunciated at the begin- ning of this article, have been put to the test of experience and Tlh4E. And tiicy have proved the very CAUSE of division and confusion. They have noc unified the Chtirch members in TRUTH -but ilir,idetl them in ERROR But What IS iniq.? Let’s let GOD ell us what He means Paul’s final WOICI LU die Corinthians was this: “Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of (JW IiJi?acl, lii’c iz pc~~cc.’’ eing of ONE MIND is the WAY to peace. and unity. ( 11 Cor. l.3:ll). by IJNITY. “, , . stand fast in ONE SPIRIT, itti ONE MINI), striving together for the faith of the Gospel.” ( Phil. 1 :27). “Fulfil yc my joy, LIJrrf 1e he Iikc- iiziizdt.d, having the mne love, being . one ciccorcl, of w viiml.” ( Phil. 2: . Notice how being AGREED and of ONE MIND is continually connected with true I-OVE in God’s Word It says nothing :ihoiit showing love by disagreement. God FORBIDS yell to do according to what is right in your own eyes “Can two \valk together, except they be agreed?” ( Amos 3: 3 ) . “Let this MIND be in you, which WIS :iIs(.> in Christ Jesus.” ( Phil. 2: 5 ) . Is Christ’s mind divided? Two men in the Church iit Philippi were in disagreement over sonic point. In his letter to the church there, Paul gave them a command. He dicj NOT sxy, “each of yori go ahead believing what is right in your own eyes, and have tolerance toward the other.” Hc rather commanded “that they he of thr .rIlwzcj ~rtind N THE LORD.” (Phil. 4: ). Notice carefully, not merely of the same mind Not the same mind in error. Bur IN THE One person who did not know past history correctly said that years ago, when I was working as ;I minister with the “Sardis” Church ( Rev. 3: 1-6) which God says is now “dead” ( spirittially), and I did not agree with a few points of doctrine and practice laid down by the ministers, that I did not accept their dictuins. But the “Sardis” Chtirch already was spiritiially dead, and the time for the “Philadelphia” Church had come. What this person does not know is that on one occasion the leader of the ministers of that Church admitted to me that the Church posirion on a doc- trine in question was wrong, and thzit I was right-but, he said, the Cliiirch wotild not dare correct its error. On another occasion he admitted to me, in writing ( I have the letter), that God had revealed to ine a great TR~ITH ;ibotit our narional identity as the HOLIS~ of Israel. But neither lie nor his Cliiirch wdd LLLccpi (Itis TRU IH, ei’e~? hoNgh he pvii’atel) agreed ir ii’L[.s TRUTH On another occasion this minister ;Isked me to deliberately RE~JECT ruth ancl lighr fro117 the Bible, and to preach what he ( Ple‘rse c-oiitiiii/c’ 012 p~ge j bRD  Page i The GOO1> NEWS Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor '1. sttoll 1.1) be explained th;it pressurc of the duties of thc oCticc- in which God has placed me has delayed more than ;I year the writing of the two kirticles appiring in this iiuiiiber. 1 hnve sincerely fclt, after hnving read these articles set in type, after the writ- ing of rhcm hnd gotten cold, tI1at the trtitti will surely be made completely plain, iind will be wholly accepted by :111 members of <;ad's Cliurcli. But 1 feel I should explain briefly th;it rhese articles were written with one foundational ;issumption confidently t:ik- en for gr;intecl. Dear Brethren in Christ, 1 h:l\,C IllOSt ;iSSt~redlp ASSI'MED that the ioni'l-c' of our belief and priictice is GOD. aid tliiit C;od speaks to 11s tlirtl His WOIU), he Holy Bible. Do yo11 realize the one basic r/iifcjr.- c /I(-( bet\veen (;o:l's true Church, and ;ill others-the clifference bctween it :ind /LJ~ ri,rir/d.) That difference is simply the difference in tlie so[li<(:~< f our re- ligion. Religion is ;i systcm of faith and dc- \,orion to ;I Supcrior Authority-the bc- lief ;ind practice required that Supe- t-ior Authority. All professing Christian tlcnominations claim to believe in God, :incl in C:lirist. I3tit. :ictiially, is GOD he I i.c:il roi/r~~e f their belief :ind practice: To them, God is iinreal--as if He were far off. At birth they knew nothing about God Whatever knowlcdge has come into their minds, n:ittira ly, has of necessity come thru the fivc channels of the five senses. But they have never .i~'elz or heurcl God, nor toriched Him. They have lied uhout Him, and thar from those ;irotind them. Their only so~irces are physical, not spiritunl. S ) God seem tinred. But the world arotind them seeins I<~A~.-because they JCL' the people and the things of the world; they and tourh them; they taste and smell the things in the world. And bt.catise the very NATIIRE in iuan causes them to ri'uclzt to be well thought of by othel- people-to appear acceptable in the eyes of others-in order to avoid the Lincornfortable experience of feeling IN- FERIOR, people by nat~ire ccept the be- liefs and practices of the world about thein. They don't realize it. They have heard uhont God. Their world ;ibout them professes to believe in God. The cht~rches of [lie world even claim to believe and follow the Bible-by interpreting their own ineaning into it. They seein to ba- litvc that God speaks to iiiiiii tlirii his comcience, ;ind then carelessly iiss~inie this squares with the Bible. But wliethcr they realize it or not, thc actual SOL1RCt.: of the beliefs and practices of nearly all people is SOCIETY-THIS WOKI.D And, realize it or not, this is the \zery essence of WOKLDLINESS Brethren, you and I were b:)rn in such :I world It has been all about LIS. Wc have bcen influenced by it far more than we suppose. And, withliz. is haman nature, which wants to /7elo~z~:-wants to uloizg-wants to b: ii,ell tlioii,yh oj by the world--acceptable to the uorlci --and which by nature (1tedI the criti- cism of society around us, or that in- ferior feeling of not being ;icceptahlr or well thought of. This is VANITY, springing from an inherent inferiority complex born in every one of 11s. This is part of the SELF th:it we niiist o i~i~ri-o tic It is the OVERCOMERS wlio s iall in- herit tlie Kingdom of God and sit with Christ on His throne. God's Word shows 11s that we have two things to overcome -the .iel/ withiii us which is human nature, ;ind the ii,orli/ iiro~nd us, which is, in a larger sense, Satan the devil- for the world is under his sw:iy If the true SOIiRCE of ~OLII' eligion is GOD, as He reveals truth ;ind right ways thrii Hi< RIRT F-if HE is the object of your devotion and worship-then I hou you will find His rruth on the subjects of facial make-up and chtirch government nia: e clear and plain in these articles. and yoti will accept HIS TRCWH with joy and rejoicing. But if the SOLTRCE of ahat yo11 be ieve and practice is the world :iroiind yoti, then you will not accept this Bible truth which runs counter to the hereditary NA'I'ITRE of fearing the opinions, cus- toms and dictates of the world-of wanting to conform to and be well thought of by the world. If this power- ful piill of the world and of htiman nature proves stronger than the truth of God, then this world and its Satan is, in actual fact. the SOURCE of your religion-it is THE GOD THAT YOL: SERVE AND WORSHIP, while deceiving yoirrself in the deliision thnt yo11 be1ii.x.r in and worship the true God. What is written in this issue of 7/3c Good Neiu may be the fateful test of eternity f(J1~ wiiie we have loved as our brethren. God niacl~. 11s :ill frec nioral agents. God alonc lays do\vn thc LAW defiiiiiis whcit is sin-but He decrees tlut each of LIS iiiList decide for ourselves whether- to sin. And so. CHOOSE YE TIIIS DAY WHOM YOV v1'1t.1. SERVE As Elijah said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If The ETEKNAI. be God, fol. low Him-but if the world and its CLIS- tonis ;ind opinions, then follow the \vorld. Hut, as (hd c(.imtnanded, CHOOSE LIFE ' And. of course, all of our brethren will May (hi richly bless you :ill I RADIOLOG ?'he WGRLD TOMORROW Herherc \V. Arni\trong analyzes to- da>-'s new., with the prophccic,. of the WO ?LI) TOMOKKOW 1'0 THE NATION CANAIIA: XE<;-Io%) on dial, every night, 8: ) P.hl. Central Strl. time. Other btations at usual time.
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