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Governmental Affairs. Jay K. Potesta Director Stephen J. Dodd Assistant Director

Governmental Affairs Jay K. Potesta Director Stephen J. Dodd Assistant Director 2014 Key Election Findings 1. The findings are different then from elections past, a clear 6 to 10% more decide not to vote.
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Governmental Affairs Jay K. Potesta Director Stephen J. Dodd Assistant Director 2014 Key Election Findings 1. The findings are different then from elections past, a clear 6 to 10% more decide not to vote. 2. Was it the Old Divide and Conquer Issues? Guns and Gays? A. Not Hardly, Our GOP union members are not holding the union responsible as a reason to vote Republican as in the past. However they are holding the union responsible for backing democrats because it s the same Democratic party of the President and he is responsible for the Economy if not more. Which primarily boils down to the lack of meaningful and lasting good paying jobs. B. The President and the Democrats were taking the blame for the lack of economic recovery and lack of jobs, more so then the Corporations and the banks. Obamacare 1. Somewhere along the Fox news stream our GOP union members and independents found Obamacare as another heavy laden bureaucracy with handouts and subsidies for those that don t deserve it. They didn t know what ACA was and didn t care to know what it was but everybody knew about Obamacare and it didn t pertain to union members of they still had Union Health & Welfare. 2. A poll by Hart Research for AFL., found the biggest challenge group for the union among all their memberships is the Non- college White MALE. Most of them decided not to vote and if they did they voted they considered themselves independents. 3. However the research also showed a bright spot all union members regardless of stature seemed to be in step on raising wages and fair trade. 4. Raising wages and fair trade should be some things we target going forward as positives for outreach in the future. Casualties of Election Senate- New 12 Republicans & 1 Democrat = 54R, 44D, 2 independents (largest republican majority since 71 st which was ) 2. House- 245 R 188 D 2 vacancies of the new Senators are 16 years younger that the lawmakers they replaced all but 1 are Republicans women the largest class of female lawmakers and the youngest ever elected to congress Elise Stefanik July 2, 1984 (NY- 21) won with 55%. Seat was Bill Owens a democrat who retired. Also of the female class of 2015, Mia Love (UT- 4) the first black person to be elected to Congress from Utah, her 4 th run for office. 50% b. 12/1975. The States Show The Disaster First 1. With the way of new Republican Power. 2. Republicans in the states expanded their majorities and super majorities in 16 states in Only 2 of those states have Democratic Governors. 3. Those new governors and legislatures are wasting no time. 12 of the 16 states have cadre of anti- union anti- worker proposals making their way through their respective legislatures. (RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS, REPEAL PREVAILING WAGES,NO CBA SIN THE PUBLIC SECTOR, MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ARE USING THE BULLY PULPITS TO PUSH IF THEY NEED IN MOST CASES I BET THEY DON T.) 4.All Republican Governors seemed to be reading out of the same play book 3 years after Walker curtailed CBA and Christy cut pension benefits in the name of Budget austerity. However the most aggressive to date has been done in less than a month after the oath of office was done by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner s executive order prohibiting unions from collecting fair share fees from non- union members. Through executive order he made Illinois a RTW for public employees. January brought in the 114 th Congress 1. Trade: Fast Track, and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being compared to NAFTA very similar in scope. (NAFTA cost 700,000 US jobs and another trade PAC that cost 60,000 US jobs was with Korea. This was just in the first 2 years.) A. FAST TRACK is the first leg of the trade because it gives the President complete control of putting TPP together. He will be able to circumvent Congress completely with fast track. B. The Republican Leadership want to give fast track because this is being pushed hard by the Chamber of Commerce and the Kochs Democrat Senators consistently VOTED WITH the Republicans. 28 Democrat House members consistently VOTED WITH the Republicans. 1. KEYSTONE XL Pipeline Short summation Keystone XL post Republican takeover. ( We were able to get 9 Democratic Senators to vote with the Republicans. We then moved to the House and were able to get 29 Democratic to vote for Senate Bill 1.) 2. TRIA 2015 ( The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program reauthorization Act of 2015) Along with our partners at SMACNA we started on this last year. Because of the grid lock many federal public works projects were going to be held up in January because there wouldn t be any risk insurance available. 3. Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) A great concept hopefully to save Coal Fired Power Plants in the US. Loss of jobs under CCS only 2 that had federal money and the money was pulled this year by the DOE for Cogeneration Powerhouses. 4. The Presidents plan to cut C02 emissions by 30% by This is a big problem and that is why there is going to be an extension of the first closing of power plants by The 2020 targets are a major issue because when you change where and how the electricity is produced on the grid, it has an impact on the way the grid works, AEP spokeswomen Tammy Ridout said. You can t just pull out power plants here and there and expect the grid will continue to work as it does today. There is clean coal technology but accordingly it is very expensive, it s been tried through degasification power plants, and you start billing the rate payers right away. 5. Energy Improvement Act of The act will encourage states through grants by EPA to look at best practices for Cogeneration of electricity through the useful thermal energy which avoids losses which uses the heat and power back into the system. Combined Heat and Power and Waste Heat and Power (CHP WHP) 6. Jordan Cove & Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline project is worth $7.& Billion it has a signed PLA. Infrastructure Highway Trust Fund 1. Its about to run out of money: A. HR 413, Short title; Build America Act Amends IRS Code and changes formula for gas tax. B. HR 625, Short title: Infrastructure 2.0 Act this one is for the no new tax crowd and it reforms the International Tax Code through repatriation bring tax money for off shore business through US. C. S 268, Short title Rebuild America Act by Senators Bernie Sanders (I- VT), & Mikulski (D- MA) raise the gas tax, and spells out the distribution of, for Roads, Bridges, Intercity passenger High- Speed Rail surface transportation, Next Gen Air Trans Satellite technology, Tiger system, Water Infrastructure, States Water Control, Inland waterways, and Port maintenance. 2016 Elections Presidential State Elections 13 Republicans so far Governors, US Senate & US House 3 Democrats so far State Legislatures, Attorney Generals GOTV Grassroots for the Local Union ( all politics is local) A. AFL- CIO LAN program presented by: Brendan Bailey ( Cope Membership Special Assistant)
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