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govno pasje gregorovo

je tkao picka mu materina i njemu i timbi sad in jeba pas mater mijauuuuuuuuu ciko op sivkac
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  100:00:01,418 --> 00:00:02,368Mom!200:00:06,465 --> 00:00:09,344- I'm thirsty.- I just gave you water.300:00:09,752 --> 00:00:10,702I want juice.400:00:10,999 --> 00:00:11,949It's bedtime.500:00:12,488 --> 00:00:14,726Close your eyes and go to sleep.600:00:15,000 --> 00:00:18,074Subtitles downloaded from www.OpenSubtitles.org700:00:35,449 --> 00:00:36,399Mom!800:00:39,057 --> 00:00:40,347What do you want, Clance?900:00:41,479 --> 00:00:42,429Hi, Dad.1000:00:42,840 --> 00:00:43,790Go to bed.1100:00:44,087 --> 00:00:46,963- Can I turn the TV on?- TV is only for the daytime.1200:00:47,040 --> 00:00:49,576I'll keep the volume down.I just like the light.1300:00:49,878 --> 00:00:50,826Go to bed.1400:00:51,406 --> 00:00:52,594Dad, what if...15  00:00:54,948 --> 00:00:56,691What if they come to get me again?1600:00:58,935 --> 00:01:01,062Nobody is coming to get you. OK?1700:01:01,398 --> 00:01:02,732Go to bed. Now.1800:02:36,907 --> 00:02:37,852Come on, Clancy.1900:02:38,245 --> 00:02:39,292It's time to get up.2000:02:46,935 --> 00:02:49,232- I guess he's already up.- That's a first.2100:02:50,638 --> 00:02:53,082I-I will,uh, I'll see if he needs breakfast.2200:02:56,106 --> 00:02:58,230Hey, Clance, you hungry?2300:03:02,715 --> 00:03:03,962Hon, he's not down here.2400:03:05,447 --> 00:03:06,392You sure?2500:03:07,718 --> 00:03:08,661Clancy?2600:03:18,225 --> 00:03:19,170Clancy?2700:03:23,937 --> 00:03:24,960Where are you?2800:03:27,698 --> 00:03:29,611- Sweetie, are you hiding?- Clancy?2900:03:30,285 --> 00:03:31,233  Where is he?3000:03:37,706 --> 00:03:40,101You're gonna be in bigtrouble when I find you.3100:03:40,177 --> 00:03:43,831Honey, come out right now,wherever you are. This is not funny.3200:03:55,600 --> 00:03:58,600House S03E02Cane and Able3300:05:47,667 --> 00:05:49,262Where's the sweat and the B.O.?3400:05:49,527 --> 00:05:52,272You've taken such pridein bathing us all in your musk.3500:05:52,275 --> 00:05:55,171- Showered at home.- And yet you're earlier than usual.3600:05:55,868 --> 00:05:57,110Is this an intervention?3700:05:57,865 --> 00:06:00,141It's a little late,since I'm not using drugs anymore.3800:06:00,146 --> 00:06:02,140I am, however, still hooked on phonics.3900:06:02,407 --> 00:06:05,631If you did your morning run and showeredat home, you'd be later than usual.4000:06:05,637 --> 00:06:07,132Thought of you in the shower.4100:06:07,417 --> 00:06:08,363How's your leg?4200:06:08,828 --> 00:06:10,481You seem to be favoring your left side.  4300:06:10,485 --> 00:06:12,591I was hanging down myright pant leg yesterday.4400:06:12,597 --> 00:06:15,651- Makes all the difference in the world.- You've taken the stairs every day.4500:06:15,657 --> 00:06:18,750- Did I need a restraining order?- You slack on your rehab,4600:06:18,828 --> 00:06:21,521the muscle will weaken.And your leg will hurt again.4700:06:24,328 --> 00:06:26,872Looks like the Ketaminetreatment might not stick.4800:06:27,295 --> 00:06:30,390Or maybe we've made him depressedbecause we're lying to him.4900:06:30,556 --> 00:06:34,352- Telling him he got that case wrong.- We didn't hurt him. The pain isn't...5000:06:34,366 --> 00:06:36,171He gets depressed, he stops exercising.5100:06:36,177 --> 00:06:38,322He stops exercising,the muscle atrophies.5200:06:38,396 --> 00:06:40,321The muscle atrophies, the pain returns.5300:06:40,326 --> 00:06:44,440Maybe he stopped exercising because thegiant hole in his leg actually hurts.5400:06:44,575 --> 00:06:46,273The Ketamine could work perfectly5500:06:46,808 --> 00:06:49,900
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