Grade 7 Complementary Programs:

Thomas B. Riley School Grade 7 Complementary Programs: Purpose: At Thomas B. Riley School, students are able to study Career and Technology Foundations (CTF), Fine Arts, French as a Second Language, and
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Thomas B. Riley School Grade 7 Complementary Programs: Purpose: At Thomas B. Riley School, students are able to study Career and Technology Foundations (CTF), Fine Arts, French as a Second Language, and Locally Approved Courses as part of their complementary program. These experiences are designed to help students: Explore - discover their gifts and talents Integrate - connect their knowledge and skills from other subject areas Extend - delve into an area of interest Student Choice: Students select from a variety of programs based on their conversation with parents and teachers and by applying knowledge of themselves as a learner. Please be aware that some courses may be cancelled due to demand, timetable constraints, expertise, and other unforeseen circumstances. Semester System: Our school year will be divided into two semesters. Students will take four complementary courses in each semester. French and Band are full year courses. TLC students are required to take French and Band at all grade levels. Exploratory: The complementary program allows students to try different courses and experiences. By providing a variety of courses within any given area, students are able to delve into areas of passion, or experiment with up to eight different complementary courses over the course of the year. Choose Wisely! Please read through the attached descriptions before filling in the attached selection form. Please rank all choices on the sheet provided. We will do our best to get you into your top picks! The Fine Arts The Fine Arts includes art, drama and music. In each area there are common outcomes - the student is involved as creator, performer, historian, critic and consumer. Art - Culture Art Students will examine how art and culture are connected. Artwork acts as a record of our human experience. Students will grow in their understanding and appreciation of unique cultures and come to understand how art is essential to a community's wellbeing, economic and cultural vitality, sense of identity, and heritage, and will notice how art can change a culture and political views. Students will examine lessons on anthropology, art history, folklore, mythology, religion, and the cultures of which they are a part including reflections in contemporary art. Students will produce their own pieces as they reflect upon their own beliefs, life experiences, and that of their own culture. Art - Techniques Students will be focusing on techniques in a variety of media. Art created can include drawings, paintings, ceramics, alternative mediums, and mixed media. The projects will include critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. They will have choice in projects, an opportunity to share their voice, and participate in self-assessment. Drama - Characters Drama Are you an actor or actress? Do you enjoy making characters for presentations or just because? Dramatic Characters will allow you to look at how speech and emotion are created through a variety of characters. You will look at TV shows and movies to see how actors create stock characters. You will be asked to create your own character through monologues, short skits or improvisation activities. Drama - Explorations Are you not sure if drama is the right option for you? Dramatic Explorations will allow you to have the opportunity to create and discover an area of drama that you enjoy. You will explore a variety of drama games, improvisation and acting activities. You will also have an opportunity to experience the technical side of the theatre to see where you re most passionate. 2 6 Drama - Movement Are you a dancer or mover? Are you interested in creating movement through music or poetry? Dramatic Movement will allow you to explore movement and how elements of energy, focus and control all work together. You will focus on movements through tableau, creative movement and improvisation activities. Band Music The concert band will explore exciting and challenging music including popular and movie music. Instruments included will be flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba and percussion. Extra fun activities include band clinics with professional musicians, several performance opportunities, and a senior band trip to the Banff Music Festival. Career and Technology Foundations Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) provides project-based learning experiences designed to help students explore their talents related to occupationspecific knowledge and skills related to five career clusters: business, communication, resources, technology and health/human services. Students complete related projects and are assessed according to how they design, create, and appraise their process and product. Computers Introduction Computers All new grade seven students will be enrolled in this course. Students will learn navigation skills on the TB Riley local area network as well as the Internet and Google drive. They will learn how to demonstrate good digital citizenship while using , D2L and Google drive as a communication and organizational tool. They will develop fundamentals in perspective technical drawing that include layout, colours, scale, cut, copy and paste. Computers Modules Computer students at TB Riley will work through and complete modules that will focus on design and creative elements. This will provide skills and understanding in ergonomics, typing, multimedia, programming, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional drawing, technical drawing, animation, game design, photo manipulation and web design. Students will use a wide variety of software from basic Microsoft Office Suite tools, Free Web, and Mac based programs to the more sophisticated Adobe CC suite. As students progress through their modules they will learn to display their portfolio projects on a Webpage. 3 6 Construction Construction courses are designed as a progression of modules. Students may choose to take Construction for one or two semesters. Students will work through a series of modules based on their experience and abilities. Construction Construction allows for students to try out a wide variety of trades-oriented skills and concepts. In this course, students will develop appropriate shop tool safety. They will have an opportunity to design objects through drafting different views and 3 dimensional orthographic projections. They will learn to use both metric and imperial units of measurement. As a student moves through the various projects they will acquire different skills with various hand and power tools and apply construction processes to produce many useful items out of both wood and metal. Digital Photography Digital Photography Students will improve their camera knowledge and learn techniques to use digital cameras for a variety of projects. They will focus on angles and poses, principals and elements of art in photography. They will learn advanced camera usage techniques, tips on how best to photograph landscapes, and how to create balanced compositions. Students will create and enhance their pictures using various programs including Photoshop and iphoto. They will create a photograph portfolio and learn to display it in different formats from print to multimedia. Fashion - Sewing Fundamentals Fashion This course will take you through the beginning elements of sewing and garment construction. You will begin with classic hand sewing techniques and finish with more advanced techniques on the sewing machine. You will learn to sew seams, buttons, and hems and finish the term with an individual project. Projects often include hand warmers, pillows, and stuffed animals. 4 6 Film Studies Film Studies Students will focus on the process that goes into the making of a film. You will learn how to start with an idea for a short film and then turn it into a screenplay, storyboard, scout locations, cast, and film your script. Foods - Baking Foods This course will introduce you to beginning baking skills as you learn measuring techniques, terminology, and preparation methods. Recipes often include puffed wheat squares, chocolate chip cookies, and banana muffins. Foods Basics This class focuses on safety and sanitation, following recipes directions, and developing efficient cooking habits. You will cook a variety of foods throughout the term including fruit salad, macaroni and cheese, curry rice, and chili as you work your way through the four food groups. Sports Medicine Sports Medicine With the increased number of participants involved in physical activity, competitive sport in schools, and the community, this program will help meet the increasing need for students to become familiar with the care, prevention, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Students will acquire basic knowledge of the body s skeletal and muscular system and be provided with training in First Aid and CPR. Students will also be taught taping techniques for various body regions. 5 6 French as a Second Language French as a Second Language - **full year course** Alberta s French as a second language program (FSL) provides students with an opportunity to learn the French language as a subject in a typical English- language school. In FSL, students study French to learn to communicate in a variety of school, leisure and job-related situations. Learning is centred around four components, all equal in importance: Communication experiences, Language experiences Cultural skills and knowledge, Specific language learning strategies. Power Up Your Learning Locally Developed Courses Power Up Your Learning This class is ideal for students who require extra time and support to complete assignments from their core classes. Students will identify and strengthen the focus of their learning goals. They will learn how to use their learning preferences and strengths as a learner. Students will participate in small group and/or individual instruction of new strategies to support their personal learning style, including organizational skills, study strategies, remedial math, reading, and writing. Sports Performance Sport Performance Do you want to be a better athlete? Do you know which food choices are the best for your body? As youth sports continue to be more and more competitive, it is helpful to learn and train to be your best! This course will help you improve your physical health and well-being, fitness level and self-confidence through nutritional education, muscular endurance/strength and flexibility training. Topics include: nutrition, hydration, goal setting, aerobic training, agility training, power training, speed training and flexibility. 6 6
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