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  DO 06, s. 2018 - School Year 2017-2018 K to 12 Basic Education Prora! End o School Year #ites Facebook  Twitter  Google+ Share  February 15, 2018DO 06, s 2018School !ear 201 #2018 $ to 12 %asic &'ucatio( )rogra* &(' o School !ear itesTo- .('ersecretaries /ssista(t Secretaries %ureau a(' Serice Directors egio(al Secretary, / egio(al Directors Schools Diisio( Sueri(te('e(ts )ublic a(' )riate &le*e(tary a(' Seco('ary School 3ea's /ll Others 4o(cer(e' 1For School !ear S! 201 #2018, the Deart*e(t o &'ucatio( De&' a((ou(ces the co('uct o the ollowi(g End o School Year #ites - $rade %e&el 'o!(leters'ere!on)   Proo o 'o!(letion $i('ergarte(oi(g . or 4o*letio($i('ergarte( 4ertiicate&(closure 7o 1Gra'e 6Gra'uatio(&le*e(tary 4ertiicate&(closure 7o 2Gra'e 10oi(g . or 4o*letio(u(ior 3igh School 4ertiicate&(closure 7o 9Gra'e 12 lear(ers ro* aSchools with De&'#aroe' $ to 12 tra(sitio( la( bSchools with er*it to oerate Se(ior 3igh School si(ce 201:c;(ter(atio(al schools with $ to 12 )rogra*Gra'uatio(Se(ior 3igh School Dilo*a&(closure 7o :  2The 2018 cere*o(ies shall ocus o( the the*e  Mag-aaral ng   $ to 12-  Handa sa Hamon ng Buhay  $ to 12 <ear(ers- ea'y to Face <ie=s 4halle(ges Schools, 'iisio(s, or regio(s *ay tra(slate the the*e i( other To(gue This the*e highlights the role o $ to 12 %asic &'ucatio( )rogra* i( har(essi(g the skills a(' co*ete(cies o the Filii(o lear(ers to ace lie=s challe(ges9/s a((ou(ce' i( &(closure 7o 1 o De&' Or'er DO 7o 25, s 201 e(title' School 4ale('ar or School !ear 201 #2018, the e(' o school year rites shoul' be sche'ule' (otearlier tha( *(ril 2, 2018  but (ot later tha( *(ril 6, 2018  Schools, 'iisio(s, or regio(s with a( e>te('e' school year will hae to be gui'e' by their aroe' reise' school cale('ar: *ll $rade 12 learners are re?uire' to take the  Basic Education E+it *ssess!ent BEE*  which will be co('ucte' beore *(ril 6, 2018  Details o the e>a*i(atio( will  be issue' o( a searate *e*ora('u*5 ;( li(e with the goer(*e(t=s austerity rogra*, De&' reiterates the ollowi(g  olicies-aGra'uatio( rites shoul' be si*le but *ea(i(gul which e(courage ciil rights, a se(se o co**u(ity, a(' erso(al reso(sibility @hile these rites *ark a *ilesto(e i( the lie o the lear(ers, these shoul' be co('ucte' without e>cessie se('i(g, e>traaga(t attire, or e>traor'i(ary e(ueA boi(g . or 4losi(g 4ere*o(ies shoul' be si*le i(oli(g o(ly the lear(ers, their  are(ts a(' the schoolA a('c7o(#aca'e*ic roBects such as atte('a(ce to iel' tris, il* showi(g, Bu(ior#se(ior  ro*e(a'e, a(' other school ee(ts shoul' (ot be i*ose' as re?uire*e(ts or gra'uatio( or co*letio(For )ublic Schools o(ly a&>e(ses relatie to the actiity shoul' be charge' to the school=s ai(te(a(ce a(' Other Oerati(g &>e(ses u('er the 2018 %u'getA b/(y De&' erso((el shoul' not e allo/ed to collect an) raduation!o&in u(closin cere!on) ees or an) ind o contriution A a('c4o(tributio( or the a((ual yearbook, i a(y, shoul' be o( a olu(tary basis6 .se o e(close' co*letio( certiicate a(' 'ilo*a te*lates-For riate ele*e(tary a(' seco('ary schools, tech(ical a(' ocatio(al i(stitutio(s TC;s, a(' higher e'ucatio( The use o the e(close' co*letio( certiicate a(' 'ilo*a te*lates is otio(al The sig(ature o the school  i(stitutio(s 3&;s i(clu'i(g state u(iersities a(' colleges S.4s a(' local u(iersities a(' colleges <.4shea' is re?uire', while the sig(ature o the schools 'iisio( sueri(te('e(t is (ot re?uire'For ublic ele*e(tary a(' seco('ary schoolsThe use o the e(close' co*letio( certiicate a(' 'ilo*a te*lates is reuired  /war'i(g o ho(ors to lear(ers ro* Gra'es 1 to 12 shall ollow the gui'eli(es stiulate' i( DO 96, s 2016 e(title' )olicy Gui'eli(es o( /war's a(' ecog(itio( or $ to 12 %asic &'ucatio( )rogra*8Further, the e(' o school year rites a(' *oi(g u or closi(g cere*o(y shoul' be co('ucte' i( a( aroriate sole*( cere*o(y beitti(g the lear(ers a(' their are(ts, a(' shall not e used as a (olitical oru! ;**e'iate 'isse*i(atio( o a(' strict co*lia(ce with this Or'er is 'irecte' Sg' %EO3O# 4*$5O%S B#O3ES  Secretary &(cls- /s state'eere(ces- De&' Or'er- 7os 8 a(' 25, s 201 , a(' 96, s 2016To be i('icate' i( the )eretual ;('e> u('er the ollowi(g subBects- %/S;4 &D.4/T;O74&T;F;4/T&D;)<O/G/D./T;O7.7;O 3;G3 S43OO<$;7D&G/T&7 &D.4/T;O7<&/7&S )O<;4!S&7;O 3;G3 S43OO<  201 Gra'uatio( Seech a(uscrit4all *e a gra'uate i( a (o(se(sical ashio(, a(' ; will stri o this cere*o(ial robe, a(' si*ly walk out, or the i'ea o gra'uatio( 'eoi' o se(se classically i*lies a goo' ri''a(ce o the 'au(ti(g &O) recitatio( i( our &(glish class, a surcease o the hu('re'#age i(k#'rai(i(g (otes i( Filii(o, a(' a 'e(oue*e(t o a treasure#hu(t 'ra*a i( ath to i(' the alue o >, Bust  because our teacher coul' (ot *oe o( ro* his ow( ast4all *e the( a( e'ucate' you(g *a( !es, a( e'ucate' you(g *a(, or ; hae, by the cha(gi(g wi('s a(' shiti(g sa('s, bee( skillully a(' erhas, ashio(ably re'esig(e' a(' rerogra**e' by the best *i('s a(' hearts o this aca'e*e ; hae bee( rerogra**e', so u'ate' that ; ully u('ersta(' the cha(ge that has yet to start with *ey 'ear teachers, our School 3ea' Sir elchor <ayuga(, our, 'isti(guishe' guests, are(ts *y class*ates a(' school *ates goo' *or(i(gealistically, this cul*i(atio( coul' be (othi(g *ore tha( a se*i#or*al shari(g o (oel i(sights, a(' a( i(teri* hai(ess brought by a(other *ilesto(e o achiee*e(t o( the art o our so(sors, our are(ts *ay be @ell, the latter, ; suose, was alrea'y realiEe' right whe( the list was release' a week ago So ; hae the riilege to satisy you with the irst as ; a* set to 'iscuss three i*orta(t thi(gs cha(ge, character, a(' co(tributio(4ha(ge, as hyerli(ke' hashtags say, is co*i(g The ?uestio( lies (ot o( whether it has really co*e or a ew *o(ths (ow, but o( our caacity to e*brace or a'ot what be(eits it has to oer 7ee'less to e*hasiEe the clich, as it ru(s (ow i( your hea's, cha(ge e?uates to a ra(ge o 'ra*atic to 'rastic tra(sor*atie atte*ts that kee o( k(ocki(g o( our walls o co(seratie(ess a(' co*lace(cy Tha(ks to the *ille((ials, a cohort o risk takers so tolera(t o these i(trusio(s, a(' better i'e(tiie' by their sel#ro*otio( a(' osteri(g o co((ectio(s through o(li(e *e'iaSile(tly at a cor(er, ; hae co*e to obsere that *ost eole arou(' hae bee( i( haste, howeer re*ai(e' u(*i('ul o their real causes ; woul' like to e*hasiEe the ?ualiier that ; use' or *aybe a seco(' thought, because as o this *o*e(t, a Facebook age ro*oti(g i(a(cial literacy has alrea'y *ore tha( o(e oi(t ie *illio( age likes a(' hal a *illio( HFilii(o  eoleI hae bee( talki(g about this <ikewise, *ore a(' *ore you(g roessio(als hae bee( i(?uisitie about i(est*e(ts a(' retire*e(ts @ith these, ; *ust say that we are a'a(ci(g towar' the age o i(a(cial literacy, thus a( ei'e(ce o heuristic targets rogressiely re'ei(e'
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