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  Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust Funding Procedure The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust welcomes funding applications fromindividuals or institutions for projects which fall within the funding remit of the Trust.The Trust funds a variety of projects which include conferences, seminars, publications, research, archiving, translations, art & culture projects anddocumentaries. The Trust funds both national and international projects.lease note that the Trust does not normally award funds to subsidi!e the continuationor running of niversity#$ollege courses% cover transportation costs to or from$onferences% or subsidi!e fees#maintenance for undergraduate or postgraduatestudents.Applications can be made for either a Funding Award , a Major Project Award  or for the Nina Fishman Translation Award . Application Guidelines ã Applications must be made on the current application forms which can beobtained from the Applications $oordinator atapply' . lease specify if you are applying for a(unding Award, a Major roject Award or for a Nina (ishman TranslationAward. ã Applications must be made in accordance with the application deadlineswhich will be advised directly by the Applications $oordinator in responseto a re)uest for the current application form. ã *n general, applications for funding awards and major project awards may be re)uired to be submitted up to two months in advance of the specificfunding meetings. ã +nce an apply for funds is complete, you are re)uired to submit*-TN $+*/ to $assie Metcalf0/lovo at 12031 $avaye lace,4ondon /516 7T in accordance with the application deadlines. *f lessthan eighteen copies are submitted then the application will not beaccepted. ã *n addition, an electronic copy of the completed application form must besubmitted by email. ã The Trust would appreciate if the 12 copies of your application forms are printed double sided. ã lease 'eep all appendi8es to no more than five sides of A9. ã lease note that all )uestions on the application form must be answeredfully and clearly. *f the application is not answered fully and clearly your application is liable not to be considered by the trustees.  ã +n receipt of an application, the Trust reserves the right to review andre)uest further information prior to the application being submitted totrustees for consideration. ã The Trust reserves the right not to submit an application for funding to thetrustees should it, in its entire discretion, consider that the application doesnot meet the re)uirements of the Trust. ã nder e8ceptional circumstances, the Trust reserves the right to rescind afunding award :in part or in whole;. ã The Trust will re)uire a brief project report and a brief statement of financial account indicating how the Trust money has been used from allsuccessful applicants. ã The Trust will re)uire an ac'nowledgement which reflects the Trust<scontribution on all funded projects. Ac'nowledgement wording and detailsof the proposed conte8t of the ac'nowledgement should be forwarded tothe Trust for approval prior to any publication. Any credit should alsoinclude the Trust<s logo = which can be forwarded on re)uest. (or anysuccessful Nina (ishman awards the ac'nowledgement should read> “This translation was made possible thanks to a Nina FishmanTranslation Award from the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust. Theobjectives of the Trust are to advance public education learnin! and knowled!e in all aspects of the philosophy of Mar ism the history of  socialism and the workin!#class movement. Nina Fishman was a lon!#term Trustee. $he was also an important political thinker activist and historian. The award commemorates her le!acy by enablin! the publication of si!nificant works on topics that would have interested her. For further information please see http%&&www.ninafishman.or!&' ã The Trust reserves the right to publish details of all funded projects onlineon its website :including the project itself if available;. Funding Awards ã The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust considers regular fundingapplications bi0annually at our ?anuary and ?uly meetings. ã @egular (unding Awards are limited to a ma8imum funding total of ,666. ã Applicants must conform to the application guidelines as outlined below. ã Applicants will be notified of funding decisions :if any; within 30C wee'sof the funding meeting. Major Project Awards ã The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust considers applications for major project awards only once a year. ã Major roject Awards include all applications over ,666, and the trustnormally funds one or two major projects a year.  ã Applications for major project awards must be submitted for initialconsideration at the ?anuary meeting in accordance with the applicationdeadlines. ã Applicants must conform to the application guidelines as outlined below. ã Major roject Award applications will be subject to an initial short listing process at the ?anuary meeting, the shortlist normally consists of no morethan 9 projects. No funding decisions will be made at the ?anuary meeting. ã Applicants will be notified whether or not they have been short listed for amajor project award within 30C wee's of the ?anuary meeting. ã (ollowing the short listing process, the Trust may elect to re)uest further information, approach referees and approach independent consultants inorder to facilitate its assessment of applications. ã *n addition, one or more trustee#s may be appointed to consider applications in detail. ã /ubject to receipt of further information :if applicable;, the Trust willma'e a final assessment of major project applications at the April meeting. ã Applicants will be notified of funding decisions within 30C wee's of theApril meeting. ã The Trust reserves the right to postpone final consideration of major  project applications at any time until all further re)uested information has been received. ã The Trust will appoint a trustee as liaison to monitor each successful major  project award. *n addition, the Trust will advise as to the fre)uency of status reports re)uired to be submitted to the Trust or the liaison trustee. Nina Fishman Translation prize  Nina (ishman was a political historian, thin'er and activist, and the author of important boo's such as> The British (ommunist )arty and the Trade *nions  :177D;and the two0volume  Arthur +orner% A )olitical Bio!raphy  :3611;. /he was also anactive member of the board of the Trust. *n her honour a specific fund has beencreated to support the translation into nglish of wor's that fall within the interests of the Trust. No topic is specified but the Trust is particularly 'een to support wor's ontopics that would have interested rof. (ishman such as 4abour history, uropeansocialism and social democracy, the theory and practice of industrial relations :for further information please see http>;. The Trust will consider applications for translations of essays, articles, boo' chapters and interviews as wellas full length boo's. Applicants should complete the specific Nina (ishman Translation Award applicationform providing a brea'down of costs, an abstract of the wor' to be translated and astatement of its importance in relation to the interests of the Trust. lease note that, inthe interest of maintaining the (und the Trust may see' a minimum royalty share of full0length translated publications.

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Jul 23, 2017
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