Grasshoppers Gross Lunch

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  WORDS IN CONTEXTDAY 1 (Page 1 of 2)  2011 Learning A-Z. All rights reserved.www.VocabularyA-Z.comGrasshopper's Gross Lunch grasshopper (noun) A grasshopper  is a land-dwelling insect withlong hind legs used for leaping and chirping.1.A locust is a kind of grasshopper  that sometimesforms a very large swarm, or group, and candestroy crops.2.A grasshopper  is a food source in many parts of the world.3. graze (verb) To graze  is to feed on food, such as grass in afield, that does not move from place to place.1.Marine animals, such as crabs, that graze  eatboth plant and animal food that does not move.2.Horses, bison, and cattle all graze , or eat grass,unlike deer, which browse, or eat the leaves of woody plants.3. gross (adjective)  ross  food is disgusting and veryunpleasant to eat.1.I saw someone on TV eating bugs, andI thought it was gross , or yucky.2.Do you think it's gross  to put a wormon a hook?3.  WORDS IN CONTEXTDAY 1 (Page 2 of 2)  2011 Learning A-Z. All rights reserved.www.VocabularyA-Z.comGrasshopper's Gross Lunch grin (verb) When you grin , you are smiling anextra-big smile.1.If you grin , someone might say youare smiling from ear to ear.2.Did you grin  when the teacherannounced the trip to the zoo?3. groan (verb) If you try to pick up something too heavy,it's likely that you'll groan , or utter a painful-sounding noise.1.Students may groan  if their teacher givesthem a huge amount of homework.2.The nurse ran into the patient's room whenshe heard him groan .3. greet (verb) My grandparents greet , or say hello to,people they see on their morning walks,whether or not they know them.1.We greet  guests when they arrive and bidthem farewell when they leave.2.I like to greet , or welcome, each morningwith thanks for another day of life.3.  DAY 1 WORD SMART INSTRUCTIONS:  Have students write a word in each box and then draw a picture that defines it. Name:   _______________________________________________________ Word:Draw:Word:Draw:Word:Draw:Word:Draw: (Page 1 of 1)  2011 Learning A-Z. All rights reserved.www.VocabularyA-Z.comGrasshopper's Gross Lunch  WORD CARDDEFINITION CARD grasshopper a land-dwelling insectwith long hind legs thatare used for leaping andchirping (noun)  WORD CARDDEFINITION CARD graze to eat grasses in a field (verb)  WORD CARDDEFINITION CARD gross disgusting (adjective) 

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