Green & Alternate Energy Solutions for India 2014

Possibilities of alternate Energy Sources to attain self reliance and safeguard National Security.
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  EWE Consulting Engineers Private Limited © EWE April 2012 Rev 00 EWE Consulting Engineers Private Limited  Administrative Office : C  –  77 Sector 65, NOIDA 201307   Water Environment Energy Environmental | Energy | Analytical Services | Water & Waste Water | Chemicals 34 th   Annual Seminar on “Green & Alternate Energy Solutions for India”  J.U Alumni association 8 th  Nov 2014  –  IICHE, Delhi.  EWE Consulting Engineers Private Limited © EWE April 2012 Rev 00   Objectives Techno/ Commercial presentation covering the Project Economics relevant to India & the barriers and Constraint in Commercialization in the event “ Swachh Bharat “  campaign by GoI. Renewable energy  is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as Sunlight, Wind, Rain, Tides, Geo Thermal, Biomass and Geothermal Renewable energy replaces conventional fuels in four distinct areas: Electricity Generation, Motor Fuel, rural, Hot Water, Space Heating, Air Conditioning etc Types:   Grid Interactive   Off Grid / Captive   Stand Alone.  EWE Consulting Engineers Private Limited © EWE April 2012 Rev 00   Present Energy Scenario INDIA 39 % Energy / Power  –  Generated by Private Sector. (as of Feb 2014) T&D Losses  –  23.65 % AT&C Losses  –  26.95 % Power on Demand Deficit @ 8.3 % National Security Issue  –  Energy & Water. Water  –  A major cause of concern with Neighbors Energy  –  Threat to National Security + Loss to National Exchequer 1990 : Import of Fossil Fuel 15 % 2000 : Import of Fossil Fuel 24 % 2012 : Import of Fossil Fuel 38 % 2020 (Est) : Import of Fossil Fuel 47 % (At present rate) (Source : US Energy Information Administration Are we are dependent on matter of Energy : Fuel & Power ? Presently Fuel Grade Ethanol  –  Does not account of Energy, while Fossil fuel does ? How & How long will it take India to be self Reliant?  –  Time & Means  EWE Consulting Engineers Private Limited © EWE April 2012 Rev 00   Wind Energy.   Hydro Power.   Solar Energy.   Tidal energy.   Geo Thermal Energy.   Biomass based power.   Waste Heat Recovery.   Biofuels.  Biodiesel  Cellulosing Ethanol.   Fuel Cell.   Potential Avenues
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