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  Assignment: Effective Communication Odelia Jovita Jusuf Fantoni07120100003 I think the humanistic message of the movie is how doctors save people’s lives.Moreover the essential purpose of being doctors is not only focus on caring and helpingothers with our skill and knowledge but also eliminate those barriers such as race and socialeconomy. We need to set a mindset whatever it causes, especially in an urgent cases you needto think smart and firm. They need to save peoples’ lives wherever and whenever it is or inany coincidence. Besides being doctor need courage and never give up in any kind of situation. Be professional and responsible on any decision. octors need to be skilled indealing with any kind of circumstanses and let your emotional stay aside.I am about to be either r. I!!ie tevens or r. Meredith #rey because they are so attached with their patients as well as commited to help others. $n one of the case in thatepisode, Meredith found a baby blue case and wondering about the complication it may takes.When she was an%ious to take care of the case, a nurse stopped her. But then she is so keenthat she let herself to come to that baby again and ask a senior doctor to take a good care of the baby. he brave herself to tell something true, she bravely told r. &reston Burke aboutthe baby and also when she told the baby’s parents when actually she may lose her 'ob. WhileI!!ie was so attached to her patients, she is like taking all patients as a part of her. (or instance, when she wanted to held the )hinese woman. he is not complaining to helpsomeone in the late and cold night though it is so risky.r. Meredith’s strength is how she commits and attached herself to patients. he islike being so emotional which is her weakness that need to be overcomed. When someone become a doctor, you need to be more firm but what i am saying is not like being so cruellike pretending and harsh. $n the other hand, r. I!!ie is more firm therefore she actedmore *uickly when discovered something is wrong while her weakness is too brave and being not so responsibe as she take an ilegal step to permit herself curing patients without permission. If I were in that situation, I had rather prefer telling senior doctor like whatMeredith did. In my opinion, in all cases and whenever it is, we need to think firmly although it ishard. It is hard dealing with any kind of situation yet not let your emotional play apart.Moreover, I would concern more about what’s wrong and try to figure out the best way tosolve any cases not only considering about the hospital regulations but also the safety 1  | Page  regulation about saving peoples’ lives. Being a doctor will re*uire you to have formal*ualifications and special training in which engaged with code of ethics which dealing withsociety that lead ones to professionalism. 2  | Page

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Jul 23, 2017
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