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  Oscar the Grouch Writing Project  The following group project is to be worked on by no more than four students. You may use any materials you think may be useful in solving the problems but you may not   ask anyone for help other than the people you have chosen to work with. This means you may not ask a tutor or any person other than those in your immediate group for help.You are to type a letter of response to the problem presented backing up your conclusions with mathematical reasoning, formulas, and solutions. Your grade will depend on how well you communicate your response as well as the accuracyof the conclusions. This project will be scored using the rubric on the last page of this document.Please sign and date here to indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the above mentioned stipulations. __________________________________________________________ Student ame ! #ate __________________________________________________________ Student ame !$#ate __________________________________________________________ Student ame !%#ate __________________________________________________________ Student ame !&#ate Scott Adamson and Trey Cox ©2000  1  Oscar the Grouch and His New Home 'scar the (rouch $% Sesame Streetew York, ew York $%&) 'ctober $& th , $*** +T $& -alculus Students -handler(ilbert -ommunity -ollege-handler, / 0)$$)#ear -alculus -reators1 Some would say that my fame and fortune has gone to my head. 2ut, the reality is that 3 have been living in the same garbage can for over %* years4 #on5t you think that it is time that P2S, the -hildren5s Television etwork, and viewers like you   should fork over some dough and get me a new place6 2ut 35ll make you a deal since 3 know how precious every little dollar is to you people. ow, 3 don5t really believe it, but your enterprising and resourceful professor has indicated that you will be able find the most cost effective way to construct my new home. The tightwads over here at -T7 and P2S re8uire that 3 consult with you in order to gather some information about this situation and then 3 can grovel with them toget what 3 want. So, please consider the following when making your recommendation.9ocate a trash dumpster near your house or on your college campus and study its shape and construction :this is my version looking at new model homes;. 3 want you to determine the dimensions of a container of similar design  that minimi<e construction costs. 7hile maintaining the general shape and method of construction, determine the dimensions such a container of the same volume should have in order to minimi<e the cost of construction. 3 know how la<y you all are, so 3 took it upon myself to gather the following information for you1  The sides, back, and from are to be made from $guage :*. *&= inch thick; steel sheets, which cost >*.?* per s8uare foot :including any re8uired cuts or bends;.  The base is to be made from a *guage :*. %&) inch thick; steel sheet, which costs >*.@* per s8uare foot.  9ids cost approAimately >)*.** each, regardless of dimensions. Scott Adamson and Trey Cox ©2000  2   7elding costs approAimately >*. 0 per foot for material and labor combined. :35ll have 2ert and Brnie do all of this for me4;3f this isn5t enough information for you, you better give justification of any further assumptions or simplifications made of the details of construction. nd, be sure to describe how any of your assumptions or simplifications may affect the final result.You need to be convincing in your investigation. 3 won5t accept a bid from just anybody. Cemember, there will be many who will try to win this job, so be clear in your conclusions. 7ould you recommend altering the design of the dumpster63f so, describe the savings that would result. Dinally, include numerical, graphical, symbolic, and verbal defense of all your recommendations.Euit stalling and get to work4 3 need this information for the ovember eAecutive board meeting so be sure to give your proposal to your enterprising and resourceful professor by 'ctober % , $*** :my favorite day4;. +aybe this time they will accept my proposal over that big, stupid yellow bird5s proposal4ow S-C+4 -ome back when you have something good to give me4(rouchily yours,'scar the (rouch Scott Adamson and Trey Cox ©2000  3  Checklist for Your Writing ProjectDirections:  Please attach this page with a paper-clip to your writing assignment when you turn it in.  This list will be used to grade your assignment, and will be returned to you with comments.  Please feel free to use this checklist as a guide for yourself while writing the assignment. Does this paper: 1. Clearly summarie the problem to be sol!ed 2. Pro!ide a paragraph which e#plains how the problem will be approached 3. $tate the answer in a few complete sentences which stand on their own %. &i!e a precise and well-organied e#planation of how the answer was found, including'  algebraic support  graphical support  numerical support as appropriate (. Clearly label diagrams, tables, graphs, or other !isual representations of the math ). *efine all !ariables, terminology, and notation used +. Clearly state the assumptions which underlie the formulas and theorems, and e#plain how each formula or theorem is deri!ed, or where it can be found . &i!e acknowledgment where it is due . se correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation 1/. Contain correct mathematics 11. $ol!e the problem0s that were originally asked Instructor Comments:  Your group’s score out of 50 points is _____________. Scott Adamson and Trey Cox ©2000  %
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