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1. The Gourmet Recipe Guide to Ethics in Using Research to Build and Present Knowledge Picture: Microsoft Gallery Carol VanHook SE Polk Community Schools Twitter:…
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  • 1. The Gourmet Recipe Guide to Ethics in Using Research to Build and Present Knowledge Picture: Microsoft Gallery Carol VanHook SE Polk Community Schools Twitter: @vanhookc Email: carol.vanhook@southeastpolk.orgPermission to Use –Carol VanHook CC BY-NC-SA
  • 2. Picture: Microsoft GalleryToday’s special: À la carte on Copyright
  • 3. The “fixins” used in today’s presentation…• What’s permissible in Fair Use• Public Domain Works• Creative Commons Pictures• Creative Commons Videos• Creative Commons Sounds and Audio Clips
  • 4. Model good © practices when using copyright resources!FAIR USE in SCHOOL-2.Transformative use3.Does not infringe lleryon financial rights icrosoft Gaof creator Picture: M
  • 5. Permission Templatesat David Warlicks’ Landmarks for SchoolsOne for teachers andone for students!
  • 6. Source:
  • 7. USA.Gov Project Gutenberg Flickrs The Commons ry alle tG sof icro s: M urePict
  • 8. a l ig in or r o to Us k t eaSearc e rl in h cr pe te Hy Ci
  • 9. Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicensePost the work; credit the original creator; hyperlink credited name to the original work. Attribution May use work as you please, but you must give attribution and link CC BY to original creation. Table: C. VanHook, using materials from Creative Commons Website Attribution-NoDerivs You may only use this work as is; do not remix it. CC BY-ND You may remix and use this work non- Attribution- commercially, as long as you credit NonCommercial-ShareAlike original creator and license your new creations under the identical terms. CC BY-NC-SA This license lets you remix your work even Attribution-ShareAlike for commercial purposes, as long as you CC BY-SA credit originator and license your new creations under the identical terms. This license lets you remix, and although Attribution-NonCommercial new works must also acknowledge the creator and be non-commercial, you don’t have to license your derivative works on CC BY-NC the same terms. This license is the most restrictive Attribution- allowing you use a work as long as you NonCommercial-NoDerivs credit the originator, but they can’t change the picture or use it commercially. CC BY-NC-ND
  • 10. Picture: Screen capture from Flickr user Carol VanHook photostream
  • 11. Find your favorite CC sourcesFlickr Compfight• Click search. Interesting website where you• Click Advanced search. can find Creative Commons• Scroll down to select pictures: Creative Commons. 2.• Do a search. 3.Type word• Save the picture. Choose Creative commons• Save the creator’s name. 4.Check the license chosen by the author.• Save the link to the original picture. Picture: Microsoft Gallery
  • 12. The Music Rack on YouTube (SEE – Example next slide) …easy CC music to download and use! ( Soundzbound – Provided by Iowa AEA – wonderful Royalty free music for all projects, in classroom or for online. ( oniwe CC BY-NC – must join for free to download – has great sound effects. (
  • 13. Screen capture of YouTube at The Music Rack
  • 14. Picture: Microsoft GalleryCreative Commons Audio Clips
  • 15. Pictures: Microsoft Gallery
  • 16. CHECKLIST for CITING SOURCES•When using copyright © material, seek permission to usepictures, music, videos, sound effects, etc.•When using Creative Commons material, follow the appropriateCC rule, chosen by its creator.•When using Creative Commons material, keep a list of creator’sname and URLs for CC pictures, sounds, etc.•When using Creative Commons material, hyperlink the creator’sname or the item to its original location.•When paraphrasing or using direct quotes, include immediateacknowledgement of source.•Practice good ethics when using Copyright, Public Domain, andCreative Commons materials. If you make a mistake, correct it.Learn and do not repeat the same mistake next time. IS YOUR PROJECT INTERNET READY?
  • 17. Screenshot: Britannica’s Student News Net Online DatabaseA Quick Read and Write (Cite, reflect, and share)*Activity to practice acknowledging and referencing the thoughts of othersWITHIN a student’s writings – not just on the Works Cited Page!
  • 18. Noodle Tools• Students work in the • Students make note clouds cards and link to the• Sources are saved source online • Notecards…• Students share project – Direct Quotations with the teacher in a – Paraphrasing dropbox – My ideas• Teacher can • Affordable communicate back
  • 19. Free Citation Maker• BibMe • Just one of many free resources • Heavy advertising • You start the citation with book ISBN or website URL, and BibMe finishes your citation • Can store online • Does not communicate with teacher or allow notecards.
  • 20. FlickrPoet at Stories in Flight Spring Birds chirping, ants searching, clouds puffing, wind roaring, tulips blooming, children skipping Spring
  • 21. Sample a heaping tablespoonof success Thank you, student Cobi Bender. For more information, search Rob Dyrdek Foundation.
  • 22. Additional References Links Source information • Hillner, Jennifer. "How to Use Online Video• Edutopia article on using online video in Your Classroom | Edutopia." K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work | Edutopia. N.p.,• Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Information Literacy n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2012. < educational-videos-classroom>. • Schrock, Kathy. "Information-Literacy Primer:• Citing MLA Style from Books to Twitter and Facebook toK-12 Education & Web | Learning Research on the Edutopia." Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work | Edutopia. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2012. < literacy-primer>. • "Twitter, Facebook - Citations - Library Research Guides at Boise State University." Home - Library Research Guides at Boise State University. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2012. < content.php?pid=19556&sid=586398>.
  • 23. The Gourmet Recipe Guide to Ethics in Using Researchto Build and Present Knowledge Examine the essentialmix of ethics in the classroom: giving speeches, writingabout research, creating digital presentations. Hearfresh information on Creative Commons; savor freeimages, photos, music; see citations blended inpresentations; assess learning when students areencouraged to add unique flavoring; sample a heapingtablespoon of a Works Cited. Can’t you just smellglorious projects in the making? Carol VanHook,Southeast Polk Community SchoolsEmail:
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