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Guide to Minor Opening Bids in Bridge

Beginner's guide to opening bids in the card game, Bridge.
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  MINOR OPENMinor Suit Openings and Responses When you cannot open 1 No Trump or 1 of a major suit, look to your minor suits.To open in a minor suit, you need 3+ cards and 13-21 points. This denies a 5 card major,  ut you could ha!e cards in one or oth majors.With 4/4  in oth minor suits, open a diamond  - the hi#her rankin# suit.With 3/3  in oth minor suits, open a club  - the lo$er rankin# suit.With a 2/3   or 4/3  distriution in the minor suits, open $ith the lon#er suit. Responder's Responses %-5 points& Pass '+ points& 1. (id up the line $ith 4  card suits.2. With t$o 5 -card suits, id the hi#her rankin# first.  NOE! ) ne$ suit at the one-le!el y responder is a forcin# id, *pener is reuired to id a#ain.3. (id 1NT - $ith a alanced hand and '-1% points, $ith no 4-or-more-card suit to bid at the 1-level  . . (id 2NT - $ith a alanced hand and 11-12 points and no' 4-card major  .5. (id 3NT - $ith a alanced hand and 13-15 points and no 4-card major  .'. aise *peners minor suit& a. To the 2 le!el $ith '-1% points,  . With 11-12 points,  jump-raise the minor to the 3 le!el.  NOE!  )s the *pener may only ha!e a 3-card minor, esponder needs aout/ 5-cards to raise the minor. .0ince the partnership may still end up in a NT contract, esponder usually avoids counting dummy points .. f the open is 1, and you do not ha!e a -card major, you can id 2+ $ith a 5 card suit and 11 +  points. Openers Rebid  When esponder ids a ne$ suit, *pener has to find a reid.   *pener places her hand in one of 3 stren#th cate#ories& a. inimum& 13-1' points, or  . edium& 1.14 points. or  c. aimum& 16-21 points. With support for esponders suit& a. *pener re!alues her hand $ith dummy points and then raises esponders suit $ith a minimum , . 7umps in esponders suit $ith a medium or c# 8oes to #ame in esponders suit $ith a ma$imum .With no  support for esponders suit, and a minimum hand, *pener can& a. 0ho$ a second suit at the one le!el, or  . eid the ori#inal suit at the 2-le!el $ith ' cards, or c. eid NT at the cheapest le!el. f *peners reid is a jump in her o$n suit, it sho$s a medium hand; 17 - 18  points and a '-card suit. f *peners reid is a jump to 2NT, it sho$s a alanced hand $ith 18-19 points . Responder's Rebid  )fter the opener has sho$n a minimum-stren#th hand, responder can& a. 0top in a suitale partscore $ith '-1% points,  . n!ite #ame $ith 11-12 points, or c 8o to #ame $ith 13 or more points.f responder can support *peners second id suit her reid/, esponder re!alues her hand $ith dummy points, and then& a. aises openers reid $ith '-1% points,  . 7umps in openers reid $ith 11-12 points, or  c. 8oes to #ame in openers reid $ith 13 or more points.


Jul 23, 2017
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