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  POPE JOHN XXIII BIOGRAPHY     Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli    Born on November 25, 1881 (Rome, Italy)    Died on June 3, 1963    Pope: October 28, 1958  –  June 3, 1963 (4 years and 7 Months)    Preceeded by: Pius XII (1939-1958)    Succeeded by: Paul VI (1963-1978) POPE JOHN XXIII    Convoked the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council    Presided the Second Vatican Council along with another Pope, Pope Paul VI. JOURNEY IN THE COUNCIL    Pope John XXIII announced his intention off summoning the Ecumenical Council in January 1959.    He had 10 commissions formed with the purpose of preparing draft decrees of the council.    He also established a special secretariat “For Promoting Christian Unity” before the Council convene (eight months before to be exact).    In 1960, he, again, established 10 commissions with the task of studying particular questions. POPE PAUL VI    BIOGRAPHY    Giovanni Battista Montini    Born on September 26, 1897    Concesio, near Brescia, Italy    Italian Pope of the Roman Catholic church (reigned 1963-78)    His pontificate was confronted with the problems and uncertainties of a church facing a new role in the contemporary world.    Died August 6, 1978, Castel Gandolfo Early life and career    Son of a middle-class lawyer who was also a journalist and local political figure and a mother belonging to the same social background.    Montini was in his early years educated mainly at home because of frail health.    Later he studied in Brescia.    Ordained priest on May 29, 1920    Sent by his bishop to Rome by higher studies and was eventually recruited for the Vatican diplomatic service.    He declined an invitation to be elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals in 1953.    November 1954, Pope Pius XII appointed him archbishop of Milan, and Pope John XXIII named him cardinal in 1958.    He was elected pope on June 21 1963, choosing to be known as Paul VI. Vatican II AND PAUL VI’S PONTIFICATE      Began in the period following the first session of the second Vatican Council.    Paul VI guided the three remaining sessions of the second Vatican Council.    Upon the completion of the council December 8, 1965.    Many of Paul VI‟s decisions in these crucial years called for courage.       This encyclical was such a pointed plea for social justice that in some conservative circles the pope was accused of Marxism. ON ECUMENISM: THE CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVE (promulgated by Pope Paul VI on Nov. 21, 1964)    The restoration of unity among all Christians is one of the Principal concerns of the Second Vatican Council.    Christ founded one Church and one Church Only.    But many Christian Communions, differing in mind, present themselves, to men as the true inheritors of Jesus Christ.    In recent times the Lord has been rousing divided Christians to remorse over their and to a longing for unity.    This movement toward unity is called “ecumenical”.    THE SECOND VATICAN ECUMENICAL COUNCIL (VATICAN II)    a formal meeting of the bishops and major prelates of the whole Church, convoked by the Pope, to treat of matters concerning the universal Church, under the presidency of the Pope.  Duration: 1962-1965  Convoked by: Pope John XXIII  Presided by: Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI Main goals    bring about deep renewal within the Church    healing of historical wounds of alienation with the world and other religions The 16 documents of Vatican II    THE 4 CONSTITUTIONS    THE 9 DECREES    THE 3 DECLARATIONS THE 4 CONSTITUTIONS    Dei Verbum (  The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation) Nov. 11, 1965    Lumen Gentium  (The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church) Nov. 21, 1964    Sacrosanctum Concilium  (The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy) Dec. 4, 1963    Gaudium et Spes  (The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World) Dec. 7, 1965

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