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    ~~   Colegiul National “Ion Minulescu” ~~   Harry Potter  Elev: Ochea Cosmin-Ionut Prof. indrumator: Lupascu Mariana  -1-    ~~   Colegiul National “Ion Minulescu” ~~  Harry Potter   is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author  J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of awizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald easley and Her!ione ranger, all of who! are students at Hogwarts #chool of itchcraft and izardry. The !ain story arc concerns Harry$s %uest to overco!e the &ark wizard 'ord (olde!ort, whose ai!s are to beco!e i!!ortal, con%uer the wizarding world, sub)ugate non*!agical +eo+le, and destroy all those who stand in his way, es+ecially Harry Potter. #ince the release of the rst novel Harry Potter and the Philoso+her$s #tone on - June /001, the books have gained i!!ense +o+ularity, critical acclai! and co!!ercial success worldwide. The series has also had so!e share of criticis!, including concern for the increasingly dark tone. 2s of June 3//, the book series has sold about 45 !illion co+ies, !aking it the best*selling book series in history, and has been translated into 61 languages. The last four books consecutively set records as the fastest*selling books in history. 2 series of !any genres, including fantasy and co!ing of age 7with ele!ents of !ystery, thriller, adventure, and ro!ance8, it has !any cultural !eanings and references. 2ccording to Rowling, the !ain the!e isdeath. There are also !any other the!es in the series, such as +re)udice and corru+tion.  The initial !a)or +ublishers of the books were Bloo!sbury in the 9nited Kingdo! and #cholastic Press in the 9nited #tates. The books have since been +ublished by !any +ublishers worldwide. The books, with the seventh book s+lit into two +arts, have been !ade into an eight*+art l! series by arner Bros. Pictures, the highest*grossing l! series of all ti!e.  The series also srcinated !uch tie*in !erchandise, !aking the Harry Potter brand worth in e:cess of ;/5 billion. 2lso due to the success of the books and l!s, Harry Potter has been used for the!e +arks such as  The izarding orld of Harry Potter in 9niversal Parks < Resorts$s=slands of 2dventure . -2-    ~~   Colegiul National “Ion Minulescu” ~~ Plot:  The novels revolve around Harry Potter, an or+han who discovers at the age of eleven that he is a wizard, living within the ordinary world of non*!agical, or >uggle, +eo+le. His ability is inborn and such children are invited to attend a school that teaches the necessary skills to succeed in the wizarding world. Harry beco!es a student at Hogwarts #chool of itchcraft and izardry and it is here where !ost of the novels$ events take +lace. 2s Harry develo+s through his adolescence, he learns to overco!e the +roble!s that face hi!? !agical, social and e!otional, including ordinary teenage challenges such as friendshi+s and e:a!s, andthe greater test of +re+aring hi!self for the confrontation that lies ahead. @ach book chronicles one year in Harry$s life with the !ain narrative being set in the years /00/A0. The books also contain !any Cashbacks, which are fre%uently e:+erienced by Harry viewing the !e!ories of other characters in a device called a Pensieve. The environ!ent Rowling created is co!+letely se+arate fro! reality yet inti!ately connected to it. hile the fantasy land of Darnia is analternative universe and the 'ord of the Rings$ >iddle*earth a !ythic +ast, the wizarding world of Harry Potter   e:ists in +arallel within the real world and contains !agical versions of the ordinary ele!ents of everyday life. >any of its institutions and locations are recognisable, such as 'ondon. =t co!+rises a frag!ented collection of overlooked hidden streets,ancient +ubs, lonely country !anors and secluded castles that re!ain invisible to the >uggle +o+ulation. Early years:    hen the rst novel of the series Harry Potter and the Philoso+her$s #tone 7+ublished in so!e countries as Harry Potter and the #orcerer$s #tone8 o+ens, it is clear so!e re!arkable event has taken +lace in the wizarding world, an event so very re!arkable, even the >uggles notice signs of it. The full background to this event and to the +erson of Harry Potter is only revealed gradually, through the series. 2fter the introductorycha+ter, the book lea+s forward to a ti!e shortly before Harry Potter$s eleventh birthday, and it is at this +oint that his background begins to be revealed. Harry$s rst contact with the wizarding world is through a half*giant, Rubeus Hagrid, kee+er of grounds and keys at Hogwarts. Hagrid reveals so!e of Harry$s history. Harry learns that as a baby he witnessed his +arents$ !urder by the +ower*obsessed dark wizard, 'ord (olde!ort, who then atte!+ted to kill hi! also. Eor reasons not i!!ediately revealed,the s+ell with which (olde!ort tried to kill Harry rebounded. Harry survived with only a lightning*sha+ed scar on his forehead as a !e!ento of the attack, and (olde!ort disa++eared. 2s its inadvertent saviour fro! (olde!ort$s reign of terror, Harry has beco!e a living legend in the wizarding world. However, at the orders of the venerable and well*known wizard 2lbus &u!bledore, the or+haned Harry had been +laced in the ho!e of his un+leasant >uggle 7non*wizard8 relatives, the &ursleys, who had hi! safe but hid his true heritage fro! hi! in ho+es that he would grow u+ Fnor!alF. ith Hagrid$s hel+, Harry +re+ares for and undertakes his rst year of study at Hogwarts. 2s Harry begins to e:+lore the !agical world, the -3-    ~~   Colegiul National “Ion Minulescu” ~~ reader is introduced to !any of the +ri!ary locations used throughout the series. Harry !eets !ost of the !ain characters and gains his two closest friends? Ron easley, a fun*loving !e!ber of an ancient, large, ha++y, buthard*u+ wizarding fa!ily, and Her!ione ranger, a gifted and hardworking witch of non*!agical +arentage. Harry also encounters the school$s +otions !aster,#everus #na+e, who dis+lays a dee+ and abiding dislike for hi!. The +lot concludes with Harry$s second confrontation with 'ord (olde!ort, who in his %uest for i!!ortality, yearns to gain the +ower of the Philoso+her$s #tone, a substance that gives everlasting life.  The series continues with Harry Potter and the Gha!ber of #ecrets describing H arry$s second year at Hogwarts. He and his friends investigate a 5*year*old !ystery that a++ears tied to recent sinister events at the school. Ron$syounger sister, inny easley, enrols in her rst year at Hogwarts, and nds a notebook which turns out to be (olde!ort$s diary fro! his school days. inny beco!es +ossessed by (olde!ort through the diary and o+ens the FGha!ber of #ecretsF, unleashing an ancient !onster which begins attacking students at Hogwarts. The novel delves into the history of Hogwarts and a legend revolving around the Gha!ber. Eor the rst ti!e, Harry realises that racial +re)udice e:ists in the wizarding world, and he learns that (olde!ort$s reign of terror was often directed at wizards who were descended fro! >uggles. Harry also learns that his ability to s+eakParseltongue, the language of snakes, is rare and often associated with the &ark 2rts. The novel ends after Harry saves inny$s life by destroying a basilisk and the enchanted diary which has been the source of the +roble!s. The third novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of 2zkaban, follows Harry in his third year of !agical education. =t is the only book in the series which does not feature (olde!ort. =nstead, Harry !ust deal with theknowledge that he has been targeted by #irius Black, an esca+ed !urderer believed to have assisted in the deaths of Harry$s +arents. 2s Harry struggles with his reaction to the de!entorsdark creatures with the +ower to devour a hu!an soulwhich are ostensibly +rotecting the school, he reaches out to Re!us 'u+in, a&efence 2gainst the &ark 2rts teacher who is eventually revealed to be a werewolf . 'u+in teaches Harry defensive !easures which are well above the level of !agic generally shown by +eo+le his age. Harrylearns that both 'u+in and Black were close friends of his father and that Black was fra!ed by their fourth friend, Peter Pettigrew. =n this book, another recurring the!e throughout the series is e!+hasisedin every book there is a new &efence 2gainst the &ark 2rts teacher, none of who! lasts !ore than one school year.   Voldemort returns:  &uring Harry$s fourth year of school 7detailed in Harry Potter and the oblet of Eire8 Harry is unwillingly entered as a +artici+ant in the Triwizard  Tourna!ent, a dangerous contest where Harry !ust co!+ete against a witch and a wizard Fcha!+ionF fro! visiting schools as well as another Hogwarts student. Harry is guided through the tourna!ent by Professor 2lastor F>ad*@yeF >oody, who turns out to be an i!+ostor A one of (olde!ort$s su++orters na!ed Barty Grouch, Jr in disguise. The +oint at -4-
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