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Harvard Referencing 1
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  U NIVERsITY F WOLVERHAMPTON eorninqlnformoionServices Harvard Style Referencing 2008 What s a Reference ? A reference is a detailed desffiption of any document rom which you have akeninformation, .g. a complete ook, a chapter iom it, or ajoumal or newspaperarticle. What s Citing ?  Citing a reference s the act ofrecording t. This s don€ n two ways:l. By putting a b efentry for each source n the text ofyour work.2. By listing all your sources n full, at the end ofyour work.The Harvard System s one of s€veral availablemethods ofreferencing and is the preferred choic€ ofmost departrnents n theUniversity. Hovr'ever, ou should check with your lecfurers which system your courserequires efore 1ou do your irst assignmenl.  Quoting n your ext This page covers iting or referring o another erson's work n the middle of your ext. Thefollowing ages cover he details equired or your reference ist at the end of your ext. 1. Summarising nd guoting n he body ofyourtext(a) one author, eneral heme unning hrough is work: mith 2005)(b) one author, dea xpressed n 1 page: mith 2005, .17)(c) one author, dea expressed ver everal ages: mith 2005, p.17-22)(d) vvo uthors: se both names: mith nd Brown 2005, p.28-36)(e) more han wo authors: se irst uthor, ollowed y el al: Smith f al (2005, .101)(0 autho(s) with more han one publication n same ear: Smith 2003a) mith 2003b)(g) no author's ame use Anon. with ull stop) r title: Anon. 1998) atle guide 2004)(h) author uoting nother uthor secondary eferencing)*: Gray, 1992, n Smith, 004, .88)(i) quoting ines rom play play, ct, cene, ines): MacBefh, ll, v, 59-64)*lf author quotes uthor , what goes n your eference ist? Answer: ist he book vou actuallv aw.2. Layout f summaries nd quotes n he body of he ext(a) a summary s a rewrite n your own words but he source must till be acknowledged). (b) a quotation ses exact words n double uotes nd he ref musf nclude he page number(s).(c) ou can use he author eference irectly: .g. ..according o Smith 2005, .62) the ikelihood(d) or ust as ecognition f srcin,e.g. the ikelihood s... Smith,2005, .62)(e) For more han Iines: eave ut he double uotes nd use an ndented aragraph.Next we'll ook at how o reference he works ou cited n a reference isl.  r- The Reference ist-Physical tems General DracticeList all authors unless our School specifically ays differenUy. hen an item contains nly onetitle, he itle goes n italics. When he tem s one of several nside a larger tem, e.g. an artjcle n ajournal, a chapter n an edited book, a paper at a conference, se talics or the arger work.A bibliography ists works or background r further eading, hese may be books which you readas part of your research, ut which were not actually ited.References ists speci{ic works hat you cited n your work.Single and multiple author books Arya, C. (2003) Design of structural lements. nd ed. London: Spon Press.Nestler, E.J., Hyman, E.S. and Malenka, R.C. 2001) Molecular europharmacology: foundationfor clinical euroscierce. New York; McGraw-Hill.Only eference he edition f it is a second or later editionEdited bookLoftus, . (ed.) 1999) Project management f multiple projects nd contracts. ondon: ThomasTelford Ltd.ChaDter rom an edited bookWhittaker, .A. 1990) Dictionaries. n Lea, P.W. and Day, A. (eds.) Prlnted cference mateialLondon: ibraryAssociation ublishing, p.'11-23.Please ote:lJse ed.) or one editor or (eds.) or two or more editorsJournal articleBowlin, W.F., Renner, .J., nd Rives/ .M. 2003) DEA study f gender quity n executivecompensation. ournal of the Operational esearch Society, 4(7), pp.751-7 {i -. \.,,.J, Conference proceedings complete set) .rIEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee n Software Engineering nd nstltute f Electricaland Electronic ngineers 1991) Proceedngs: onlerence n software maintenance, 991,October 15-17, 1997, Sorrento, taly. Los Alamitos California): EEE Computer Society Press.  A single conference paper rom the aboveBalow, . (1991) Maintenance roductivity case tudy. n IEEE Computer ociety, echnicalCommittee n Software Engineering nd Institute f Electrjcal nd Electronic ngi;eersProceedings: onference n software maintenance, 991, October 1517, 1gg1, Sonento, taly.Los Alamitos California): EEE Computer Society ress, pp.2SO-253.Government r Official PublicationDepartment or Education nd skills. (2oos) Higher standards, etterschoo/s o a , more choicefor parents nd pupil. Cm. 6677. London: he Stationerv Office.ThesisSaxton, . M. (1994) Exercise nduced damage o human skeletal muscle. h.D. Thesis, Universityof Wolverhampton.Film including ideo and DVD ecordings)Macbeth. 1948) Film. Directed y Orson Welles. USA, Republic ictures. Location f 3Smmviewing opy: ondon: ationalfilm rchive.Riverdance the show. 1995) Video ape. Directed y John Mccolgan. reland: TyroneProductions. he srcinal ast, taring Michael la ey. Available s commercially ublished HSvideo VC6494.lllustrationGosse, S. (1912) The garden, Rowlandson House. Etching nd aquatint. t London: BritishMuseum, Department f Prints and Drawings. Register umbet 19152741.MapOrdnance Survey. 2000\ Tefford, ronbridge nd The Wrekin, heel242,1 25,000 ExplorerSeries. outhampton: rdnance urve,.Printed MusicNlozart, WA. (no date) Don Glovanni: n opera, n lwo acts. MacFaren, N. translator. ondon:Novello.Recorded MusicGrieg, E. ('1989) Gieg: Peer cynt suites. Bertin philharmonic Orchestra, onducted y Herbertvon Karajan. Hanover: Deutsche Grammophon, umbet 4194742. Compact Disc.Carey, vl. 2000) Against all odds. r Westlife. Coast o coast Track 5. EU; BMG Entenainmentlnternational K & lreland td, erial 74321808312. ompact isc. Example f one artist eaturedin a work primarily y otherc. Note hat he naln ti e is in talics.l
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