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   Tanchuling College College of Nursing Legazpi City COURSE SYLLABUS For HEALTH EDUCATION Level I, Summer, SY 2014 Course Description:  The course inclues iscussions on health eucation concepts, principles,theories an strategies as they apply in the clinical an classroom situations! Course Credit :   units lecture Contct Hours!se  # $4 lecture hours #rere$uisite :  %one #lce ent :  2 n year, Summer Course O%&ecti'es : &t the en o' the course, given relevant situations(conitions, the stuent)ill *e a*le to#1!&pply principles, theories an strategies o' health eucation inassisting clients to promote an maintain their health2!! +evelop an instructional esign to meet the learning nees o' clients Course Outline : &! ealth eucation perspective1! istorical evelopment in health eucation2! Issues an trens in health eucation2!1 ealth issues an the *iological, psychological, an sociologicalaspects o' health an isease2!2 Contemporary health an the promotion o' optimal healththroughout the li'espan ! Theories in health eucation - .e!g! /eners ealth /romotion Theory, anuras Sel' 3cacy Theory, ealth elie' oel, 5reens/recee-/rocee oel6! /erspective on teaching an learning1! 7vervie) o' eucation on health care2! Concepts o' teaching, learning, eucation process vis-a-vis nursingprocess, historical 'ounations 'or the teaching role o' the nurse, ! 8ole o' the nurse as a health eucator4! allmar9s o' e:ective teaching in nursing$! /rinciples o' goo teaching practice in unergrauate eucation;! arrier to ucation an 7*stacles to Learning<! &pplying learning theories to health care practicea! /rinciples o' learning*! Learning theoriesc! Types o' learning  ! Learning styles o' i:erent age groups=! /lanning an conucting classesa! +eveloping a course outline(sylla*us*! Formulating course o*>ectivesc! Selecting content! Selecting teaching methose! Choosing a te?t*oo9(re'erences'! Conucting the classC! Characteristics o' the learner1! +eterminants o' Learninga! Learner@s characteristics*! &ssessment o' the learnerc! &ssessing learning nees2! otivation an *ehavior o' the learnera! Learning principles*! otivation an *ehavior change theories ! Literacy an reaa*ilitya! 8eaing levels o' clients*! &ssessing literacyc! Teaching strategies 'or lo) literate patients! +eveloping printe eucational materials+! Teaching strategies an methoologies 'or teaching an learning1! Traitional teaching strategiesa! Lecturing*! +iscussionc! Auestioning! Bsing auio visualse! Interactive lecture2! &ctivity-*ase strategiesa! Cooperative learning*! Simulationsc! /ro*lem-*ase learning! Sel'-learning moules ! Computer teaching strategiesa! Computer-assiste instructions*! Internetc! irtual reality4! +istance learninga! Interactive television classes*! ia internet$! Teaching psychomotor s9illsa! &pproaches to teaching s9ills*! &ssessment o' psychomotor s9ill learning;! Clinical teachinga! /urpose o' clinical la*oratory*! oels o' clinical teachingc! /reparation 'or clinical instruction! Conucting a clinical la*oratory session! &ssessment an evaluationa! Learning assessment o' clients*! ethos o' evaluationc! Aualities o' goo measurement! Interaction process analysis(process recoring  COURSE RE(UIRE)ENTS: 1!&ttenance to Class is a ust2!/ro>ects shoul *e su*mitte on their ealine !&ctive participation in the class lecture SYSTE) O* CO)#UTIN+ +RADES: 0D- Auiz10D- /articiation$D- &ttenance$D- Class Staning$0D -iterm( Enals RE*ERENCES: 1.2 in 1 Health Assessment by Lippincot2.Physical Examination & Health Assessment by Jarvis3.Funamentals o! ursin# by $o%ier  /repare *y# CONCE#CION B, CLE)ENA- R)- RN- )AN /ro'essor&//87+# RUSSELL N, )AN.ANILLO- R)- RN- )AN +ean, College o' %ursing  i)i'ery   Tanchuling College College of Nursing Legazpi City COURSE SYLLABUS For& #  HEALTH ASSESS)ENT Level I, Summer, SY 2014! I, COURSE DESCRI#TION :  The course eals )ith concepts, principles  techniGues o' history ta9ingusing various tools, physical e?amination .hea to toe6, psychosocialassessment an interpretation o' la*oratory Enings to arrive at a nursingiagnosis on the client across the li'espan in community an hospitalsettings! II,Credit Units # 2 units lecture, 1 unit 8L III,Ti e Durtion:   ; lecture hours, $1 8L hours I/,#rere$uisite :    Theoretical Founations o' %ursing, 5eneral /sychology, &natomy- /hysiology, Chemistry 2  %C 100 /, #lce ent :   1 st year, Summer /I,Course OutlineContent!TopicSpeci0c O%&ecti'esDurtion No, Of 1oursActi'ties!StrtegiesAudio2 /isul! Instructionl )terilsE'lution I!Tanchuling College /hilosophy, ission, ission, 5oals, 7*>ectivesII!Tanchuling College o' %ursing /hilosophy, ission, ission, 5oals, 7*>ectivesIII!8evie) o' the %ursing /rocess&pply core values in nursing an relate these values to th 57 o' the school To re'resh *asic conceptsin 'unamentals o' nursing 1 hour1 hourrainstorming%C/ a9ing/o)erpoint prsentationieosHritten ?am
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