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Heat and Mass Transfer Chapter 2
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  CHAPTER 2 CONVECTION Dr. R. VELRAJ, PROFESSOR ANNA UNIVERSITY CHENNAI HEAT TRANSFER  1. Introduction to Convection 2. Boundary Layer Concepts CHAPTER 2 (CONVECTION)  –  SESSION 1 IN THIS SESSION  Newton’s Law of Cooling   Q = h A (T w    –  T ∞ )  Convection 1 GOVERNING LAW h  –  convective heat transfer coefficient A  –  surface area over which convection occurs (T w    –  T ∞ )  –  temperature potential difference   Flow Regimes on a flat plate   FLAT PLATE LAMINAR REGION TRANSITION TURBULENT REGION u u ∞   u ∞   u x y Convection 2 CONCEPT OF BOUNDARY LAYER u = 0 at y = 0 u = u ∞  at y = δ  

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