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   P6405 Standard 2.00 October 10, 2003 Page 1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Helmsman 4.3 Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) Contents ã Overview ã Installing Helmsman ã Using Helmsman ã Helmsman 4.X Information ã Helmsman Client Information ã Additional Features (for users with Adobe Exchange) ã Technical Support ã CD-ROM Recycling Program Overview What is Helmsman 4.3? Helmsman 4.3 is the latest release of our electronic documentation delivery system. It consists of three product offerings: Helmsman Client, Helmsman Server, and Helmsman Express. What is Helmsman Client? Helmsman Client is the proprietary client software or the user interface for document searching and viewing. Helmsman Client can access documentation on a PC’s internal CD-ROM or on an external CD-ROM device that may be connected to a LAN. Helmsman Client can also work in conjunction with the Helmsman Server software, described below, and becomes a “client” in a “client/server” relationship. In this configuration, Helmsman Client can take advantage of the improved processing power and query management of a server. For a larger community of users, this configuration provides better response time than a networked CD-ROM drive. What is Helmsman Server? Helmsman Server is proprietary software that runs on a customer’s corporate server and, in conjunction with Helmsman Client, delivers documents across a corporate Intranet. This software is designed for a client/server environment, usually found in larger groups of users. In this configuration, collections of documents are loaded on a hard-drive on the server. In addition to processing requests from Helmsman Client, the Helmsman Server software can process requests from the Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer (MIE) client, Helmsman Express. What is Helmsman Express? Helmsman Express software is the Netscape or IE client that works with Helmsman Server software. In this configuration, users with Netscape or MIE can access their corporate server and search and view documents. Helmsman Express requires the Helmsman Server software described above. The name Helmsman Express will soon be replaced with the more generic term, Online Documentation. What is the difference between Helmsman Client and Helmsman Express? Both Helmsman Client and Helmsman Express are searching and viewing tools. Helmsman Client is used with documents stored on a local CD-ROM, or on a networked device (such as a CD-ROM “jukebox” or a hard-drive). With Helmsman Client, a simple button selection tells the application whether the documents are on a local CD-ROM or on a networked device. If you run Helmsman 4.3 on a network with a large   P6405 Standard 2.00 October 10, 2003 Page 2 number of users, you should obtain the Helmsman Server software. Helmsman Express is a different viewing and searching tool, based on the Netscape and MIE user interfaces. Helmsman Express works only in a networked environment, with the Helmsman Server software. We also offer Helmsman Express over the Internet, so you can use Netscape or MIE software to access documents, stored at a Nortel Networks site. Installing Helmsman How do I get started with the Helmsman Client CD-ROM? It’s simple. Insert the CD into the CD-Rom drive. If your computer doesn’t have autoplay turned on open explore the CD and click on “start.exe”. What are the System Requirements for installing Helmsman and Adobe Reader? Nortel Networks recommends the following platforms, which includes only components generally available on the market today. Helmsman-Supported Platforms and Requirements: Platform : Microsoft® Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP (professional or home), or Windows NT® 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later Processor : Pentium® 133 MHz minimum, Pentium Pro recommended Monitor : SVGA color monitor and graphics card Memory : 32 MB RAM (minimum) Disk space : 14 MB (minimum) for Helmsman Mouse : Windows-compatible Printer : graphics-capable (PostScript or non-PostScript), supported by Windows Adobe Reader 5.1 requirements   Platform : Microsoft Windows 95 OSR 2.0, Windows 98 SE, Windows Millenium Edition, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Processor: Intel Pentium Memory : 64 MB RAM (minimum) Disk space : 14 MB (minimum). What are the Helmsman Client UNIX platform recommendations? Nortel Networks recommends the following UNIX platform, which includes only components generally available on the market today. Platform : Solaris 2.5.1+ or HP-UX 10.20+ Monitor : SVGA color monitor and graphics card Memory : 128 MB RAM (minimum) Disk space : 70 MB (minimum) for installation root directory,plus 45 MB for installer Printer : graphics-capable (PostScript or non-PostScript) How do I install Helmsman? 1. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. If your computer has autoplay turned on the installation program will start. If you have it turned off you will have to locate your CD-ROM drive and click on the “start.exe” file. Note : Not all CD-ROMs contain the Helmsman software. In sets with two CD-ROMs, load disk 1 to install the Helmsman software. 2. Follow the onscreen messages and Helmsman and Adobe Reader (if necessary) are installed.   P6405 Standard 2.00 October 10, 2003 Page 3 Using Helmsman How do I start Helmsman? Start Helmsman using one of the following methods:   ã Go to Start/Programs/Helmsman 4.3 /Helmsman 4.3.   ã Go to Windows Explorer/Program Files/Helmsman 4.3 and double-click on Helmsman.exe . ã Go to Windows Explorer/Program Files/Helmsman 4.3 and drag the Helmsman.exe file onto your desktop. Double-click the shortcut on your desktop . How do I set up Helmsman Preferences? (applies to Windows only) When Helmsman is opened for the first time, you will see the Helmsman Preferences window. A message box will appear with the message: “No collection was found in the root path. Modify the root path in the preferences and try again.“ Click okay. The Preference tab will appear. Select the Local radio button and enter your CD-Rom drive (i.e.: d:\). . Tip : Helmsman will automatically do this if you open and close your CD-Rom with the Helmsman CD in it. How do I open a collection? When you start Helmsman, the Helmsman Browser Window opens and the Open Collection Dialog opens in front of the Browser. To open a single collection, take the following steps: 1. Click the collection you want to open to highlight it. 2. Click the Open  button. (Click the Cancel  button to close the Open Collection Dialog without opening the document list and return to the Browser Window.) Note:  You can also double-click the collection you want to open. The Open Collection Dialog closes and the Browser Window shows the document list for the selected collection Note:  If you are opening a large collection, and only want to open a few documents in the collection, click the Stop  button while the documents are loading. Only the collections loaded at that point show in the Document List. To open multiple collections, take the following steps: 1. Use the Ctrl key to highlight individual collections throughout the list. You can also use the Shift key to highlight a collection, and then highlight a collection further down the list. All collections in between the first and last collections you select are also highlighted. 2. Click the Open  button. (Click the Cancel  button to close the Open Collection Dialog without opening the document list and return to the Browser Window.) 3. The Open Collection Dialog closes and the Browser Window shows the document list for all selected collections. Note:  Initially, all documents in the collection show. Locked documents have a padlock graphic beside them. Click the Show/Hide locked documents  button on the toolbar to show only the documents that are available (unlocked). How do I open a document? To set the location in the document to which the display opens, take the following steps:   P6405 Standard 2.00 October 10, 2003 Page 4 1. From the Document Viewer Tab, go to the Open documents to:  box. 2. In the Open documents to:  box, select the option you want by clicking the down arrow and making a selection from the list provided. The options are: ã First page  - make this selection if you want to open the document to the first page. ã First page with search occurrences  - make this selection if you want to open the document to the first occurrence of the search term. When complete, click Apply to set the preference and go to the next tab, or click OK  to save your changes and exit the Preferences Dialog. How do I search documents and collections? To conduct a search, you must open at least one collection of documents. To focus the search, use the Search For: Criteria  boxes, the Word List Dialog, or the Set Categories Dialog to limit the number of documents retrieved. In Number Example When you perform an In Number search, enter the set of numbers as a unit, delineated by hyphens, especially when you use more than one set of numbers. If you search for the document, 290-3407-453, enter 290-3407 or 290-*-453 to produce the correct results, If you enter 290-340*, you do not produce the desired results. Wildcard Example When you use an asterisk or question mark delimiter with a partial number, valid queries search on a wild card series of one segment delineated by a hyphen. If you search for 290-3407-453, valid wild card search entries are 29*, or 340*, or 45*, or *53, or *90. How do I use the Search Occurrences button once I have a document open? In the Windows version, you can set the document viewer to Always on top. To do this, select the View and Preferences menu options. Click the Search Tab. From the Search Tab, go to the Search Occurrences Dialog always on top checkbox. Click in the checkbox to place a checkmark. Why can't I search hardware drawings? Most hardware drawings are built using CAD systems. The conversion process for these CAD documents renders the drawings as graphics, which cannot be read or indexed by the Helmsman software. Helmsman 4.X Information What features are found in Helmsman 4.3 ? The following features can be used with Adobe Reader 5.05:   ã full-text search and retrieval Helmsman 4.3 offers extensive search and retrieval capabilities built upon the Structured Full-Query Language (SFQL) standard for full-text retrieval systems. Full-text search enables a user to search for a word or phrase (up to 60 characters) across an entire document library, or within a specific document. Other Helmsman full-text search and retrieval features are: o graphic searching: text contained within vector graphics is searchable o special character searching: some special characters, such as an ampersand (&) and a slash (/), as well as numbers, are recognized o Boolean search logic: the terms AND and OR can be used o wildcard searching: an asterisk (*) can be used to denote wildcard characters in search term
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