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  Enhanced Functionality First Time Users  Data Book Help Introduction  T  hank you for selecting the GPSA Engineering Data Book Twelfth Edition (Electronic) . We trust that it  will become a standby in your collection of engineering reference materials. This electronic version is enhanced with the search and hyperlink features of Adobe ®  Acrobat  ® . If you are a novice or a casual Acrobat user, please take a few brief minutesto review this help file. It provides a description of how the Electronic Data Book  is organized, as well asinvaluable inside tips on navigating through the great  volume of data presented.First time Electronic Data Book  users and Acrobat novices will benefit from a perusal of the Glossary . The Data Book Descriptionprovides an overview of the Electronic Data Book  , while the basics of gettingaround are covered in Layout & Navigation. Lastly, there’s a summary of the Data Book’s capabilities that allows you to search in various ways: from a Data Book  menu bar ; search all Sections; and find within a  Section. Re-linking indexesis also covered.  This help file assumes that you have a workingknowledge of the Windows ® operating system’sgraphical user interface. NextTOCBack  Note  Bright bluetext always denotes a hyperlink that will  jump to that information when you click on it.   Bright blue   Data Book Help article  — An Acrobat feature that allows the user to follow a chain of text columns within a Section or multi-page figures.  bookmark  —A link to an Acrobat  view in a hierarchical list that allowsthe user to quickly move from onepart of a document to another, as well as between documents. collection  — A group of Adobe PDF files (also called documents). display mode  — Acrobat hasthree: Page Only, Page w/Bookmarks and Page w/ Thumbnails. The Data Book defaults to Page w/ Bookmarks. Find  — An Acrobat command that allows the user to locate a phrasein the current Section only. Link  — A predefined area on a page that will, when clicked on,execute any of a number of actions(Go To View, Execute Menu Item,etc.). The Go To View will jump toanother location in one of thedocuments in the collection. relevance ranking  —A circle that indicates how likely it is that theSection contains the phrase yousearched for. The more filled it is,the greater the likelihood that you will find what you’re looking for inthat Section. Search  —An Acrobat commandthat allows the user to locate allthe Sections in the collection that contain a particular word or phrase. A list of the Sections ispresented with a relevanceranking. Section  — A topical division of the GPSAElectronic Data Book  (i.e.,Section 3 — Measurements). EachSection is a separate Acrobat document file (*.pdf)  view   —In Acrobat, a term for thedisplay of document (PDF file) that includes the file, page, area on a page (or all of it), and magnificationsetting. Acrobat allows you tonavigate between the ten most recent views. Glossary BackNextTopTOC How ToHow ToHow ToHow ToHow To  OrganizationThe CollectionAccessing Documents   T  he Electronic Data Book  is composed of three maingroups of files: the installation files,  Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search  (not included), and the collection. The installation routine will guide you through thesetup process; Acrobat Reader is the engine that powers the Electronic Data Book  ; and the collection isthe content of the printed Data Book along withancillary Acrobat document files that provide addedfunctionality and assistance to the Electronic Data Book  user. The collection contains a separate Acrobat document for each of the 26 Sections in the Data Book, another for the main screen that you see when you opened the Electronic Data Book  ; a Table of Contents that gives youaccess to the Sections and introductory material; and a fourth, Data Book Help, that you are now reading. You may access any of the documents in the collectionat any time during a session. Continue on to the next page for some tips that will quickly help you get themost out of your Electronic Data Book  . Data Book Help Description of the Electronic Data Book Anatomy of the GPSA Electronic Data Book  Installation filesAcrobat ReaderThe collectionMain screenTable ofContentsData BookHelpDocsSection 1ãããSection 26Index Files Back  NextTopTOC  In All Its Glory Inside ScoopUser Tips  T  he Electronic Data Book  screen may not be a pretty picture, but then it’s designed for functionality.Previous Acrobat users will immediately recognize it,since the Electronic Data Book  uses the Acrobat toolbar and menu system for its power and flexibility. However, whether you are an Acrobat newbie or anold pro, a few minutes spent reviewing the next several pages will give you the inside scoop you needto efficiently find your way around the Electronic Data Book  .Click on any letter for important information onthe Electronic Data Book’s  layout and navigationalfeatures. Also, see thenotes on monitor settings. Data Book Help Layout & Navigation The Screen Layout BackNextTopTOC BDEACF   B C  EA F D
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