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   Batch : 2014  Course Code : 50121106    Course Name : (Principles of Management I)     Roll No. : 720    Assignment No. : A 112    Emphasizing more on Tata Beverage Group   1  –    Division of Work We know that TATA Group is an umbrella that covers various business industries. Considering this, it only makes sense to divide work by allocating it to different employees, thereby enabling them to build up experience and continuously increase and improve their skills. This leads to increased productivity and ultimately higher profits. For instance , Tata Beverage Group recruits for the following areas :-  Plantation Management  Finance  Sales and Distribution  Brand Marketing  Information Technology  Medical Professionals  2  –    Authority Authority, as defined by Fayol, is the right to give orders and the power to exact obedience. Tata Group realizes that MNCs decision making and conflict resolution follow a straight line. It believes that if decisions are held up due to conflicting viewpoints, the issue is expected to speedily traverse up the line for a resolution. Sometimes there is no empowerment. For instance - An employee of a Tata Beverage Group   is entrusted with confidential/insider information. He shall not use or proliferate information that is not available to the investing public. By doing this, the company  provides authority to its employees of holding such information. At the same time, responsibility is exacted by the employees that this information will remain confidential throughout their term with the company. Such insider information might include - Raising of finances, Restructuring plans., Asset revaluations, Financial information such as profits, earnings and dividends etc.  
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