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Hep20 Technical Handbook

Technical handbook for Hep20
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  T h  ef  l   exi   b l   e p u s h -f  i   t   pl   um b i  n g  s  y  s  t   em T e ch ni   c al  H an d  b  o ok  A  pr i  l   2  0  0  3  Technical Handbook  April 2003In6 CI/SfBEPIC Uniclass L5171  E271(53) The FlexiblePush-fitPlumbing System  Making ConnectionsDelivering Results  1 Contents Introduction to Hepworth2The Hep2O  ® System3The Benefits of Hep2O  ® 8 Hep2O  ® Product Selector10 Hep2O  ® Product Range12 Hep2O  ® Performance Data41 Hep2O  ® Connections & Compatibility46 Hep2O  ® System Modification & Maintenance52 Hep2O  ® Design Considerations53 Systems Planning54Construction Types & Water Distribution71Regulations & Guidance81 Hep2O  ® General Considerations82 Hep2O  ® Case Studies84 Hep2O  ® Specification Clauses86 Hep2O  ® Special Applications90 Hep2O  ® Precautionary Advice91 Hep2O  ® Environmental Considerations92 Hep2O  ® International Standards95Index96Contact Information100  Introduction to Hepworth 2 The Company Hepworth Building Products is aglobal company with the vision toprovide solutions that assist watercycle management across the world.Here in the UK,we face ever-increasing challenges – from dealingwith devastating flooding,to takingresponsibility for our environmentbyusing sustainable materials in newand refurbished developments.Hepworth’s three divisions: ã Hepworth Plumbing Products ã Hepworth Drainage ã Hepworth Concrete manufacture and supply productsand services to meet modernchallenges and turn vision intoreality.All Hepworth products playa key role in realising this vision. Quality System Standards The quality of Hep 2 O  ® plumbingcomponents and materials isassured by the application of theHepworth Building Products’Quality Management Programme.This has been assessed andapproved,and is regularly monitoredbythe British Standards Institutionand complies with BS EN ISO 9001. Expertise and Experience Hepworth Building Products are themost integrated multi-materialsupplier of products and services,withthe knowledge and capability to meetthe burgeoning demands of modernday water management.Advice andtechnical assistance is available to allprofessional users of the Hep 2 O  ® flexible,push-fit plumbing system tohelp design efficient and cost-effectiveservices layouts. Continuing Research andDevelopment The innovative Hep 2 O  ® plumbingsolutions are underpinned by arigorous and continuing researchand development programme.This,in turn,is augmented by feedback from customers.  Working with Others Tofurther consolidate ourcontinuing product development,and ensure current and futurebuilding requirements are met,Hepworth Plumbing Products hasindustrial affiliation with theInstitute of Plumbing,the Scottish &Northern Ireland PlumbingEmployer’s Federation (SNIPEF),andthe National Association of Plumbing,Heating & Mechanical ServicesContractors (APHC). Environmental Policy Hepworth Building Products iscommitted not only to compliancewith environmental laws and theadoption of acceptable standards,butalso to the introduction of measuresto limit the adverse effects of itsoperations on the environment.As a major extractor of rawmaterials and user of energy,wetherefore operate an environmentalpolicy that is fully integrated withall aspects of company activities,tosubstantially reduce our impact onthe environment.The environmental policy sets thestandards for site emissions,noiselevels and overall goodhousekeeping,within a continuousimprovement regime using the BestAvailable Techniques Not EntailingExcessive Costs (BATNEEC)guidelines from the 1990Environmental Protection Act.New processes and procedures forboth manufacturing and services aresystematically assessed to ensure thatefficiencies are optimised withoutsacrificing environmental benefits.   BS 7291   FM 01415


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