Hickey Method & 500 Most Common English Words: Word Lists

Hickey Method & 500 Most Common English Words: Word Lists 1. i t p n s *it pit tip *in pin tin sit sip sin nip (pip) its it s snip spit *is isn t I spin tint (stint) (insist) Lessons 1-8: i, t, p, n, s,
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Hickey Method & 500 Most Common English Words: Word Lists 1. i t p n s *it pit tip *in pin tin sit sip sin nip (pip) its it s snip spit *is isn t I spin tint (stint) (insist) Lessons 1-8: i, t, p, n, s, a, d, h, e, c, k, b 2. a Ann Nan Stan *a *an *at *as ant pant pat *sat snap nap tap spat past tan pan (instant) (span) 3. d Dan Dad Sid *and add *did dip sand sand pit sad *didn t *stand *said (distant) 4. h *had *hat *his *has *hand hip hid hint hit handstand thin *this *that 5. e Ned *ten end net pet spend spent tent pen hen *happen *happens 6. c act *can *can t cap cat tact cast (scan) (pact) 7. k Kip Ken Kent *ask skid *kept kid skip task 8. b Ben *be *bad bat ban band bin bit cab bent bend pest test nest *send step dent (tend) sent set *the *she *he kit desk skin *kind (kin) *best bet stab *bed bib (bid) (nab) tab bind Key to Word Lists: most common words are starred and in *bold. These are good basic vocabulary words for yellow cards. 2. Underlined words are irregular; for yellow cards. 3. (Words in parentheses) are for more advanced learners. Use your judgment whether the word is appropriate and useful. 4. Words in pairs separated by a hyphen are suggestions for reading practice because they highlight a rule (example: bit bite). Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 1 II. 9. r *are *her rid risk *ran rat rip rib *print trip trap rest *red rent Arab strip strap drip rapid crib crab pretend predict (rind) (rant) (repent) drab) (crest) (sprint) Lessons 9-13: r, m, -ck, y-, vc/cv, -ic, v/cv 10. m 11. -ck Kim Tim Sam Pam Batman *am *me camp ham *him hem *them *Mr. *Mrs. Ms. mad *man map *men *met mask mist skim stamp ramp tramp dam dim damp mast mat mend mint imp rim ram tram mind timid item Nick Dick Rick Mick *kick sick stick tick *neck *pick sack pack tack (hack) crack ticket cricket track snack deck *back stack track rack speck trick peck (beck) nick (crick) (bracket) packet picket racket 12. y- yam yap yet *yes *they *eye distant tennis dentist kidnap napkin basket bandit *rabbit admit attack *kitten mitten 12a. vc/cv (candid) India Indian *picnic attic panic hectic metric relic tactic Arabic critic basic (antic) (addict) 13. ic, v/cv habit cabin basin timid item tenant iris Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 2 III. Lessons 13 a,b,c, 14: i-e (i magic e), ike, ire, L 13a. i-e i magic e 13b. ike bite pipe pine ripe *side site spine dine kite pride *ride rise tide bride (mite) (despite) (respite) (snipe) spite sprite stride stripe tribe bribe *hide *nine *mine mime crime *time slime beside inside (reside) (tripe) (brine) sit site spit - spite kit - kite bit bite Sid - side rip - ripe (pip) pipe strip stripe trip (tripe) slim slime dim dime spin - spine pin pine (din) dine rid - ride hid - hide Mike Nike bike spike strike hike pike dike mike (short for microphone) 13c. ire spire tire tired hire (mire) (dire) sire aspire entire empire admire desire (attire) Lesson L Len lad lap lab *last lamp *land clam clamp salt plan clap clasp lack *black Latin planet salad camel blast slant *plant mammal atlas hamlet label (latent) *listen *talk island *little led *let held (pelt) belt *help yelp sled bled lick- blend splendid (relent) (relit) like Israel lip lips lid list lisp lick limit click (slick) slip clip (blip) kilt tilt *milk silk (silt) (hilt) (dismal) lime *like line *mile smile pile tile bile slide slime silent Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 3 IV. Lessons ll, -LL 16a. y 16b. -y Bill Nell ill pill *hill bill mill till kill sill spill skill *all *ball *small bell yell *tell sell nell dell hell pell-mell smell spell nil pal tall *my *by *cry sky *try spy dry sly pry sty deny reply (spry) (ply) Daddy Billy Milly Penny Barry Sally Henry Danny Sandy Betsy Betty Mickey Penny tiny *happy tricky sandy empty handy dandy silly nasty misty messy sticky risk penny (tacky) (skimpy) (trendy) (scanty) *daddy *baby lady secretary candy brandy nappy library diary pansy berry (cranny) marry carry rally *any *many *pretty 17. f ff 19. -ss Fred Freda Fanny Fifi Fran Alfred fan fat fad *fast *family fantastic fed fell *felt (fend) ferry fit fin fist fill film fine *fire file *find flip *fly fry *fall half *friend elf self *himself (daft) raft craft (shaft) sift lift (rift) drift *left *life defend safe family handicraft craftsman perfect (prefect) (defect) terrific flick cliff stiff staff sniff tiff biff *if *pass mass brass class lass less mess stress *dress press bless kiss miss hiss bliss *yes Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 4 V. Lesson es, + less, + ly +es dresspass miss class kiss stresspress mass dresses passes misses classes kisses stresses presses masses (Contrast lift drift sit stand defend sniff - fan tin - to es) lifts drifts sits stands defends sniffs fans tins +less hat bike friend self care tire help hatless bikeless friendless selfless careless tireless helpless + ly sad stiff mad bad safe happy final- sadly stiffly madly badly safely happily *finally Lesson a e a - magic e Kate *ate hate date fate late mate rate state plate slate skate create estate *make bake cake rake lake *take fake snake mistake lane mane pane sane crane insane fade *made spade blade trade parade *came dame fame *name lame *same tame flame frame cape tape drape scrape escape landscape ale pale sale tale scale inhale blame (abate) (irate) (relate) (inflate) (inmate) (berate) mat cap tap rack lack tack - (escalate) (indicate) (infiltrate) (penetrate) (terminate) (eliminate) (deliberate) (escapade) mate cape tape rake lake take 22a. ar Lesson 22a., 22b. 22b. are tar (mar) (par) (spar) party army bar star *far *car scar flare declare prepare spare scare dare blare fare mare care pare bare hare stare rare Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 5 VI. Lesson 23. o (not o magic e, ore, oo, ou, ow, oi, oy, o-glove-(ŭ), oe, or-doctor, worm Tom Bob dot cot *hot lot *not pot rot blot plot spot trot sock stock block hop mop pop top crop *drop flop *stop sloppy lock mock rock dock clock o clock cod nod rod odd body copy *pony mob rob sob slob snob *problem 23. O *on bond pond fond blond contact hospital (plod) (prod) (trod) (clod) (fob) (cock) (frock) loss toss cross soft loft *often *color *front lost frost cost boss (moss) *one son come *some *from *of *off *do *don t *does *doesn t (Wild Old Words) *old *cold *told *hold *most *almost only *open token spoken *to *no *so *also oh crocodile antibiotics (contend) (content) (consist) (constant) (continent) (consonant) 23a. g bag rag nag tag drag flag (gag) (lag) (fag) (hag) (sag) (snag) (crag) Greg leg beg peg egg (dregs) fig pig *big *dig (stag) log *dog fog frog (bog) *again *go *get *got *game gate *garden glint *glad glass glitter (gloss) (glossy) *against grin grill grape grapes grab grand *grass grassy grasp (grip) (grid) (gripe) (grime) (grimy) magnet signal *begin *began pagan (segment) (gasp) (gander) (gale) (grate) Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 6 VII. *come some one *done none gone *lose *close nose rose pose hose Lesson 24. o-magic e (not ore, oo, ou, ow, oi, oy, oe, our, ous, -dd, -olt, -ost 24. o e o magic e note remote cone bone stone alone lone lonely tone trombone mole hole sole pole dole stole rode code mode (strode) *home dome poke spoke smoke broke coke stroke broken globe robe (lobe) Pope slope mope grope *hope cope rope dope compose (impose) (propose) (dispose) (repose) (depose) (compost) (rote) (dote) (demote) (denote) (promote) 24a. -ore 25a. -ng *or *for nor *more core tore bore sore snore *store score shore adore *before ignore restore (gore) (fore) (lore) (implore) (galore) hang sang gang bang rang *angry (clang) ding-dong ping-pong ring *sing king ping bring sling string spring sting (fling) *long song strong along (prong) (gong) among Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 7 Lesson 25b. -ing *do-*doing *go going *be - being camping stamping tramping banging hanging packing cracking standing panting adding asking falling mending bending spending testing resting helping selling blessing Standard: word + ing tricking sticking ticking picking hinting finding kissing missing dismissing flying drying crying denying protecting listening VIII. a, i, o magic e: remove e, add -ing bakemakehatestatetakemistaketradeescapeblame- biteriderisehikestrikehidestridehiretimedine- hopecloselosecompose- (poke- baking making hating stating taking mistaking trading escaping blaming biting riding rising hiking striking hiding striding hiring timing dining hoping closing losing composing poking) short vowel cvc doubling rule pattapbatsnap- petbetsetget- fitsithitkidripspin- hoptopmopstop- begin- patting tapping batting snapping petting betting setting getting fitting sitting hitting kidding ripping spinning hopping topping mopping stopping beginning Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 8 IX. Lesson 26. u, -ful fuss bun sun sunny *run *fun *funny gun nun cub tub club rub *up *upon cup pup *puppy *but hut nut *cut (rut) duck luck suck *truck (muck) (tuck) (cluck) sum gum hum rum drum glum slum mummy mumps bump dump lump pump (hump) (slump) (clump) (gut) short ŭ Lesson 26. u, -ful *must dust crust trust (bust) (gust) *hunt puff cuff bluff (muff) (snuff) (gruff) *hurry dug mug rug bug drug (slug) (snug) (tug) *hundred sudden *suddenly umbrella *hungry undo unpack *until unless unlike upset uphill lung hung rung sung stung (clung) (strung) (flung) (sprung) long ū usual uniform unit unicorn United *music (mutiny) stupid student (cruel) (fuel) (duel) (brutal) Irreg: *us plus bus buy four pour *you *your u like short (oo) *full *pull *put *push bush Purim -ful helpful grateful useful hopeful sinful Lesson j Jack Janet Jacob James Jenny Jennifer Jill Jerusalem Jim Juliet Jules Japan June July January jar jam jacket (jab) (jade) (jasmine) jet jest jelly pyjamas pajamas jig jog jolt joke job jolly (jug) *just *jump justify unjust (jury) Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 9 X. *use fuse prune tune sand dune tube cube mule rule rude duke June Lesson 28. u-magic e 28. u e u magic e (ū) & (oˉo) cute flute (brute) salute compute acute absolute commute (dilute) (dispute) (refute) (astute) (minute) computer amuse refuse confuse (defuse) (diffuse) costume (assume) (presume) (resume) cure lure pure impure (mute) (lute) (fume) (crude) (duty) include intrude (latitude) (gratitude) (altitude) (delude) (elude) (magnitude) sure sugar minute *picture nature temperature literature future immune fortune Lesson 29. w (not ew-stew: lesson 60, wr-wrist: 83, aw-claw: 65, wh-whip: 78, ow-cow: 53, or-word: 97) 29. w window *two *walk *woman women *was wasn t wag wall wadi wallet wand *want warn warning wake awake (waste) (wade) twin twist *we wet web wed wedding wept *well swell (welfare) *went *west won t wig win (wit) (witty) wing wind *will (wick) wicked (witness) *swim swam swum swing wind windmill wife wire wise wide wipe swipe won wok woke swift twist Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 10 XI. 30. v *have *give *live love move prove Aviva Veronica Vera Tel Aviv Volvo wave save cave *gave brave grave van vast vary valid vanilla vampire (invalid) (validate) (vandal) (vanity) (vane) (vale) canvas (crave) (rave) navy *very *every vet vest vent invent veto velvet verb event (evolve) prevent (viola) (vile) (vim) (revise) (revive) victim *seven *eleven villa vinegar violin violinist violent violet *visit vivid visiting *five live *drive survive private invite vital vine vitality advise voluntary volume vodka vomit (involve) adventure vote (hovel) drove (advocate) avocado (vocal) vocabulary volt David evil environment *even evening *travel 31. -x 32. nk 33. z 34. qu 35. ee (ks) *box fox fix mix pox sex tax fax *next vex *six ox wax lax index context (gs) exact exam exit link blink blank blanket rank rink *drink wink junk punk skunk Buzz *prize zebra Zen fizz buzz fizzy zany zone crazy lazy *quick *quiet *quit *quite *see *here *keep *green *need *sleep *been *between *deep *feed *feel *feet *seem *street *tree *week Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 11 XII. 36a. oo (o o) 36b. oo (oˉo) & (or) 37. th (th) blow (th) buzz 38. sh *book *cook *look *took *good *soon *too *school *food *room (or) *door *both *with *nothing *thing *think *three *thank *clothes *there *their *these *those *then *than *finish *fish *other *mother *brother *sister *father *her *herself *were *over *after *never *under wonder wonderful Lesson 39 er *together *answer *better *different *dinner *letter *number *paper *remember *river *water supper hunger summer *play *away *may *stay *day *today *yesterday 41. ay *Sunday *Monday *Tuesday *Wednesday *Thursday *Friday *Saturday Lesson 42. -ce 43. ci, cy 44. -ge 45. ge, gi, gy *once *dance *face *ice *nice *office *place *sentence *since *space city fancy cigarette cider Cinderella celery cinema cinnamon circle circus *huge *large *orange *page gem gentle gene geography gelato gender general ginger giraffe giant gypsy Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 12 XIII dge 47. or 48. ea (ē) 48a. -le bridge (widget) judge fudge trudge *short *story *morning *corner *important report *beautiful *easy *hear *leave *mean *please *real *year simple twinkle single double triple sizzle thistle *people *little *able uncle purple angle middle 49. ar 50. ai 52. oa 53a. ou (ow) *hard *dark *farm *park *part *party *start *yard *air *afraid *paint *rain *wait tail jail pain boat coat (or) oar roar soar *could *would *should *out *about *around *round *country *house *found *our *hour *ground *loud *proud *south *mountain 53b. ow (ō) 53c. ow (ow) 54. ch (ch) 55. tch (ch) 56. ue (ū) (oˉo) 57. igh (ī) *follow *how *children *kitchen argue *high *yellow *grow *now *cow *each *lunch match watch menu *night *light *show *town *teach ditch *blue *might *own *down teacher witch *true *right *slowly *snow child change switch *much *Tuesday glue fight *toward chase *such duel sight *below chocolate rich delight know chili which Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 13 XIV. 58. ir 59. a (ŏ) 60. ew (ū) & oo) & (ew) 61 ea (ĕ) & (ā) 63. ur (êr) 64. au (aw) *first *bird *dirty *third *girl father wasp *watch *wash wax wag quack *new *flew *grew drew blew knew *few treasure weather *head *bread *read *ocean *early *heart *great break *hurt *turn *Thursday *Saturday nurse purse surprise *because *laugh cause caution fault 65. aw (aw) 68. -tion 69. ie (ī) (ē) 70. suffixes to ie words 71. Wild, old words 72. ei (ē) & (ā) *saw *draw raw *question station action nation creation *cried *tried *believe *piece thief die, lie, tie: dying died dies wild, child old, cold, fold colt, jolt kind, find most, post ceiling receive beige neighbor foreign 73. ph (f) 74. oi (oy) 75. oy (oy) 76. ear (êr), (ēr), (ār) 77. o (ŭ) 78. wh (w) photo phone telephone phonetic pharmacy *join *noise *point *voice choice boil spoil *boy *toy joy] royal *heard *learn *near *hear bear wear swear glove *love *second *while *what *white *which *when *where *why *who 79. oe (ō) 80. a (ŭ) ch (k), (sh) 83. Silent letters *goes does *again *against *above *another *about *across *idea school chemist champagne chauffeur chiffon *guess *know *knew *thought *write wrote subtle sign sigh knife dumb bomb science receipt Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 14 XV sion 85. eigh (ā) 86. a (aw) 87. our 88. -ey (ē) 89. ey (ā) version conversion *eight *neighbor weigh wall *four colour pour your hour *money key monkey donkey they hey 90. -cian 91. or (er) 92. ar (er) 93. ou (ŭ) 93a. ou (oˉo) 94.. ui (oˉo), ( ĭ ) musician physician obstetrician color doctor collar couple enough young youth through *fruit build built 95. ous (oos) syllable division v/v 96. us (is) 97. or (er) 98.-ure (er) 99. al (ul) (al), (aw), (ool) dangerous oasis coauthor cooperate crocus *word *world *work *worm figure *animal *several *usually usual Hickey Method & 500 most common English words: updated 2/10 15
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