Higuldy Piguldy Administrative System

problem statement, proposed system and solutions of a computerised system
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  HIGULDY PIGULDY ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM 1.   Description Situated at brisée verdière ‘Higuldy Piguldy’ is one of the pre -primary schools in that region of our island. During its ten years of existence the school has created itself a good name. Mrs.Ramberich the owner is an administrative officer in the school along with other twelve teachers, two male drivers and 3 cleaners. These twelve teachers handle around three hundred students ageing from three to five years old daily. The establishment has attracted the attention of many parents who want their children to start their academic career there. History   The school was founded by Mr. Ramberich in December 1995. Along with the help of his wife they bought a building with only one room. At that time it was enough since there were only twenty-two students. Mrs.Ramberich herself taught the children and at the same time looked after the administration tasks like payment of fees and maintaining student records. Developments During the last two years the school had to make room for more and more students. The school had been renovated last year: new classrooms were made and the administration office was enlarged. Consequently the present manual system is no longer able to cope with the escalating number of students and the administrative work has become really difficult to maintain. Mrs. Ramberich, the administrative officer has to perform the following tasks: I.   Registering new students. II.   Registering new teachers. III.   Responsible for entering information about the monthly fees paid by parents. Send reminders to those who have not yet paid their child’s  fee. IV.   Modify details of students if they change their address. V.   Provide parents about their children’s academic performance.  VI.   Contact parents in case of emergency , for e.g. contact parents if their child has suffered an injury or illness. VII.   Maint ain the student’s files and updating them.    2.   Problems identified in the system   1.   Too much storage space and very time consuming Storing hundred files in twenty-six separate drawers is something that will take a lot of space. In fact, the drawers take about one quarter of the space in the office. Much time is wasted when searching for a student file in case of an emergency. For example, if the student is ill and his  parents have to be informed immediately, the secretary must firstly search for the file and only when the corresponding address and telephone number is found the parents can be contacted. 2.    Loss of information For example, if the form containing the payment of fees is lost, the administrative officer will have no idea if the fees are paid or not by the parents. 3.   Finding the number of parents late in paying fees Parents who take too much time in paying the fees delay the procedures involved in the school as the administrative officer has to check if everyone has paid the fees on the day due. Or else, she has the responsibility to send reminders to parents who have not yet paid their child’s fee. Moreover, she even contacts the parents personally on phone if necessary. Finding all the parents who have not paid the fees is a rather tiring task as she has to check all the records. 4.   Misplaced files cause problems Mrs ramberich always has a bad time at the end of each school term, since so many parents ask about their children’s performance . Thus, when the files are stored back they are usually misplaced, as the administrative officer remains very busy. For example, if when storing back the file of Paul Taylor is stored in the ‘L’ drawer instead of being placed in the ‘T’ drawer. Consequently the n ext time when Mr. Taylor will come to see his child’s file there will be a lot of confusion. 5.   Issuing Receipts While receiving payments, receipts are issued each time and handed to the parents. The receipt is a pre-printed one and the owner says that it is very costly to make thousands of these receipts each months. Furthermore receipts which contain errors are destroyed, thus making loss in terms of money.   6.   Security The office is quite found in a place where anyone can gain access, records can be tampered with and thus the integrity of data is not protected. . In case files have been damaged, the data lost cannot be retrieved. Moreover there is not track of how and when the data has been used and there is no guarantee that data is safe. For e.g. In case of fire, burnt data cannot be retrieved.  3.   Solutions to the problem   Solution of Problem 1 Instead of storing the files in alphabetical order, each student must be given a special number like a student ID and the files must be sorted according to this number. There will be no need to use twenty-six drawers since only one of them will be sufficient. This solves also the problem of time consuming. Now that the files are arranged using the children number, when the files will  be needed it will be easier to find a particular file using the children number. Solution of Problem 2 Recording all important information separately. For e.g all addresses and telephone numbers of the student can be recorded in a single book so that when the file is lost and the address or telephone number urgently needed, they are readily obtained from the book. Solution of Problem 3 The administrative officer must keep a paper on which she should write the name of parents who have paid the fees. Later she can compare the list with the names of parents and can easily find out who have not paid their fees. Solution of Problem 4 This problem can overcome by making use of the solution of the first problem. That is giving each student a special number so that when storing the files back they will not be misplaced. Solution of Problem 5 To calculate the payment, a mechanical cash register could be used. It will solve the problem of calculating the amount of money to be returned to the parent and the receipt will be printed automatically. But again there will be problems concerning time consumption to key in the amount and input of wrong amount will be not minimized and on the other hand the receipt will have less details such as parent name, etc.. Solution of Problem 6

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Jul 23, 2017
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