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HIV, what is it, figures for Scotland
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    HIV Iza Aksamit    What is HIV? HIV  stands for H uman I mmunodeficiency V irus. HIV is a virus that affects the body’s immune system. Over time, and without effective treatment, it weakens the immune system leaving the person who has HIV open to other infections. HIV used to be a considered a terminal illness but advances in treatments mean it is possible to live a long and healthy life with HIV.       When someone is first infectedwith HIV they normally eperiencea short illness within a few weekssuch as a sore throat, fever or rash.Once this illness passes, no other symptoms may be eperienced for many years. However, the virus isslowly damaging the immune system.Without treatment, HIV will damagethe immune system to such a degreethat the individual infected with HIVwill develop !I # .
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