Holocaust Assembly 2011 Draft 2

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  MartinaJodie/SinthujaHayleyZoëElkieKirstenGood morning. This assembly is to remember the Holoaust !hih took lae during the Seond #orld #ar in !hih Hitler and the $a%is brutally murdered millions o& Je!s' homose(uals' gy sies and eo le !ho o osed the $a%i rule in onentration am s and death am s. )irstly' !e*d like to thank Katja &or laying the theme &rom Shindler*s +ist so beauti&ully. ,sually this ty e o& assembly onentrates urely on those !ho died in the Holoaust and other terrible genoides around the !orld. The !ords u on the sreen say -#e !ill remember*. This is true  !e !ill remember  !e make a oint o& doing so eeryyear. 0ut this year the to i o& our assembly !ill be slightly di&&erent and !e ho e that you !ill be able to take something a!ay &rom today and learn something &rom it. This year !e !ill be talking about the eo le !ho died' yes' but !e !ill also be talking about the eo le !ho tried to hel them.Many o& us hae read 1nne )rank*s diary  in &at it has been read by millions o& hildren and adults around the !orld in 23 languages. $one o& this !ould hae been   ossible !ithout Mie Gies. Mie Gies' the o&&ie seretary !ho de&ied the $a%i ou iers o& the $etherlands to hel hide 1nne )rank and her &amily &or t!o years died in January 4565 aged 655. She !as the last surior o& the &e! non7Je!s !ho su lied &ood' books and om anyat the seret anne(e' aboe an 1msterdam anal !arehouse' !here 1nne' her arents' her sister and &our other Je!s hid &or 43 months during the seond !orld !ar.1&ter the anne(e !as raided by the German olie' Gies gathered 1nne*s notebooks and a ers and loked them in a dra!er. The teenager*s diary' !hih she !as gien on her 68 th  birthday' hroniles her li&e in hiding &rom 64 June 69:4 until 6 1ugust 69::. 1nne died o& ty hus' aged 63' in the 0ergen70elsen onentration am in Marh 69:3' t!o !eeks be&ore it !as liberated.Gies gae the diary to 1nne*s &ather' ;tto  the only one o& those !ho hid in the anne(e to surie the !ar  and he ublished it in 69:<. 1&ter the ubliation' Gies !orked to romote tolerane. She brushed aside the raise &or hel ing hide the )rank &amily as being more than she desered. She !rote= -This is ery un&air. So many others hae done the same or een &ar more dangerous !ork*. $eertheless' in 699< she told shoolhildren= -> don*t !ant to be onsidered a hero. >magine young eo le !ould gro! u !ith the &eeling that you hae to be a hero to do your human duty.*  1t the start o& the assembly' Katja' ery kindly' layed &or us the theme &rom a &ilm alled Shindler*s +ist' based on the tremendous !ork o& ;skar Shindler. ;skar Shindler' !ho ran a &atory' sur&aed &rom the haos o& madness' s ent millions  bribing and aying o&& the SS and eentually risked his li&e to resue the Shindler7Je!s. ;skar Shindler gae his Je!s a seond hane at li&e. To more than 6'455 Je!s ;skar Shindler !as all that stood bet!een them and death at the hands o& the $a%is. 1 man &ull o& &la!s like the rest o& us  the unlikeliest o& allrole models !ho started by earning millions as a !ar ro&iteer and ended s ending hislast enny and risking his li&e to sae his Je!s. He !as an ordinary man !ho een in the !orst o& irumstanes did e(traordinary things. >n ?!anda there are t!o main lans= the Hutu and the Tutsi. The ?!andan @resident' a member o& the Hutu lan' and the 0urundian @resident !ere killed !hen their lane !as shot do!n as it !as about to land in the a ital o& Kigali. The res onse !as s!i&t= The residential guard murdered the @resident*s olitial o onents and ut into motion a re7 lanned am aign to slaughter rial Tutsi lan members. The international ommunity did little to sto the bloodshed' and it ended only !hen a Tutsi rebel grou de&eated the Hutu7baked goernment. @aul ?usesabagina' dubbed by some the -;skar Shindler o& 1&ria'* resisted the madness that surrounded him and Auietly sheltered more than 6'455 Tutsis and moderate Hutus !ithin the !alls o& the lu(ury hotel he managed. ;utside those hotel !alls' mobs hunted do!n their itims and haked them to death !ith mahetes.  $o!' !e hae told you all these stories' but >*m sure some o& you hae lathed onto the &at that all these eo le !ere a lot older than us. They !ere adults. Ho!eer' !eare no! going to talk to you about some young eo le !ho &ormed their o!n resistane to Hitler and the $a%is.The Edel!eiss @irates emerged during the late 6985s' loated in the !orking7lass distrits o& a number o& !est German to!ns. The @irates onsisted rimarily o& 6476B7year7old boys.The Edel!eiss @irates a ear to hae gro!n s ontaneously' as a youth&ul rebellion against the rigid ontrol o& the Hitler Couth oer German teenagers. Most o& them hadneer joined the Hitler Couth or had le&t it. They o erated in small loal gangs.>n the inner7ity areas they ongregated on street orners' hung around arts o& the ity entre or met in loal arks. >t seems the young eo le !ho joined the Edel!eiss @irates had gro!n sik o& the lak o& &reedom !hih the $a%i regime had im osed on German soiety.>t !as during the !ar years D69897:3 that the atiities o& the Edel!eiss @irates gre! markedly. >n the ities' they took art in ithed battles !ith members o& the Hitler Couth and daubed sub!ays !ith anti7$a%i slogans suh as -Fo!n !ith Hitler  #e #ant )reedom*' -Medals &or Murder* and -Fo!n !ith $a%i 0rutality*.  >n addition' the Edel!eiss @irates osted the anti7$a%i lea&lets dro ed by 0ritish and 1merian bombers through the letter bo(es o& loal eo le. They began to hel Je!s'army deserters and risoners o& !ar.1s time !ent on' a &e! gre! bolder and een more heroi. They raided army am s to obtain arms and e( losies' made attaks on $a%i &igures other than the Hitler Couth and took art in artisan atiities. The Head o& the ologne Gesta o !as one itim o& the Edel!eiss @irates. The authorities reated !ith their &ull armoury o& re ressie measures. These ranged &rom indiidual !arnings' round7u s and tem orary detention D&ollo!ed by a head shaing' to !eekend im risonment' re&orm shool' labour am s' youth onentration am s or riminal trials. Thousands !ere aught u in this hunt. )or many' the end !as death. ;ne o& the most remarkable attem ts to rotest o enly against the $a%i regime !as undertaken by a brae grou o& uniersity students. The &ous o& this student unrest !as the ,niersity o& Munih. This grou !as kno!n as the #hite ?ose. The #hite ?ose onsisted o& &ie lose &riends based at the ,niersity o& Munih  Hans and So hie Sholl' 1le(ander Shmorell' hristo h @robst and #illi Gra&  and Kurt Huber' @ro&essor o& @hiloso hy and Musiology at the ,niersity.The &ie leading &igures in the #hite ?ose !ere motiated to!ards resistane   rimarily beause o& the lak o& ersonal &reedom in $a%i Germany. They !anted a   ost7Hitler Germany to be based on -&reedom o& s eeh' &reedom o& on&ession* Di.e. religion and the rotetion o& all the iti%ens o& Euro e &rom -arbitrary riminal   o!er states*.The major aim o& the #hite ?ose !as to in&luene the -eduated* setions o& German   ubli o inion to o ose $a%ism. )rom the summer o& 69:4 to )ebruary 69:8' the #hite ?ose rodued si( am hlets' !hih !ere distributed by them in the dead o& night in ologne' >nnsbruk' Essen' Hannoer' Stuttgart' )rank&urt' $uremburg' Munih and een +in%' !here Hitler had s ent most o& his hildhood.1ll si( o& their am hlets stressed that Hitler*s regime !as eil and orru t. The   o!er&ul and !ell e( ressed attaks on the $a%i regime in the #hite ?ose am hlets ame to the attention o& the Gesta o' !hih &ound out that they !ere oming &rom Munih and the uniersity !as ut under strit sureillane. ;n 8 )ebruary 69:8' ne!s o& the atastro hi de&eat o& the German army at Stalingrad!as announed on German radio. That eening' So hie and Hans Sholl !ent out together in the middle o& the night and daubed the !alls o& many uniersity buildings !ith anti7$a%i slogans. So hie also !rote the single !ord -)?EEF;M* near the entrane to the main uniersity leture hall.Early on the morning o& 6B )ebruary 69:8' Hans and So hie Sholl deided to distribute !hat turned out to be their last lea&let throughout the uniersity am us. They !ere arrying a suitase &ull o& lea&lets through the main uniersity building' dro ing lea&lets all along the orridor as they !alked' !hen they !ere suddenly  s otted by the uniersity*s head orter' !ho sei%ed them both by the arm' shouting' -Cou*re under arrest*.The Gesta o arried Auikly on am us and they arrested Hans and So hie Sholl' !ho !ere handu&&ed and drien a!ay. The rest o& the members !ere arrested !ithin the s ae o& three days. Hans and So hie Sholl !ere interrogated &or oer 45 hours  be&ore they &inally on&essed to the authorshi o& the lea&lets. They did not gie the names o& any o& the other members. ;n Monday 44 )ebruary 69:8' So hie Sholl arried at ourt on ruthes' !ith notieable bruises on her &ae. Hans Sholl and hristo h @robst sho!ed lear signs that they too had su&&ered hysial beatings in the days sine their arrest. 1t the end o& the day all three o& the aused !ere sentened to die by guillotine immediately. The leading members o& the #hite ?ose ae ted the erdit in a alm and digni&ied manner. They !ere immediately taken to Stadelheim @rison to a!ait their e(eution' !hih !as set &or 2 .m. the ery same eening. The arents o& Hans and So hie Sholl !ere allo!ed a &e! brie& minutes to s eak !ith their hildren be&ore they !ere e(euted. ?obert Sholl' !ith tears in his eyes' !armly embraed his son and daughter' and said to them= -Cou !ill go do!n in history. There is another justie than this.* So hie told her &ather that she !as ery roud to hae stood out against the $a%i regime. 0y 2=63 .m. Hans' So hie and hristo h !ere all dead. So hie*s &inal !ords !ere= Fie Sonne sheint nohIThe sun still shines. Hans shouted out the single !orld -)reedom* be&ore the guillotine &ell. 1le(ander Shmorell' Kurt Huber and #illi Gra& !ere all e(euted too.The members o& the #hite ?ose arried on their brae and sel&less struggle to !arn German eo le o& the horrors o& $a%i tyranny !ithout any &ear o& the onseAuenes o& their o!n lies. The members o& the #hite ?ose' although they did not seek immortality' !ill' as their &ather told them' -go do!n in history* beause their morally ourageous stand against Hitler*s tyranny !ill shine like a beaon as long as !e remember them.#e ho e that the stories !e hae told you today hae ins ired you. $one o& these   eo le !ere e(traordinary. Mie Gies !as a seretary' ;skar Shindler !as a &atory manager' @aul ?usesabagina !as a hotel manager' and the Edel!eiss @irates and the #hite ?ose !ere students like all o& us. Mie Gies said -> don*t !ant to be onsidered a hero. >magine young eo le !ould gro! u !ith the &eeling that you hae to be a hero to do your human duty.* 
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