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There are many sacred sites are available in and around holy Madinah. Many pilgrims visits those holy lands during their Hajj and Umrah but neglect to visit those sacred sites. Kindly go through this file carefully.
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  PLACES   TO   VISIT   &   SEE   (IN   AND)   AROUND   MADINAH   MAJORITY   OF   MUSLIM   PILGRIMS   VISIT   THOSE   SACRED   PLACES   WITHOUT   KNOWING   ITS   IMPORTANCE   AND   HISTORY.   Some   people   in   this   present   era   mistakenly   believe   that   if    somebody   respects   the   sacred   places   which   are   attributed   to   Prophets   (A.S)   and   Saliheen   (Pious   Servants)   and   take   them   as   a   means   to   Allaah,   then   this   act   is   either   Shirk   or   Bidah.   Some   even   claim   that   this   act   wasn’t   done   by   Sahabah   or   in   past   centuries.   Allaah   loves   the   places   of    His   dear   friends   so   much   that   praying   “AT   SUCH   DESIGNATED   PLACES”   is   made   part   of    Hajj   rituals.   Had   there   been   a   hint   of    Shirk   in   this   then   Allaah   would   not   have   shown   His   unrestricted   Majestic   Honour   for   them   in   the   Qur’aan.   The   Glorious   Qur’aan   actually   calls   such   places   as   “SHAIR   ALLAAH   (SIGNS   OF   ALLAAH   TO   BE   VENERATED).   There   are   many   verses   and   authentic   Ahadith   which   prove   that   sacred   places   should   be   respected.   Al   Baqrah :   Chapter ‐ 2   Verse:   58   {And   remember   We   Said:   Enter   this   town   and   eat   of    the   plenty   therein   as   ye   wish   and   enter   the   gate   prostrating   and   say:   Forgive   (us),   We   will   forgive   you,   your   faults   and   increase   (the   portion   of)   those   who   do   good};   and   Verse:   125 ‐ { “Take the standing place of Ibrahim  as a place of prayer.” }.   Verse:   158 ‐  {Behold, the Safa and Marwa  are the symbols of Allaah. So whoever visits to perform Hajj or Umrah, there is no blame on him for walking between them…….}. Surah   A’ale   Imran :   Chapter ‐ 3   Verse ‐ 97.   In it are clear signs, standing place of Ibrahim , and whoever enters it is safe.,,,,,,,, Surah   Taha :   Chapter ‐ 20   Verse ‐ 12 ‐ Verily   I   am   the   Lord!   Therefore   put   off    thy   shoes,   ye   are   in   the   sacred   valley   of    Tuwa .   Surah   Balad :   Chapter ‐ 90   Verse ‐ 1 ‐ 2.   Nay   I   do   swear   by   This   City ;   and   You   (Prophet ‐ saw)   are   inhabitant   of    This   city.   Hadith:   1:   Sahih   al   Bukhari:   Volume   1,   Book    9,   Number    481:   Narrated   Yazid   bin   Al   'Ubaid:   I   used   to   accompany   Salama   bin   Al ‐ Akwa'   and   he   used   to   pray   behind   the   pillar   which   was   near   the   place   where   the   Quran's   were   kep t   I   said,   O   Abu   Muslim!   I   see   you   always   seeking   to   pray   behind   this   pillar .   He   replied,   I   saw   Allah's   Apostle   always   seeking   to   pray   near   that   pillar .   Sahih   Muslim:   Book    4,   Number    1031:   Yazid   reported:   Salama   sought   to   say   prayer   near   the   pillar   which   was   by   that   place   where   copies   of    the   Qur'an   were   kept.   I   said   to   him:   Abu   Muslim.   I   see   you   striving   to   offer   your   prayer   by   this   pillar.   He   said:   I   saw   the   Messenger   of    Allah   (may   peace   be   upon   him)   seeking   to   pray   by   its   side .   Hadith:   2 :   Sahih   al   Bukhari:   Volume   7,   Book    65,   Number    313:   Narrated   'Utban   bin   Malik   who   attended   the   Badr   battle   and   was   from   the   Ansar,   that   he   came   to   the   Prophet   (saw)   and   said,   O   Allah's   Apostle!   I   have   lost   my   eyesight   and   I   lead   my   people   in   the   prayer   (as   an   Imam).   When   it   rains,   the   valley   which   is   between   me   and   my   people,   flows   with   water,   and   then   I   cannot   go   to   their   mosque   to   lead   them   in   the   prayer.   O   Allah's   Apostle!   I   wish   that   you   could   come   and   pray   in   my   house   so   that   I   may   take   it   as   a   praying   place.   The   Prophet   said,   Allah   willing,   I   will   do   that.   The   next   morning,   soon   after   the   sun   had   risen,   Allah's   Apostle   came   with   Abu   Bakr   (r.a).   The   Prophet   (saw)   asked   for   the   permission   to   enter   and   I   admitted   him.   The   Prophet   (saw)   had   not   sat   till   he   had   entered   the   house   and   said   to   me,   Where   do   you   like   me   to   pray   in   your   house?   I   pointed   at   a   place   in   my   house   whereupon   he   stood   and   said,   Allaahu   Akbar.   We   lined   behind   him   and   he   prayed   two   Rakat   and   finished   it   with   Taslim …………..   (This   masjid   was   demolished   by   present   regime,   located   near   Jum’aa   Masjid.   Earlier   famous   Khalifa   Umar   ibn   Abdul   Aziz   was   renovated   it)   Hadith:   3 :   Narrated   from   Shaddad   ibn   Aws   by   al   Bazzar,   Abu   Yala,   and   Tabarani.   Haythami   said   in   Majma   al   Zawa’id   (1:47).   “Its   narrators   Hafiz   al   Haythami   in   Majma   al   Zawa’id   states   that   on   the   night   of    Isra’   and   Miraj,   the   Prophet   (saw)   was   ordered   by   Jibil   to   pray   two   Rakat   in   BaytLaham   (Bethlehem),   and   Jibril   asked   him:   “Do   you   know   where   you   prayed?   When   the   Prophet   (saw)   asked   him   where,   he   told   him.   “ You   prayed   where   ‘Isa   was   born .”   Like   this   we   must   know   that   our   five   times   prayers   are   signifies   to   certain   things.   Actually   we   are   celebrating   and   remembering   those   incidents   as   our   five   time   prayers .   Fajr :   Prophet   Adam’s   Tawba   was   accepted   in   the   morning   time,   for   this   he   offered   2   Rakat   Nafl   thanksgiving   payers   to   Allaah   and   it   became   Fajr   prayer.   Dhuhar :   Prophet   Ibrahim   offered   4   Rakat   Nafl   thanksgiving   prayer   for   his   son   Ishaque   birth   at   noon   time   and   it   became   Dhuhar.   Asr :   Uzair   performed   thanksgiving   4   Rakat   Nafl   afer   rebirth   of    100   years,   and   it   was   made   for   us   Asr.   Surah:   Al   Baqra ‐ Verse:   259…. But     Allaah   caused    him   to   die    for    100    years,   then   raised    him   up   (again )………..   Maghrib :   Aiyyub   (A.S)   was   offering   thanksgiving   prayer   for   his   cure   at   Maghrib   time,   willing   to   pray   4   Nafl   but   couldn’t   get   up   for   fourth   rakat   due   to   his   weakness,   it   became   Maghrib.   Isha :   Yunus   (A.S)   offered   4   Rakat   thanksgiving   Nafl   prayer   at   that   time   when   he   comes   out   from   the   Whale’s   belly   after   40   days.   Allaah   made   this   Isha   for   us.   Imam   Tahawi:   Sharai   al   Ma’ani   al   Aasar:   Kitabus   Salat ‐ Vol ‐ 1   No:   1014.   Actually   these   are   celebrations   for   certain   things   and   it   became   Fardh   for   us.    Allaah   made   us   to   wear   2   white   pure   sheets   as   Ihram   during   Hajj,   because   it   is   the   cloth   of    our   Prophet   Ibrahim   (A.S).   Hajj   also   it   is   a   remembrance   of    Adam   and   Hawwa   (A.S)   meeting   point   in   Jabal   Arafa   after   recognizing   each   other.   Arafa   in   Arabic   means   knowing   each   other.   Without   reaching   Arafa   our   Hajj   never   completed   whether   you   pray   or   not,   do   Zikr   or   not,   but    just   you   happened   to   be   there   for   a   second.   We   are   doing   celebrations   by   remembering   this   incident.   We   are   celebrating   Ismail   (A.S)   by   remembering   him   stoning   the   pillars   at   Mina.   Allaah   abolished   idol   worship   (made   of    stones),   Prophet   (saw)   removed   360   stone   idols   from   Ka’aba   leaving   two   stones.   i.e:   Ibrahim   Foot   prints   on   a   Stone   and   Black   Stone   ( Hajar   al   Aswadh ).   You   must   know   that   this   Maqam   e   Ibrahim   stone   was   previously   near   the   Ka’abah   wall   and   it   was   moved   by   Umar   bin   Khattab   (r.a)   to   this   present   position.   Kissing   Hajar   al   Aswad ,   is   it   Tawheed ?   Is   it   Prayer ?   No ……Prophet   (saw)   kissed   this   stone,   so   we   are   kissing   that   Hajar   al   Aswadh   (black   stone),   otherwise   it   doesn’t   have   any   value   except   it   brought   from   Jannah ‐ Sahih   al   Bukhari:   Book ‐ 26,   Hadith   no:   667 .   Narrated    ‘Abis   bin   Rabia:   ‘Umar    came   near    the   black    stone   and    kissed    it    and    said    “No   doubt,   I   know    that    you   are   a   stone   and    can   neither    benefit    anyone   nor    harm   anyone.   Had    I   not    seen    Allaah’s    Apostle   kissing   you   I   would    not    have   kissed    you.”    Actually   we   are   kissing   the   Prophet’s   (saw)   lips   printed   on   the   Hajar   al   Aswadh   and   we   do   not   understand   this.   Maqam   e   Ibrahim :   Your   Tawaf    (Hajj   also)   not   completed   unless   you   pray   2   Rakat   Nafl   (wajib)   prayers   behind   this   station ‐ Qur’an:   125 ‐ …..take   ye   the   station   of    Ibrahim   as   a    place   of     prayer……..   It   is   the   foot   print   of    Ibrahim   (A.S).   Ibrahim   (A.S)   might   have   placed   his   feet   in   so   many   stones   during   his   stay   in   Makkah   and   Construction   of    Ka’abah.   Why   this   stone   only   importance?   Think   it   over…….   It   is   the   remembrance   for   the   birth   of    our   Prophet   (saw),   because   standing   on   this   stone   Ibrahim   (A.S)   asked   Du’aa   for   the   birth   of    our   Prophet   (saw) ‐ Qur’aan:   Verse ‐ 129:   “Our    Lord!    Send    amongst    them   a   messenger    (Rasool)   of    their    own……….   A   group   among   our   Muslim   brothers~  ﻲﻠﻗ   ﻣ ﺮﺷ   regrets   to   pray   at   these   sacred   sites   &   they   do   not   consider   the   Seerah   books   as   genuine   as   the   6   Saheeh ,   you    just   read   Bukhari   &   answer   my   question   :   why   the   famous   Sahabi   Abdullaah   Bin   Umar   Radi   Allaho   Anh   son   of    second   Khalifa   Umar   bin   Khattab   (r.a)   was   always   curious   to   find   any   place   where   Khairu   Khalqillaah   had   prayed   or   stayed   for   a   while,   and   then   Ibn   Umar   had   a   habit   of    praying   and   standing   at   those   Muqaddas   sites   ?   So   many   examples   can   be   shown…..I   wish   to   put   here   so   many…….but   due   to   fear   of    pages…………this   is   sufficient   for   the   men   of    understanding …………..   THANIYYATUL   WIDAA'   al   JUNUBIYYAH   site   in   Madinah.   Here   is   the   place   Madinah   people   and   children   of    Banu   Najjar   waiting   for   the   Prophet   (saw)   during   Hijrah    journey   and   sang   song:   “ Tala   al   Badru   Alaina ”.   Ottomon   period   watch   tower   is   nearby.      Place   where   the   people   of    MEDINAH   were   waiting   for   Prophet   (saw)   to   do   celebrations   and   this   is   the   place   where   the   Ansars   sang   Naats,   “Tala   al   Badru   alaina…”   You   can   see   the   small   water   tank,   supposed   to   be   that   place.   QUBA   Masjid :   Prophet   (saw)   along   with   Abu   Bakr   Siddique   (r.a)   emigrated   from   Makkah   &   arrived   near   Madinah   on   Monday   12 th   Rabi   al   Awwal,   14   years   after   Prophethood   and   this   Masjid   was   established   by   the   Prophet   (saw),   the   first   to   be   built   in   Islam.   Allaah   mentioned   this   in   H.Q:   9:108 .   Prophet   (saw)   said:   “He   who    purifies   himself    at    his   home   and    comes   to   Masjid    Quba   and    offers   two   Rakah   therein,   will    be   rewarded    an   Umrah”  ‐ Sunan   Ibn   Majah.   He   was   waiting   for   Ali   (r.a)   from   Makkah   and   then   he   left   Quba   on   Friday   with   Ali   (r.a)   and   other   Sahabah   towards   Madinah   after   spending   14   days   in   Quba.      BEER   AL   KHAATAM   site:   There   was   a   ring   for   Prophet   (saw),   which   was   taken   by   Abu   Bakr   Siddique   (r.a)   when   he   became   the   1 st   Caliph.   Umar   Ibn   Al   Khattab   (r.a)   took   the   ring   when   he   was   chosen   as   the   2 nd   Caliph,   &   similarly,   it   was   for   Usman   (r.a)   after   he   was   chosen   as   the   3 rd   Caliph.   It   is   narrated   that   Prophet   (saw)   once   sat   on   the   edge   of    the   well   with   his   feet   dangled   inside;   water   was    jumping   and   touching   his   feet   and   also   performed   wodhu   with   its   water.   To   follow   the   Sunnah   one   day   Usman   (r.a)   was   sitting   the   same   place   and   same   way;   all   of    a   sudden,   the   ring   fell   from   his   hand   into   the   well.   Sahabah   tried   to   find   the   ring   for   3   days   removing   all   the   water,   but   it   was   never   found.   Some   Ulamaa’   say   that   it   was   the   sign   for   Fitnahs   which   began   after   that   instance   &   Usman   (r.a)   died   as   a   martyr.   Well   was   in   the   west   of    Masjid   Quba.   Beer   Khaatam   was   demolished   during   the   expansions   of    QUBA   &   now   its   location   is   the   water   spring.   This   is   the   place   (Adjacent   to   Quba   masjid)   where   the   camel   of    Prophet   (saw)   Qaswa   sat   on   his   Hijra   is   now   attached   to   Masjid   e   Quba .   Saudi   Government   has   created   a   Sabeel   (Place   to   drink   water)   at   the   exact   position   where   the   Qaswa   sat   near   the   Palm   tree.  
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