Homeless Action Plan 2008 to 2013

Auckland City Councils plan to solve homelessness before its amalgamation into the supercity in 2010
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    The homeless action plan 2008 – 2013 November 2008  Homeless action plan  Auckland City Council 2 Work strand 1: Oversight of homeless and public space issues:  Auckland City Council has the civic responsibility of giving oversight to its public spaces. This project strand works in partnership with key stakeholders to support a coordinated, collaborative and proactive response to homeless. Objective Activities Milestones Date Status Cost Training for front-line staff To develop a training package and conduct ongoing training for front-line staff that: ã  builds awareness about homelessness ã  equips staff for a proactive response Organise orientation training for council frontline staff, including new staff (parks officers, ambassadors, parking wardens, libraries and other interested staff- (e.g. Mainstreet staff)   Training package promoted through internal media   Staff identified   Training conducted  August 2008 November 2008 and April 2009 and ongoing Ongoing $4000 per course Total $8000 per annum Information Cards Provide information cards to frontline staff outlining key services for homeless people. Update and re-print information cards for use by frontline staff and Project Outreach. Review information and necessity for its continuation Information cards revised and reprinted. Distribute cards as required. Information card reviewed October 2008 - 2010 June 2010 Ongoing $2,500 per run    Homeless action plan  Auckland City Council 3 Objective Activities Milestones Date Status Cost Complaint management system Oversee the complaint management system Work with internal stakeholders – ambassador programme, customer services, Auckland City Environment to oversee the complaint management system. Process for notifying and informing the after-hours outreach team in place; Follow-up and coordinated response to manage public space issues Reports concerning updates on the HAP, and analysis about complaints and referrals provided to SAC Executive Committee, and Community Services Committee every six months. Ongoing Ongoing December and May each year Completed Ongoing Ongoing Business as usual Business as usual Business as usual    Homeless action plan  Auckland City Council 4 Work strand 2: Integrated response to anti- social behaviour  Auckland City Council together with the New Zealand Police and the Department of Justice explore options on how best to respond to a small group of people who predominantly come to notice for their anti-social behaviour and belong to the criminal justice system. These people are assumed to be homeless but are not. Objective Activities Milestones Date Status Cost Explore best practice in dealing with a small group of people who predominantly come to notice for their anti- social behaviour Explore international literature to find out how other cities deal with this situation International literature research completed and recommendations made to council committee Recommendations are agreed and planned for remainder of planning period New plan endorsed May 2009 July 2009 onwards November 2009 Not started Start July 2009 nil
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