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   Andy Kong Forest Practice Types - Q only (4/23/12)   1. Where do you find old-growth forests globally today?? What is another name for old-growth forests? What characteristics of old growth are needed to maintain the habitats and ecosystem services  provided by these forests? Old growth forests are found in the regions where population densities are low, that is, where there are few people living in those areas. Another name for old-growth forests is the term frontier forests. Old growth forests have lots of biodiversity, they provide lots of shade for the animals in them with their multi-layered canopies. 2. In class you saw that there were six factors that differed between a young forest and old growth forest that have the same tree species. List one factor that is different between them and why this might be important? Old grow forests can store more carbon. This is important because no matter how many more new forests we grow (successional forests) the amount of carbon contained will never be as high compared to the same amount of old-forests. This can be a major disadvantage when we consider that land and space usage is a very valuable resource. 4. Why do you have a greater risk of landslides when you remove trees from a hill slope? What explains the occurrence of landslides? Why do we not want landslides to occur in the Pacific Northwest US? Trees absorb the water from rains, they also make the soil stronger and more resilient with their roots. Landslides occur when soils not supported by trees fall from the rain weighing it down, it piles up and when there is too much weight the large amount of soil will fall down the slope collecting more soil and making a cascading effect which causes a landslide. Landslides cause tremendous damage and harm everything in its path. The Pacific Northwest is especially vulnerable because of the amount of rainfall we receive each year. Latex Food Medicine Forests Q only - 4_25_12 uses do humans have for the product, describe how the product is formed, , how long humans have used the product, does the tree get killed in the process of collecting the product, and describe what product humans get from the bark. Q3. “ Latex  is a complex emulsion consisting of  proteins, alkaloids, starches, sugars, oils, tannins, resins,  and gums  that coagulates on exposure to air.” Essentially it is a liquid that becomes a thick and sticky compound when exposed to air and is used in many everyday items such as rubber, the key product it is used to create and even chewing gum! The product is secreted from trees, you peel back the layer of bark and the latex substance will drip out from the tree, the tree need not die from this process.  Q4. Resins A resin is a type of compound that heals the tree when it is wounded, it is similar to latex in that it can also serve as a defense mechanism against predators but is not used to make the same materials that latex can. Harvesting resin also does not kill the tree, it is used in varnishes, shellacs and lacquers. When the resin is exposed to air, it hardens and turns into amber! Since  insects are what cause the resin when they attack the tree, the insects often get caught in the resin and become entombed in the resin, used as jewelry.


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