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Hosting Requirements. Thank you for expressing your interest to host one of Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand's National Championship events

Hosting Requirements Thank you for expressing your interest to host one of Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand's National Championship events The following document covers the obligations and responsibilities
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Hosting Requirements Thank you for expressing your interest to host one of Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand's National Championship events The following document covers the obligations and responsibilities for the hosting club/s in delivering a safe, successful and wellplaned championship event. It also includes the support that OWNZ can give to such hosting clubs if their proposal is successful. Please read carefully if your club intends to submit a proposal. Financial Support from OWNZ If you receive the hosting rights for an OWNZ national event then you could receive financial support. This is to be invested into event promotion, event quality and/or sponsorship promotion. The OWNZ General Manager will advise the hosting club as to what is the best option for each event. Currently OWNZ will be contributing the following to each national event: North Island Championships - $500 South Island Championships - $500 Secondary School Championships - $250 for each multi-venue host National Senior & Junior Championships - $ the potential for sponsorship support Masters Nationals contribution TBC General Requirements Venue: Must be of suitable size and capability to host a championship event considering the competition area, warm up area, spectator area requirements Parking: Adequate parking for athletes/officials/spectators onsite or within close vicinity, unless public transport options are viable Facilities: Onsite toilet facilities suitable for the numbers of competitors, officials & spectators Spectators: Adequate Spectator area and seating for competition viewing, easily accessible without interference of the competition delivery (ie away from athlete warm up area/athlete waiting area) Hiring of scaffolding grand stand seating should be considered if budget allows. Accommodation: Host clubs/associations shall approach local accommodation options to provide traveling competitors options as to places to stay at discounted rates. Competition Set up Platform: Must measure 4m x 4m and of solid construction, flat and well supported/balanced Competition platform must contain a free space of 1 meter on all sides of the platform Competition Barbell: To be of International Weightlifting Specification or quality to be agreed upon by the OWNZ Executive Group 1 x Mens 20kg 1 x Womens 15kg Barbell Collars: To be of International Weightlifting Specification or quality to be agreed upon by the OWNZ Executive Group 1 x 2.5kg set Competition Weights: To be of International Weightlifting Specification or quality to be agreed upon by the OWNZ Executive Group Weight increments of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25kg to fit up to 190kg on the mens barbell Backdrop behind competition platform OWNZ has two 6mx3m backdrops that are to be used for the national events. Please make sure you have the appropriate rigging to hang this banner up. Chalk Box: To be placed in a position in which athletes can utilize on the way to competition platform Resin Tray: Placed beside Chalk box to apply additional grip to lifters shoes Barbell Cleaning Kit: Placed beside competition loaders for clean up of barbell & competition platform for blood and excess chalk (wire, brush, hand broom, cleaning disinfectant etc) Warm Up Area Set Up Warm Up Platforms: Adequate platforms to allocate to competitors Approximately 6 10 platforms made out of solid plywood with rubber matting to be used to make 4m x 4m spaces Platforms should be well spaced and closed off from general admittance for safety reasons Warm Up Barbells: To be of high quality standard approved by the OWNZ Executive Group 1 x Mens 20kg & 1 x Womens 15kg barbell to each warm up platform Warm up Weights: To be of high quality standard at each platform approved by the OWNZ Executive Group Weight increments of 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 Other Equipment At least 2-3 seats per platforms for athletes Multiple chalk boxes within the warm up area A set of adequate barbell collars for each platform (plastic or metal ones) Competition Delivery & Protocol Referee system (Electronic + Manual System) Electronic lighting refereeing system as per IWF specs that also displays the attempt board Please discuss this with the OWNZ General Manager if you feel your club cannot meet this requirement Manual flag system incase the electronic system fails (red/white flags) Scoring Software All club competition events should use the weightlifting scoring software as well as a manual scorekeeper This can be sent to you on request if you do not have it. This must be used on a windows computer (i.e. Not a apple/mac computer) You will need a projector and a screen/white wall to display the scoreboard Personnel (per session) 3 x Referees (Level One) 1 x Timekeeper (Controls the competition clock & attempt board) 1 x Scorekeeper (Controls the scoring software) - Timekeeper & Scorekeeper can perform the same job on the same software if required, depending on the equipment being used 1 x Manual Scorekeeper 1 x Marshall (radios in the changes made on the athlete cards to the scorekeeper) 1 x Technical Controller (organizes athletes and officials for presentation, controls competition platform area etc) 1 x Competition Announcer (co-ordinates and announces the competition this can be completed by the timekeeper/scorekeeper if short on volunteers however it does make their job a lot harder) 3 x Bar Loaders (Experienced and efficient to keep the competition running smoothly) Other volunteers you should consider: Social Media someone to update the social media pages like Facebook and Instagram Music Controller someone to control the music during the session to maintain an exciting atmosphere Please Note: There should always be additional personnel on hand for additional competition delivery Officials Equipment Adequate seating for all officials including bar loaders 2-way radio required for Marshall to communicate to Scorekeeper Change Table to fit up to 16 athlete cards Microphone & speakers appropriate for size of venue Laptops storing the correct scoring system software with AV (HDMI cables) connections linked to the projectors/tv scoreboards First Aid Gear close to the bar loaders Weigh in Private room for athlete weighs in to be conducted Calibrated Digital Body Weight Scales Paperwork The General Manager will help assist each hosting club with the required paperwork for each event. For example, entry forms, start lists, session timetables, weigh in sheets, athlete cards, athlete bib numbers etc Visual: Competition Score board 1 x screen displaying the competition scoreboard that is clearly visible to the spectators 1 x screen set up in warm up area clearly visible to coaches and athletes in that area if separate form the competition platform Live Video 1 x Screen set up in warm up area clearly visible to coaches and athletes of live competition platform feed (not compulsory) Prize Giving: Medals The company that OWNZ works closely with for medals and engravings is Awards Trophy & Engraving Experts ( as we have a specialized OWNZ insert for our championship events. The hosting club is expected to cover the costs of the medals needed for the national championship event for each weight category and age division. This cost should be covered via entry fee payments. Please note that OWNZ is looking to secure funding for our 2016 medal costs via funding trusts however this is not confirmed. The exceptions are for the following events: OWNZ will cover the costs of the National Senior & Junior championship medals and engravings for the national prize giving. OWNZ will cover the costs of the national secondary school medals but not the multi-location venue medals. Certificates Its always nice to be recognized our members that are competing in our sport and giving it a go. Participation certificates are a great way to congratulate them and show that we support their participation. Placing Certificates It is expected that podium winners also receive a 1 st, 2 nd or 3 rd place certificate with event partners and sponsors logos on this as well. Podium After each session there is to be a prize giving for our champions! A podium sets the scene so grab some boxes, set them at the different heights for 1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd and your good to go! Sponsors & Partners OWNZ Sponsors & Business Partners The OWNZ General Manager will advise you of the potential sponsors that may be involved with the event that you are proposing to host. For example, Industrial Athletic is our exclusive equipment supplier and at all of our national championship events we aim to promote their gear and brand. This then excludes the branding of any other equipment supplier at this event. OWNZ will work with this sponsor in providing approved equipment for each event but this is not definite. OWNZ also works closely with EBOS Sport who has provided prize packs for our podium winners at the last few national events; we will be looking to continue this relationship. Cobra Clothing have provided help with event apparel and weightlifting suits for event prizes. They also may look to have stalls at our national events throughout OWNZ is continuing to look for sponsors and business partners so there is potential for further obligations for this aspect of hosting a national event. Event sponsors OWNZ does not limit you to source your own event sponsors, if anything we would support and encourage it to build the events quality and professionalism. However, this does need to be approved by OWNZ before being finalized to clear any potential conflicts of interest. Drug Testing A small room with a hand-wash basin and toilet along with a small table and chair are required for the NZ Drug Free Sports recording. This must be separate from the competitors and spectators toilet area. Must be a lockable room that is private and secure for the Drug Free Sport NZ officers. Branding Designing a brand for the event and posters specifically for the event is required. Specific associated organizations and business logos need to be present on this as well as the hosting clubs logo. The OWNZ General Manager will advise you of what these are if you receive hosting rights. This event brand will be distributed to all OWNZ Clubs and the branding & posters will be used for social media and other media releases. Media Media exposure - Television/Newspaper Creating a media release that you can send out to local and national media contacts is a great opportunity to build your events exposure and promote your event to the local community and our nation. The GM can help you with this if needed. Photographer Everyone loves event photos! It is expected that you budget in the expense of an event photographer or ask your supporters if anyone has a photography friend to capture some action shots of the event. Video Footage for post event Consider having a video camera capturing each session and then editing the footage to create session promo footage. If you can afford it in the budget, think about hiring a videographer to help you! Live streaming Make a Bambuser account, make sure your laptop has a video camera on it, connect to the internet and then share the live streaming link on your social media pages It s that easy! Social Media Promoting your event, your club and our sport through social media will only benefit us. Think about Facebook and Instagram, this is a job in itself so make sure you have a volunteer that s good at hash-tagging! Specific Event Details & Obligations Nationals Championships Age categories: Senior & Junior Qualification Standards: Please see the OWNZ website Other Obligations: This also coincides with the OWNZ Annual General Meeting and the annual national prize giving. The General Manager will assist in organizing these with the hosting club. North & South Island Championships Age categories: This is an open event (No age categories) Qualification standards: To be confirmed, potential for there to be a mens standard put on for the north island champs if entry numbers are expected to exceed what the event is capable of. Secondary School National Championships Age Categories & Entry Requirements: Please see the 2015 Rules & Regulations on the OWNZ Website Other Obligations: The hosting club must provide the NZ Secondary School Sports Council with the following: - Health & Safety Plan (RAMs) - An event report (10 weeks post competition) including a financial statement of income & expenditure and an incident/injury report - The GM will assist in these documents when needed Masters National Championships Age Categories: 35 years and over Other Obligations: With the 2017 World Masters Games coming up there may be some requirements around working with the OWNZ Masters Committee in preparation for this. How to apply for hosting rights for a Championship Event: Please complete a proposal and send it through to the OWNZ General Manager. OWNZ has provided a proposal template for you to use to so that you address the requirements in hosting a national championship event. The General Manager will then present the proposal to the Executive Group for evaluation at the next monthly meeting.
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