How International is Our School

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  Appendix 8 “How international is our school?” From Making the PYP Happen, 2000 Page 1 of 2 Factors for consideration: The school’s culture   and the extent to which it: accommodates, reflects and celebrates the cultures represented in the school. The school’s climate and the extent to which it: offers a safe, secure, stimulating environment to all its learners. The students   and the extent to which the school: takes positive advantage of the diversity within the student body to enrich the learning and lives of the whole school community. The example of adults and the extent to which: the adults in the community actively model the profile advocated for the students. The curriculum and the extent to which it: reflects developments in curriculum research from a range of different national and international sources focuses on key concepts , such as connection, perspective and responsibility explores transdisciplinary themes which have been selected on the basis of their relevance and importance within a body of   knowledge  which has local and global significance develops essential skills , such as the ability to conduct research, communicate effectively, function successfully in different social contexts, manage one’s health and life, think critically and creatively fosters positive   attitudes , such as tolerance, respect and responsibility  provides opportunities for meaningful  action  and social service. The resources and the extent to which they: offer access to different cultures, perspectives and languages.   The staffing policy and the extent to which it: seeks and supports   teachers from a representative range of nationalities and cultures.   MYP Workshop Pack Book 2: General Presentation of the IBO © IBO 2003  Appendix 8 “How international is our school?” From Making the PYP Happen, 2000 Page 2 of 2 The language policy and the extent to which it: offers support in the medium of instruction and in the mother tongue of students  provides the opportunity to learn further languages, notably the language of the host country  provides   for languages across the curriculum, in recognition of the fact that all teachers are language teachers is empathetic towards adults in the school’s community for whom the school’s medium of instruction in not their mother tongue.   The special needs policy and the extent to which it: gives access to an international education to all students. A commitment to reflection and the extent to which the school: looks inward, reflecting constantly and honestly on its policies and practices. A commitment to extension and the extent to which the school: looks outward, forging links with other PYP schools and international organizations with which it shares common aims and problems. In summary, in seeking internationalism in our schools we need to look first at what our students are learning, at the people we are nurturing. In striving to make it happen, and looking for indicators for success, we need to look everywhere, since all aspects of the school, from philosophy through policy to  practice, will reflect either the presence or the absence of a sensitivity to the special nature of our schools. On examining the student profile and the factors of internationalism, the reader may be tempted to point out that these elements would be desirable in national schools and in international schools. Internationalism in education is, thankfully, not the sole property of international schools. It is an ideal towards which all schools should strive but one which carries a greater imperative for PYP schools. MYP Workshop Pack Book 2: General Presentation of the IBO © IBO 2003

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