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How to build a house Joist Details

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  How to build a house: Joist Details /build-house-joist-details/ How to build a house: Joist Details ALLOW FOR WIRING Building codes require that bearing walls that run parallel to the floor joists rest on a double joist (two joists nailed together). To accommodate electric wires and plumbing lines into the wall cavity fromunderneath, codes also allow the two joists to be separated by blocking. Double joist separated bysolid blocks that equal the depth of the joists and are spaced no more than 4 ft. apart. BRIDGING When using solid-sawn lumber, midspan bridging is not required by most building codes. It adds littlestructurally and is a common source of floor squeaks. It is not recommended. Midspan bridging isrequired for floor joists that exceed 2×12 in depth. The purpose of the bridging isto keep the bottom of the joist from moving laterally. If using engineered wood products for the joists,follow the manufacturer’s directions for bridging.Nail a 1×3 strip of wood across the bottom of the joists to prevent movement. Solid bridging and woodor metal diagonal bridging is also acceptable. Place midspan bridging and run perpendicular to the joists. RUNNING JOISTS OVER A HIGH SPOT Where the rim joist has been cut to fi t a high spot, you’ll have to notch the ends of the joists slightly.1. Place the joist upside down on layout and push it against the rim joist and mark.2. Measure and mark a distance that will clear the inside edge of the mudsill.3. Cut the notch with a jigsaw, and install the joist so the top is even with the rim joist. DRILLING AND NOTCHING Building codes permit the drilling and notching of sawn lumber joists. There are, however, specificregulations concerning the size of the holes and notches and their placement along the length of the joist. These are the restrictions specifi ed in the International Residential Code (IRC). If usingengineered wood products for floor joists, check with the manufacturer for information on permissibledrilling and notching. Related Articles:
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