How to Crack ETOM Certification

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   How to crack ETOM Certification 1.Read through the tmforum presentation given to you during the training or have the copy for people who had already attended the these documents : a)GB921 – concepts and rinciples!)GB921 –#nnendum to lowsc)GB921G – Guide to #pplying e$%& ' (.)d)GB921  – rimer*.Be very through with the e$%& level 2 processes. + strongly recommend you to practice the diagram of ,evel 2. -.%fcourse you should now e$%m level 1 rocesses /iagram as well. 0o in short !e thorough with ,evel  ,evel 1 and ,evel 2 process diagrams..%nce you read all the a!ove topics you will !e in a comforta!le position to tae the e$%& ,evel 2 3ertification 45am. Below is the entire lsit of e5ams availa!le for 4$%& : Business Process Framework (eTOM)Level 1:  #ttendance at Business Process Framework (eTOM) Distilled    or Solution Frameworks Overview    training Level : assing the Business Process Framework (eTOM)    certification e5am Level !:  #ttendance at Business Process Framework (eTOM) Implementer's orks!op    training Level : assing the Business Process Framework (eTOM) Implementer's orks!op    certification e5am Once com#lete$% certification is vali$ a&ainst t'at latest maor release of t'eframework .   /elegates may !e re6uired to !ecome re7certified for new ma8or releases. %nly individuals may !e certified not companies. $he certification is dependant on the corporate mem!ership of the individuals company with the $& orum !eing maintained.ote : ;ou will get 4$%& level 1 3ertified once you under go a training session from a certified trainer from $& %R<& . #fter the training you will automatically get 4$%&level 1 certified. #!out 4$%& certification 45am ' ,evel 2) : - rere6uisite is you need to !e 4$%& level 1 certified. $hat implies you need to attend a classroom training session organi=ed !y $& %R<&. - $he 6uestion paper consists of  6uestions . $hese will !e o!8ective type 6uestions. o negative maring.  options to choose from. - ass percentage is >?.  - $& %R<& gives only a ,4@4, 2 pass certificate with out the percentage scored. - 3andidates who fail the e5am will !e offered an additional attempt at the e5amat no further cost. +f the candidate fails for a second time they will !e prohi!ited from taing the e5am for > months and will need to pay a fee to re7sit. ome *uestions for reference :1+ $he num!er of ,evels availa!le in 4$%& : #nswer : - ' level   level 1 level 2 and level * ). + 4$%& caters to which industry :#nswer : $elecom service rovider ' other wrong options are telecom companies 0ervice providers etc !ut correct answer is telecom service provider ). !+ Aow many vertical levels are there in level 1 view.#nswer is . + 4$%& gives which type of 0olution:#nswer : 4/ to 4/ solution. ' other options will !e top down  !ottom up etc ) ,+ Chere do we have D%0 E#nswer :: 0ervicv &anagement and %perations ' hori=ontal ) and #ssurance @ertical. -+ 4tom rovides :#nswer: 4nd to 4nd solution .+ 4$%& is followed in which country :#nswers : #ll countries /+ $he GB9217B document is for :#nsw : B2B +ntegration Cor 0+ $he GB9217/ document is for :#nswer : rocess /ecompositions and /escriptions v 1+ $he GB9217 document is for : #nswer :rocess low e5amples 11+ $he GB9217R document is for :#nswer : Real Corld <se 3ases 1+ $he GB9217$ is for :#nswer : e$%&F+$+, &apping v 'this is not the e$%&F+$+,it is the relationship with $&) 1!+ $he GB9217@ document is :#nswer : Guide for e$%& and +$+, ractitioners  1 + GB921 documents are mapped to which +$<$ Rec :#nswer: &* 1,+ $he rocess ame will !e always <ni6ue. 1-+ $he aming convention of ,evel 1 level 2 and level * process groupings. 2ote: level 1 an$ level  is 2oun+Level #rocess is 3er4 noun Level #rocesses is 2oun 3er41.+5'at is t'e 4est wa6 to a##l6 ETOM : a)$op down approach !) Bottom up approach c) #ny possi!le place d) one #nswer: Ce can implement 4$%& at any level we wish . $here is no particular rule or level to apply or any method. 1/+Business 7rc'itecture in Enter#rise 7rc'itecture caters to :  #nswers : 4$%& 10+i$ 4elon&s to w'ic' la6er of Enter#rise 7rc'itecture+  #nswer : /ata #rchitecture +O#erations 4elon& to w'ic' level of ETOM 8 #nswer: ,evel  1+Once 9uestion will come from 7C; conce#t+ ,ie : how many persons can !e owner of a process E #nswer is 1. +One *uestion on ;T;L +!+ T'ere will 4e more t'an 1 *uestions on t'e level  #rocesses+  + O#erations u##ort an$ rea$iness is : a) lon& term #lan 4) s'ort term #lan c) mi$ term #lan $) 2ear real time e) real time7nswer: ;t is 2ear real time+ #B is real time.0trategy is long term +nfrastructure is mid termroduct is short term. ,+ EM can 4e $rille$ $own till w'at level 8 #nswer is ,evel 2.  2ote :<o t'ou&' all <B01 $ocs like <B01F% <% P % Conce#ts an$ #rinci#les+From E=am #oint of view <B01> is not so im#ortant as it is 'avin& more t'an  #a&es to rea$+ But we s'oul$ rea$ later for knowle$&e+ecommen$ to rea$ :<B01?P @ Primer v<B01?Main ? Main eTOM $ocument v<B01?A ? Aser <ui$elines v<B01?F Process Flow e=am#les7n$ 4e t'orou&' wit' Level 1 an$ Level  view+Level ! we s'oul$ 'ave rou&' ;$ea+ #ll the a!ove notes and 6uestions will give you sufficient idea a!out hwo to prepare.Basically y there are  6uestions  o!8ective type.$here are  options a ! c  d and e.o negative mars.;ou have > minutes to tae the e5am. 45am is on aper.27* 6uestions are straightforward 6uestions as + wrote a!ove. Rest 2 needs to have some understanding on ,evel 2. 7ll t'e Best for 6our E=am 


Jul 23, 2017
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